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Losing fat | how total wellness cleanse helps people melt fat effectively and safely

Losing Fat – Author’s Claims

Total wellness cleanse is the easy and delicious method losing fat and cleansing their body of a lifetime of toxic build up. This is the safe food-based cleanse on the market meaning that there are no dangerous and expensive colon irrigations, supplements or fasting protocols. Through delicious whole foods and 119 helpful recipes, people will nourish their body with the effective nutrients it asks for optimizing detoxification and keeping their health. Total wellness cleanse is an effective diet cleanse that if people have never done a cleanse before and they have an unhealthy dietary habits. This method is the proven combination total food nutrition, empowering health education, daily coaching and support. This diet cleanse has worked on over 19,000 women, and men and most of them felt satisfied with its results. In fact, it is their trusted advisor and resource for doing their cleanse experience a thrilling success.

Losing Fat – About The Author: Yuri Elkaim

Total wellness cleanse is the total body cleanse developed by Yuri Elkaim who is a raw food specialist, personal trainer, nutritionist and motivational speaker. He is one of the North America’s leading nutrition and fitness authorizes. He is the creator of the groundbreaking book Ovarian CystsMiracle, Eating for Energy and Treadmill trainer Ipod workouts. The author graduated from summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education at the Toronto University. Yuri is a certificated Kinesiologist, Conditioning and Nutrition Coach of Toronto Men’s Soccer program. He is also the builder and owner of Total Wellness Consulting, Canada’s leader in growing nutrition, innovative fitness, and personal development programs to help people gain their full potential.

Total Wellness Cleanse

Losing Fat – How Total Wellness Cleanse Works

Total wellness cleanse is the diet cleanse created to alkalize the body and eliminate toxins in order to enhance fat loss and improve general wellbeing. The plan does not only concentrate on weight loss but also focus on the body’s energy level. It can burn fat fast and make them look ten times younger. The effective program helps people achieve a high level of wellness and loses weight naturally. During the “cleanse phase” (days 1 to 14) they will do the proven cleansing toxin-free, total foods diet. They will enjoy natural foods using the vital healing and beauty-restoring powers of natural itself to banish excess fat, fatigue and a sluggish body. The cleansing recipes included in the phase are created from nature’s most nutrient-rich foods and people can whip those recipes with minimal kitchen such as a juicer, blender, and food processer.

total wellness cleanse plan

The total body cleanse provides users with several guides that help them get rid of chemicals and lose the fat effectively and safely. They will receive the “Total wellness cleanse start kit” that is their nutritionist-in-a-box. Furthermore, they will get the tools and information to master the cleansing process, improve their health, and become a healthy eater. Opening their starter, people will find out the cleanse “quick start guide” that makes their cleansing experience as simple-to-follow and easy-to-understand as possible. With the guide, they hold their hand and give them instructions through the 14-day cleanse phase. This guide offers a daily progress chart permitting users to track their progress throughout the cleanse, and it gives three levels of the Total wellness cleanse so that they can make the cleansing work for them no matter where they are.

Additionally, the guide helps people get rid of crippling sugar carvings, food addictions, and how not to cave into temptations. It enables them to comprehend the “Healing Crisis” and what they can do to speed through it and stays accountable throughout  the cleanse, so they do not fall back into their old ways. Moreover, when getting Total wellness cleanse, people will get Fundamentals of Digestion that teaches them about hoe to improve their digestive vitality to reap the maximum benefits from the foods eaten. People will receive nine vital ways to improve their digestion, four quick reference sheets and the secrets of how to build up a healthy colon, repair their intestinal lining and treat Candida for good.  Fundamentals of Detoxification included in the program will provide users with the cleansing rule about how to get long term “purity” within the body, the two pathways, and the five steps to keeping a clean liver, 2-phase detoxification process and the precise nutrients. Users will get “guide to assessing your own health”, “eternal health – the 4 element cells need to thrive”, “helpful detoxifies”, “cleanse food guide”, which are useful for them to eliminate chemicals and lose weight quickly. Especially, people will have to exercise for 20-30 minutes per day 2-3 times, and it suggests them to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Certainly, they will their results in less than 30 days and enjoy their life with a strong health. People can read 18 day buffalo diet to get helpful tips to lose weight.

Total Wellness Cleanse

Losing Fat – Pros And Cons


  • Total wellness cleanse contains a post-cleanse 8 week plan with healthy food recipes to lose weight fast.
  • It gives raw and cooked options
  • The program has 13 hours of educational teleseminars.
  • This program offers the coaching email for the 30 days.
  • It emphasizes the value of a positive attitude.
  • This package comes with eight weeks money back guarantee.
  • It saves people’s money and efforts.
  • People can get the results quickly.

total wellness cleanse free


  • The program includes a lot of recipes related to the use of juice detox diet.
  • Users should prepare their own meals for the total 30-day wellness cleanses diet.

Losing Fat  – Final Verdict 

With the total wellness cleanse review, I am sure that it is the total body cleanse made to eliminate toxins and lose weight naturally and effectively. It may be a strict program requiring a high degree of commitment, but it brings users effective results in less than 30 days. Hopefully, people will get a fitness body and a strong health to enjoy their life.

natural body cleanse

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