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Many effective and useful ways to cure a headache without any medicine for people to stay healthy

If people got headache, because of looking at computer screen for a long time, drinking a lot of whisky, or their cat did not let them sleep well last night. The headache can bring a lot of bad effects to people’s life, threatens their abilities during the long day. While they can normally take an aspirin and be ok with medicine, so what they will do if they cannot find headache pill? How will they get out of this problem? Take a look about this complete list of useful and effective ways to cure a headache without any medicine.

1. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Biofeedback ways to cure a headache when pregnant review

Biofeedback can utilize electronic sensors to follow functions of the body, like muscle tension, heart rate, blood pressure, and skin temperature. All data will be brought back to all patients via computer images and sounds. The target is to instruct all people best way to control responses of the body, such as easing all tight muscles to avoid headache pain. A study shows biofeedback can be useful for tension-type headache and migraine. Many experts recommended that behavioral therapies, like biofeedback, are more effective than many prescription drugs.

2. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Acupuncture

With acupuncture way, thin needles will be inserted under the patients’ skin in order to realign the body’s flow of qi, and energy.

An expert recommends that acupuncture will support people in preventing acute migraines. This way can bring some bad side effects. Evidence suggests that acupuncture can support people with chronic tension headaches, and frequent episodic headaches.

3. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Massage

Massage can be effective for temporary relief. People should try rubbing their temples or getting a neck, head, shoulders, and back massage. People can feel better for a short time with this method, but then they need to get massage again and again. In a study, people with bad migraines who got massage sessions in six weeks would have less migraines and get better sleep in these massage weeks and the 3 following weeks than others people.

4. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Apple

When people have headache at morning, they need to eat an apple with some salt and then they must drink some warm water. Soon they can be able to eliminate persisting headache. With apple, people can utilize apple cider vinegar to cure headache. Firstly, they need to fill a big bowl with hot water and then put 3 to 4 tablespoon of this simple apple cider vinegar in this bowl. Now put a big towel over their head and use this steam for 10 to 15 minutes. Another choice is to put a little of apple cider vinegar into a big glass with water and then drink it 2 or 3 times per day to eliminate headache.

Apple can have many advantages; people need to check out our website to know more about these advantages of apple in the benefits of healthy raw foods

5. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Peppermint

Peppermint can get soothing and calming properties that will support people in the headache treatment. People can also make some kinds of herbal tea by putting one teaspoon of dried herb of peppermint in a glass of hot water. Cover it and allow this tea to steep about ten minutes, then they need to strain it and put more honey to sweeten this tea before drinking it slowly. People can utilize peppermint oil to massage gently the jaws, the back of neck, and temples. This can bring them instant relief from headache pain. Moreover, inhaling the soothing peppermint aroma will easily ease all symptoms connected with headache, like vomiting.

ways to cure a headache when pregnant

6. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil will be a pain relief as properties of anti-inflammatory. To naturally eliminate headache, people should utilize eucalyptus oil to gently massage the temples, and forehead for 15 to 20 minutes. This oil can offer a soothing effect by giving instant relief from headache pain. And it will be able to support people in relaxing all tense muscles around people’s head. With this eucalyptus oil, people can utilize almond oil or coconut oil to gently massage their forehead and eliminate their headache.

7. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the best herbs that will effectively cure headache. People need to take some cinnamon sticks and then grind them to get its powder out. Now, people need to put some hot water to this kind of powder to get a thick paste and massage it on their temples and forehead, and they can lie down for about 30 minutes. They can get relief from the painful headache as soon as possible. After some minutes, they can wash their forehead with the lukewarm water. This simple remedy can be effective when their headache was caused by exposure to the cold air.

8. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Stretching ways to cure a headache fast

Stretches will eliminate muscle tension which can build up the pain. People need to put them into their workout or utilize them when they get headache looms. People can try 3 methods:

First, is the motion for neck range: put their chin forward, toward and upward each shoulder

The second method is the shoulder shrugs. They can shrug up, up and then forward, after that up and back.

The last one is neck isometrics. People need to press palm to forehead and then hold a second; then press hand on the head’s side of the head. People need to stretch twice per day for about 20 minutes for each session. Hold this stretch for about 5 seconds, and then relax for about 5 seconds, and then repeat single stretch about 3 or 5 times.

9. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Aerobics

Some simple aerobic exercise like biking, swimming, and brisk walking will lower migraine frequency and intensity.

A study of journal Headache shows that migraine patients engaged in an indoor cycling program in the 12 weeks. All these people can improve their life’s quality and lower their migraines and the pain’s intensity.

10. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Meditation

Various meditation power tips will be utilized to focus quiet and attention the mind from distractions, like chronic pain.

At this time, people can find out many evidences about good effect of meditation on bad migraines. Researchers showed that the meditation technique of ancient Indian that can focus on the connection between mind and body will reduce migraine effectively and severity, and then improve life’s quality. One study shows that spiritual growth meditation can lower headache effectively and increase the level of pain tolerance and improve muscle relaxation.

11. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Yoga

Yoga contains breathing exercises, and physical postures to increase relaxation and balance the body, spirit, and mind.

A study of Headache newspaper shows that 2 groups of people with migraines were assigned randomly to learn self care or yoga therapy in three months, and they can reduce frequency, anxiety and painful attacks of the migraine.

12. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Hot And Cold

Headaches are very uncomfortable things, and any person can get them easily. A study shows that both cold and hot can be good treatments, because it can help blood vessels and the muscles. Some headaches can be caused by expanded many blood vessels press on many nerves. For these problems, people can apply anything cold to the area in order to constrict all vessels and relieve all pressures which can cause the bad throbbing ache. Other kinds of headaches can be caused by anxiety, tension, or cold which can tighten up all muscles in order to pinch nerves and expand blood vessels. People will need to take all advantages of cool treatment, while some other people find the best solution is alternating two of them.

13. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache Grab A Pencil ways to cure a headache without medicine

People can hold a simple pencil between their teeth in order to support a tension headache dissipates. This physical action of putting the simple pencil between the teeth will activate the smile muscles, and help to relax the jaw. People times clench their teeth when they got stress. They need to know how to manage their stress effectively. This way can help to connect all muscles of the jaw and the temples in order to reduce tension headache. People need to ensure their jaw can be relaxed and this pencil can be held lightly between the teeth.

14. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Caffeine

Coffee can be good for mild tension headaches.

On one hand, caffeine can support people in blocking their brain receptors to the adenosine, a complex neurotransmitter that will be able to cause blood vessels to create pressure. Drinking caffeine can tight these vessels, reduce pain. Drink a cup of hot coffee when you get a sign of a headache, can help you get free of them.

15. Effective Ways To Cure A Headache – Drink Fish Oil

Some studies show that the fish oil ingestion will support people in reducing head pain and migraines, thanks to omega-3 fatty acids in it, which can promote the health of heart. Many experts state that fish oil can support in reducing inflammation, lower blood pressure, steady heart rhythm, and blood clotting or it can help people reduce the hair fall. It also can lower head pain because it can lower the blood cells’ inflammation that pinch and press on nerves. Fish oil also can improve your eyes vision

If people take fish oil capsules, they need to read instruction on the box carefully. If they can use the actual oil, they can mix a tablespoon in a cold orange juice glass and drink it up! It can be the best solution for all headaches.

So, next time when people get a bad headache, they can try some simple tips mentioned above to get rid of bad headache fast and effectively. People can share this blog to other people via social networks. Or they can leave the comments at the end of this blog to contribute to it.

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