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Trim pregnancy review – health review center

What The Trim Pregnancy Is

The Trim Pregnancy program is an extremely effective pregnancy weight control and fitness guide that is written by Alicia Pennington. Pennington is the former midwife and health expert who developed the successful Prince and Princess program to help choose your baby’s gender. Now, she has created a natural and healthy diet and fitness guide that offers mothers to be a proven plan to prevent unwanted weight gain, ugly cellulite and depression. The Trim Pregnancy program is easy to follow, and has proven successful for hundreds of women around the world.

How The Trim Pregnancy Works

In the Trim Pregnancy book, Pennington educates her readers on what changes take place in their bodies during pregnancy and what their highest priority nutritional needs are in terms of vitamins and minerals. Then the program moves on to simple diet tips on what not to eat, how to space out your meals, and what food combinations work best to avoid fat gain and cellulite.

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Pennington’s diet offers a three step program to ensure that you are eating what’s best during the first, second third trimesters, all using a workable, comprehensive program that ensures that you are taking in the right number of calories without going over, as well as a light workout program that won’t take you more than ten minutes per day.

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By offering an easy-to-follow pregnancy diet and an exercise program that takes just ten to fifteen minutes per day, the author assures moms to be not only that they’ll keep their weight under control, but also that their delivery will be easier, they’ll suffer less from constipation and insomnia, and they’ll be in much better shape once the baby is born.

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Pros And Cons Of Trim Pregnancy


  • This guide allows expectant mothers to enjoy and appreciate the whole experience from the beginning of the pregnancy and even beyond childbirth
  • This program guarantees that women will end up looking like they did not give birth at all
  • It is an excellent resource for all pregnant women to help them make the most out of their pregnancy
  • The method helps prepare women for the challenges of motherhood and sets them up to becoming healthier and more able to enjoy life with their kids

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  • Its PDF format may cost extra money if users want to print it out

To put in a nutshell, the eBook helps prepare for the challenges of motherhood and enjoy life with their children. Undoubtedly, trim pregnancy is an excellent resource for all expectant mothers in order to make the pregnancy experience one of remarkable periods of their life.

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