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A complete list about the effects of alcohol reveals people on how alcohol affects the body

Some people said that: “Almost scientists cannot understand about how moderate the alcohol consumption can benefit the cardiovascular health and total health or how the heavy drinking episodes will hurt them”. That is the answers of people who haven’t been completely convinced by the risks of the binge drinking to people’s health yet. And I hope that this writing about the effects of alcohol can change their minds. The most important thing is that people should know about the good standard drink of the alcohol consumption.

The Dr Kenneth Mukamal in the Harvard Medical School have had many studies about lifestyle dietary, alcohol consumption said that the evidences of the neurovascular disease and cardiovascular is interesting because this can support a pattern of the alcohol consumption that is emerging in many clinical studies as safe and protective against all heart diseases if people have the frequent consumption of the limited amounts of the alcohol.

I.                  The Effects Of Alcohol On People And Their Body’s Parts

1.     Pregnancy

Whatever pregnant women drink and eat will go directly via their bloodstream into their placenta. Some scientists believe that if pregnant women drink alcohol, bad effects the effects of alcohol are pretty much the same for everyone_opton their baby’s health might increase, while other experts think that a small amount will not cause any damaging effects.

A new study showed that, during the early pregnancy, all women drinking about 10 units of the alcohol every day were more likely to give a birth of a child with the bad congenital abnormality than others. Pregnant women should know about what foods and drinks are not good for babies, and how to stay healthy during pregnancy.

2.     Memory

Studies show the heavy drinking can affect human’s learning, memory, spatial perception, reaction time, complex reasoning and abstract thinking. Heavy drinking causes the long- term effects on memory.

If people drink heavily during the long period and then they stop suddenly, they can be susceptible to seizures, blackouts, and fits which will be fatal, or get the permanent effects on human’s brain.

3.     Teeth

Alcoholism can cause the bad dental health, due to the bad oral hygiene. Alcohol also can increase the dangers of the gum infections.

4.     Breasts

A new study found that all women who drank alcohol every day can have 9% increase in the risk of development of the breast cancer compared with other women who avoid alcohol. And the further 9% risk was added for every drink of the women who have 5 drinks per day.

Other researchers showed that the heavy alcohol consumption has increased 10% in the woman’s risk of the breast cancer.

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5.     Digestive Tract

Alcoholics have the higher rate of the esophageal cancer than other people.

The danger appears to rise when the alcohol consumption rises. In the UK, the estimated 75% of the esophageal cancers are attributable to the excessive alcohol consumption.

6.     Nails

The healthy, strong nails can rely on the balanced intake of the nutrients and from a lot of water; both of them are depleted with the increased alcohol consumption. In common cases, the unhealthy nails can also point to the liver problems or the iron deficiency, which caused by the huge intake of alcohol.

7.     Hair

Alcohol is the diuretic, so it can cause the accelerated dehydration. The lack of the body fluid can cause brittle and dry hair. The huge alcohol consumption will deplete all levels of the iron in human’s body, leading to the hair loss problem.

8.     Stomach

The chronic stomach upset – gastritis will be caused by the short-term alcohol abuse: drinking alcohol can inflame the bad stomach lining and lead to the vomiting, and the tears of alcoholics’ esophagus. the effects of alcohol on the brain

The digestive hemorrhages can be common in all alcoholics. They will be the rupture of the esophageal veins, some changes into their ulceration or gastric mucus. The chronic gastritis will cause to malnutrition and anemia.

People should have a good meal in one hour before the drinking in order to slow down significantly the effects of alcohol on their stomach. So people can check out 20 Useful Ways To Stop Drinking Alcohol to find the best way for stopping drinking, and have alcohol free social life.

9.     Muscles And Bones

The heavy drinking will cause a bad condition like alcoholic myositis, which is the inflammation of human’s muscles, mainly in their chest and shoulders. This problem causes the pain and is common among all the heavy drinkers.

10.    Skin

The studies showed that the high levels of heavy drinking can exacerbate the human’s skin condition psoriasis. Bruising will be increased, due to the lack of the vitamin C. The human’s skin can be dryer due to the higher levels of the dehydration caused by heavy drinking. People should find out more powerful and beautiful tips for skin to recover their skin from the effects of alcohol.

