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Amazing and useful tips to learn about how to cure stuffy nose in the long winter

A stuffy nose will occur in months of the long cold winter. Many people suffer from this bad problem due to exposure with air pollutants, cold winds, sinus infections problem and allergic reactions. A stuffy nose in a long period will bring many additional problems, such as hay fever, a sore throat, and headaches. Moreover, stuffy noses will lead to bad breathing issue and bad sleeping at the night caused by heaviness in head.

How To Cure Stuffy Nose With Simple Way

1. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Blow The Nose Properly

Before using any drugs, this is an useful technique that can support people in clearing the stuffy nose. Blowing the nose properly will support them getting rid of mucus, which can be created the block.

To blow the nose in proper way, people should hold tissue close to 1 nostril and then close the other one with one hand. Now, people open their mouth to blow loudly. This is very important to save their mouth open slightly, so this can reduce the pressure on ears. Now, they need to repeat with the left of nostril.

2. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Steam Therapy With Decongestant Ointment

how to cure stuffy nose and coughThis one is important things that all people should do; the instant treatment for nasal congestion. This treatment for stuffy nose will work well at the night, when bad breathing becomes worst by cold.

People tart to boil water in a small pot and put the pot on table. Then mix 2 to 3 decongestant ointment tablespoons in this water and stir it. Put the head above this pot. Cover the pot and the head with a big towel and inhale all medicated vapors. Save tissues near them and then repeat, if essentially.

3. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Steam Therapy With Chamomile

This is a variation of the above remedy. Instead of using a decongestant ointment, chamomile is used for this herbal remedy for stuffy nose.

Boil some water in a pot. Use chamomile in any form like tea bags, powder, or dried herbs. Add chamomile to the pot and cover with a lid for 10 minutes. Place the pot on a table, remove the lid and inhale the vapors, with a towel covering your head.

4. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Eucalyptus Oil

If people are going out or at the workplace and they have a bad stuffy nose, sprinkle some drops of the simple eucalyptus oil on a small tissue and bring it a long with you. Whenever people feel their nose blocked, they need to keep sniffing this tissue for instant cure the congestion. They can add some drops of this eucalyptus oil on the cover of the pillow. The smell will bring relief from the congestion while people are sleeping. This treatment can work well with lavender oil or tea tree oil too, but the eucalyptus oil is the best.

5. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Decongestant Ointment

This is a simple treatment which people can use before sleep. They can use decongestant ointment, such as Vicks, and Tiger Balm and apply this remedy on the nose, throat and forehead. If people have cold then they can apply this remedy on the back and chest before going to sleep.

This simple remedy can provide relief and help sleeping. You can also prop yourself on some pillows and then sleep to keep your head elevated. This will prevent further blocking of the nose.

how to cure stuffy nose and sore throat

6. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Sniffing Onion

This way you can do when cooking; onion is very useful in treating stuffy nose problem. They can work the same way that decongestant ointment does. Sniffing a spicy onion can secrete a liquid in order to clean the nose.

Cut a spicy onion and then sniff it deeply. This natural treatment will unblock the nose and allow all people to breathe freely.

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7. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Chicken Soup

how to cure stuffy nose quicklyChicken soup can be the best for the cold! And chicken soup is effective medicinal properties which you can add in many healthy fat soup meals in order to get better health. Chicken soup with sprinkle and garlic with some pepper is a right way to cure. People can add a little of nice lemon juice into the soup.

Garlic and pepper can be used to cure many bad respiratory problems. This soup combined with garlic and pepper is one best and tasty remedy for people’s stuffy nose.

8. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Hot Shower

Hot shower can be one instant remedy. People can use hot shower and save inhaling warm water steam till they feel better. This can unblock the nose, but also soothe the nerves and make people relaxed.

This remedy is especially beneficial, if you try it before going to bed. A bit of caution; if you have fever, it is not a good idea to opt for this remedy.

9. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Spicy Food

This treatment is for good and for long-time victims of the bad stuffy. Eating some spicy foods is a natural instant remedy. Eat some hot chilies or peppers and the nose can run immediately.

