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The bending manual review introduces a new address to start building grip strength

Learn How To Bend Nails, Steel And Bolts With The Bending Manual Review!

I would like to expose a new strength course named the Bending Manual to you. Do not skip any section below to get clearer about this program.

  1. What Is The Bending Manual?
  2. What Are The Contents Of This System?
  3. How Much To Get Started?
  4. Do You Get Any Guaranteed When Ordering This Digital Product?
  5. Does The Author Support You To Use The Program?

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What Is The Bending Manual?

The Bending Manual is a professional training course for people who love bending and working in this field. The book uncovers the best exercises to bend bolts and nails. Jedd Johnson, a member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He has been bending bolts, nails, and steel for years and he wants to help you learn how to master this sport as well. This is actually is a guidebook, which is included in 188 pages of detailed instructions on turning your hands into a nail bending machine.

Now, keep reading the next parts of The Bending Manual Review to have a full picture of this program!

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What Are The Contents Of This System?

What are you waiting for to learn this program? To help you make sure that you are using a high quality system with helpful contents, I will reveal the typical ones below:

·        The secret to stabilization and intra-abdominal pressure which you will learn to turn the core into granite – The technique to squats, presses, deadlifts, and any other lifts requiring extreme power as well as explosiveness

·        Innovative methods to express strength of chest, upper back, hands and shoulder explosively and simultaneously

·        60-page Exercise Index including many innovative hybrid exercises for wrist extension, wrist flexion, ulnar, radial deviation and rotation

·        Comprehensive reference for bending

·        An introduce to the importance of strength for the athletes and wrist health

·        Bending progression step-by-step for benders

·        Every bending technique, wrapping techniques, nail purchasing resources, nail strength charts, suppliers and some ground-breaking exercise index

·        The major techniques for bending, including Double Overhand, Double Underhand and Reverse styles

·        A schedule for beginner benders

·        A complete Nail Progression Directory

·        Dozens of on-line resources

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As a result, after learning this course, you will be able to:

–                     Pull heavier weight in the deadlift

–                     Hit homeruns more

–                     Have complete more reps in the gym

–                     Gain muscle mass

–                     Add yards to drive in golf

–                     Do more work in back yard

–                     Enhance stamina

–                     Gain more stick speed in hockey

–                     Get more take downs

–                     Make more tackles

–                     Make shots more on the court

–                     Be more steady when shooting firearms

–                     Have stronger hands, stronger wrists, stronger fingers and thumbs

–                     Increase mental toughness

–                     Have lots of fun

the bending manual order

How Much To Get Started?

Let me show you how many benefits you are going to get before you get clear about the cost. By learning this course, you will get:

·        30 Days of Email support

·        The Savage Grip program with 100 pages of instruction to start building incredible grip strength – $39.97 VALUE

·        Grip Considerations for Bench Press – $47 VALUE

·        Interview with the author and Joe Hashey – $37 VALUE

·        Interview with the author, Bud Jeffries and Logan Christopher, Bud on – $37 VALUE

The entire package of The Bending Manual comes with an attractive price of just $39.97! Remember that For just $39.97, you will learn many ways to a collection of exercises for hand strength that give you the grip of recovery techniques and much more!

the bending manual review program

Do You Get Any Guarantee When Ordering This Digital Product?

That’s right! Feel free to experience this system without any risk because you are protected by a 100% money back guarantee. For any reason, you are not happy with your decision of purchase, simply ask for a full refund and you will be satisfied. No questions asked. 

Does The Author Support You To Use The Program?

Yes! Jedd Johnson knows you will really love this program. If you have any questions related to the product information, feel free to send the author your email at jedd dot diesel [at] gmail dot com. 

For any feedback related to The Bending Manual Review, notice me by sending your comment at the end of this post. I’m glad to see it all and reply to you as soon as possible!

the bending manual review

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