11.    Brain

The prolonged, heavy alcohol abuse can cause the high level of the dementia in all hospitalized patients. Without good treatment, this can cause the pro-aggressive mental deterioration.

12.    Esophagus

Esophagitis (the inflammation of the esophagus) is the critical complication of gastroesophageal reflux. This problem is caused by bad toxic effect of the alcohol on human’s esophagus, making toxic easily permeable and allowing the cytotoxic substances. If people cannot get the good treatment or the abstinence from the alcohol, the human’s esophagus can progress to the ulcers.

The alcohol abuse is the first factor of esophageal cancer. The high risk is increased considerably where there is combined tobacco and alcohol addiction.

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13.    Nerves System

Long -term alcohol abuse will cause the inflammation of human’s nerves in legs and arms, causing the symptoms like pain and tingling. This problem can be caused by the vitamin deficiency.

14.    Joints

A main cause of the gout disease, which is a bad condition that can cause the inflammation of human’s joints due to the growth of the crystals of the uric acid. This problem is mainly linked to the long-term heavy drinking. The gout is a genetically inherited condition, however, t it can be exacerbated by the alcohol. You can find the good treatment for gout in a writing about 12 Best Tips On How To Prevent Gout.

II.               The Effects Of Alcohol – Some Other Common Diseases

Alcohol can go into the human’s bloodstream directly, physically affect the body. In my list of the effects of alcohol, people can find out some health problems and illnesses caused by the alcohol include:

1.     Hangovers

All the health problems, such as headaches, vomiting, nausea, pains, and aches result from heavy drinking. When people drink to the drunkenness they can be sick.

2.     Weight Gain

The alcohol is not normal water. A cup of  beer has more than150 empty calories that will provide a little nutrient.

3.     High Blood Pressure

With being overweight, the high level of the blood pressure can be associated with a lot of bad health problems.

4.     Depressed Immune System

The impaired immunity can make people likely to get the viral illnesses, like infections, and flu.

the effects of alcohol are unpredictable

5.     Alcohol Poisoning

The heavy drinking can get the alcohol poisoning. This problem can cause the unconsciousness or death. The problems of breathing slow or the skin will become cold and look blue.

6.     Heart Or Respiratory Failure

The heavy drinking will have bad results. The respiratory, and heart failure often go to the death.

III.           The Effects Of Alcohol – Advantages Of Alcohol

In the middle-aged and the older adults, the moderate consumption can be contracted with the lowest mortality. However, in the younger adults, the alcohol consumption can provide some health benefits. Instead, this is associated with the higher risk of the bad injury or the death.

A new study has showed that the excessive drinking can cause the deaths of more than 75,000 with many causes each year in the U.S. And what exactly good or bad standard drink? For men, this excessive drink is an average of about 2 drinks per day, or more than 4 drinks at a time. For women, this excessive drink is about 1 drink daily or more than 3 drinks at a time.

The Effects Of Alcohol – Some Alcohol’s Advantages You Should Know

1.     The Effects Of Alcohol On The Heart

For both women and men, the effects of alcohol on the heart are well documented. Researchers have found that the moderate drinking will increase the levels of the good cholesterolthe effects of alcohol are different for women and men becausewhich can prevent the harmful blood clots, keep the blood smoothly flowing via human’s bodies, and reduce the risks of the heart attack or the stroke.

In fact, the moderate drinking will increase the levels of good cholesterol by 20%, if this is accompanied with the healthy foods and the physical activities.

It is similar to the good improvement when people get the cholesterol medication. However, the good daily exercise has many good health benefits that drinking alcohol cannot have, so people shouldn’t replace the exercise by alcohol.

2.     The Effects Of Alcohol’s On The Insulin Sensitivity

Some studies showed that the moderate drinking will increase the levels of the insulin sensitivity, which will reduce the danger of the diabetes. However, the bad empty calorie in the alcohol is a big problem, because it can link between the excess weight and type 2 diabetes. People should consider between the benefits and risks of alcohol, and balance them.

This is my list of the effects of alcohol for all people to know more about link between their health and alcohol. If people like this post, they can share my post with friends or other people. When one has any comment about this list of the effects of alcohol; they can leave comments below my blog. I appreciate contribution.

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