People can use the Tabasco sauce. However, the chilly, peppers or the hot sauce will make stomach upset.

10. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Nasal Sprays

Nasal spray is very effective. Many good sprays are available. To make a natural nasal spray for bad stuffy nose, water and use salt. Take a cup of hot water and a lit bit teaspoon of salt and boil. Let use this cool mixture. People can fill this nasal spray in the bottle with this simple liquid and place some drops in 2 nostrils.

This can help people eliminate stuffy nose.

how to cure stuffy nose for infants

11. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Ginger Tea

Ginger can be used in many healthy food recipes. But, this is also a good herb which will cure all ailments. It contains antibiotic properties which will help to eliminate infections. For a good stuffy nose remedy, the ginger tea can be inhaled the steam for good.

This can clear the throat and nose, allowing the breathing easily. When people get a sore throat, they can crush a bit of ginger, add some honey spoons on it, and then chew this simple mix slowly.  This can help to soothe the throat.

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12. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Homeopathy Remedies

Homeopathy can help all symptoms of stuffy nose disease, before using any medicine. Homeopathic treatment for the bad stuffy nose be better. If people get mucus with thick yellow discharge, the problem will be better when using Pulsatilla. To use Pulsatilla, people can make the lotion warm, fill the syringe and then pour the natural lotion into their nose. People can repeat from 4 to 5 times per day. People can use the Kali bichromicum, if they have whitish sticky mucus in their throat and nose, and have bad cold. People can use Kali bichromicum with 4 drops and do 3 times per day, or they can take 2 pills in 3 times per day. If people have allergies, or they catch a bad cold after getting wet with the bad weather, they can take Dulcamara with 10 drops in 3 times per day. Whenever they buy any homeopathy medicine, they need to read the instructions carefully, as dosage differs to chronic and acute conditions.

13. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Neti Pot

how to cure stuffy nose from allergiesUsing a simple neti pot will help people unblock a bad stuffy nose. This neti pot contains many remedies for the nasal irrigation. This tip started in the ancient India and this becomes great tip to promote the health of nasal.

To make it, people need a simple pot in order to use saline water for the nasal irrigation for clearing mucus. People should read instructions on the box label.

14. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Breathing Strips

People also can use the nasal strips in order to unblock their stuffy nose. They can stick one strip on the nose bridge and they can be relieved from the bad congestion in a few minutes when sleeping. These breathing strips can prevent bad snoring at the night.

People should ensure the proper position of the strip before sleeping. They need to avoid getting moisturizer on their nose if they use these kinds of strips. Moisturizing their skin can make skin slippery and it will not stick in the proper way.

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15. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – OTC Anti-Allergic Pills

People can suffer from bad stuffy nose due to allergy. Some medications of nasal allergy are available on the local market, like decongestants and antihistamines. People can use these pills in order to avoid reactions of allergy like nose blocking.

Follow the recommended dosage and don’t take too many pills. Also, figuring out the allergen and staying away from it will really help.

how to cure stuffy nose from coke

16. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Humidifier

Dry air will be able to irritate the sinuses, so people should install a room humidifier in order to help. However, they need to ensure the quality of humidifier and save it free from dust and fungus, if not this can aggravate their nasal passages.

They need to use the distilled water in their humidifier in order to save their room free from any fungus and dust.

17. How To Cure Stuffy Nose – Exercise

People can consider many exercises. Going out in the short time will help to unblock their nose, because it can release adrenaline. This activity can narrow the blood vessels in their nose.

However, if people are tired to go out, then they can try other simple remedies, such as steam, ointment, and saline spray. People can check out our website to know more about the right way of eating and exercises to get better healthy in the long winter.

This is complete list of useful tips on how to cure stuffy nose for people to stay healthy in the winter. People can share it with others who are looking for ways of how to get rid of stuffy nose, if they think this cover useful information, or they can leave their comments at the end of this blog if they are interested in this blog. I appreciate their contribution.

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