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Discover the best healthy foods to reduce cholesterol along with 6 kinds of natural drinks

High cholesterol is a common disease today, and “how to get rid of high cholesterol” is still a headache question. If you or your family members have high level of cholesterol, the doctor can put you on many cholesterol-lowering drugs. However, you can pay more attention to the ways to lower your cholesterol with 6 healthy drinks and foods in this blog. Let’s discover them.

1. Brew A Pot Of Green Or Black Tea Every Four Hours

Green tea contains several powerful antioxidants that can support you in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. To get the healthy life, you can bring 20 oz of boiled water, put in 3 decaffeinated green or black tea bags then wait in10 minutes before sipping your cup of tea. Many scientists found out that 3 weeks of drinking 5 cups of tea per day can lower cholesterol levels in all the patients with high level. Using honey in the tea instead of sweet sugar can be better for your blood. A study from Dubai showed that total of LDL cholesterol levels reduced in healthy people after they used a solution containing healthy honey, but not after they drank tea containing artificial honey or glucose.

2. Drink More Orange Juice Each Morning

One study at the University in the California showed 72 people foods to reduce cholesterol fastwith the mildly high cholesterol drank the healthy orange juice as the healthy sterol-fortified juice dropped 7 % of their total cholesterol levels, and13% of “bad” LDL cholesterol levels. Another study of the University in Western Ontario showed that those 3 glasses of orange juice a day in four weeks raised the HDL levels 21% and increased the rate of good to bad cholesterol by 16%.

3. Have 1 Glass Of Wine

Researchers show that one to three oz of healthy alcohol per day reduces significantly your risk of high cholesterol level or a heart attack. Unless you get a problem with high blood pressure or alcohol, you will be able to safely drink 1cup of alcoholic drink per day for blood pressure treatment.

Researches find out that a glass of wine a day can increase the levels of the HDL cholesterol. You should drink red wine because all the red wine are from 3 to10 times higher in the plant compounds called the saponins which are responsible for beneficial effects of wine on your cholesterol.

People should check out our website to know more about the good and bad effect of alcohol.

foods to reduce cholesterol without medication

4. Put About 1/2 Tablespoon Of The Cinnamon To The Coffee Beans

A Pakistani study showed that 6 grams of cinnamon per day (about a half of 1 tablespoon) lowered LDL cholesterol in all patients with type 2 diabetes nearly 30% and reduced total cholesterol 26%.

5. Get A Few Glasses Of The Cranberry Juice Per Day

Cranberries are great sources of proanthocyanidins, flavonols, and anthocyanins plant chemicals that can prevent the LDL cholesterol from the process of oxidizing, a process that can make it likely to stick to the artery walls. These chemicals can keep all red blood cells from being too sticky. All of them initiate the chemical reaction which supports blood vessels in relaxing. Moreover, they can decrease the LDL cholesterol levels. In addition, the University of the Scranton researchers found that 3 glasses of the cranberry juice per day will raise the HDL levels to 10%.

6. Put The Soy Milk In The Morning Cereal

A Spanish study on 40 people show that people who took about 2 cups of the soy milk per day for 3 months lowered the LDL cholesterol levels an average of the 8 points and increased the HDL levels an average of 4 points. You should make sure that you can buy the good soy milk fortified with the calcium.

 7. Foods To Reduce Cholesterol – Oranges

foods to reduce cholesterol and diabetesOranges is a common citrus fruit that are high in pectin. Moreover, orange contains the soluble fiber, and pectin, which can create a gooey mass in the stomach that can trap cholesterol, and then carry it out of the body before the cholesterol can be fast absorbed into the bloodstream (in the bloodstream, cholesterol will contribute to the clogged arteries). An orange can provide from 2 to 3 grams of the soluble fiber, and other nutrients, like vitamin C, potassium, and folate. People need to eat oranges to take all benefits from the high level of fiber. Therefore, people should put the juicer aside, and choose thick-skinned kinds of oranges for the best taste and easiest peeling.

8. Foods To Reduce Cholesterol – Beans And Lentils

Beans and many kinds of lentils are rich in soluble fiber, which is good for the health of the heart. These kinds of foods are low in fat, and full of all saturated fat. Beans will be incorporated into healthy breakfast, dinner, snacks, and lunch. For breakfast, people can make a burrito with egg whites, salsa, and black beans. At lunch, people should eat the lentil soup with some grain crackers. For dinner, they can eat more beans instead of pasta, rice, and potatoes.

9. Foods To Reduce Cholesterol – Sardines

The sardines are high in the omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s can lower the LDL cholesterol; they can have the potential for anti-inflammatory. They can reduce the level of artery-clogging triglycerides in blood. People can make a yummy sandwich with two slices of wheat bread, and a little bit of mayonnaise along with a half of canned sardines, fresh basil leaves, and two slices of tomatoes.

10. Oil Spray

People can lose their weight in order to reduce the level of LDL or bad cholesterol and increase the HDL or good cholesterol. People can cut the calories to get this target goal. One of the best ways to cut the oil from any meal is to use a good oil spray instead of bottled oils, or butter when cooking. People can use olive oil in a small oil spray. Replacing all saturated fats in butter with animal oils, like canola and olive, support improving the overall cholesterol level.

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11. Dark Chocolate And Plant Sterols

Plant sterols and dark chocolate can reduce from 2% to 5% of cholesterol level. The cocoa flavanols and plant sterols in non-milk chocolate can support people in reducing cholesterol level by up 2% to 5%. Moreover, plant sterols are all plants, and in many plant oils, such as soybean oil, and corn oil which can reduce LDL cholesterol by 16%.

12. Foods To Reduce Cholesterol – Lycopene Foods

Lycopene foods can reduce 17% of the cholesterol in the blood. Lycopene is a special carotenoid pigment which plays important role in giving red color vegetables and fruits, such as high lycopene foods, watermelon, and tomatoes. A study showed that lycopene can reduce the level of LDL cholesterol by up to17%.

13. Foods To Reduce Cholesterol – Garlic

Garlic can help people reduce from 9% to 12% of the cholesterol level. A study showed that people who ate 900mg of daily garlic can reduce the level of cholesterol by up to 12%.Raw garlic can be the best way for you to reduce cholesterol, and you can add more olive oil and salad or garnish on your soups. People can check out our website to take all advantages of the raw foods.

14. Foods To Reduce Cholesterol – Apples

foods to reduce cholesterol naturallyApples have low level of calories, about 40 – 50 calories in an apple. They will help lower high level of cholesterol. They have good effects against all the cardiovascular diseases.
Apples support you in decreasing the fast absorption of the cholesterol and lipids in your intestines. Apples have the high level of fiber and carry and will be eaten easily. 
Apples and their skin can contain a lot of anti oxidants and vitamins. They will give you feel of full energy thanks to the carbohydrates and the fructose they have. Apples can be a good snack, they reduce feeling of hungry. The fresh apples can contain 85% of water. Moreover, apples help reduce the high risk of colon cancer. This kind of fruit can be eaten cooked, raw, without or with their skin, people can mix them into a fresh salad or add them to pork, salmon, or chicken.

15. Foods To Reduce Cholesterol – Avocado

Avocados are good source of the heart-healthy fat. This kind of healthy fat super food can support you raise the levels of HDL – good cholesterol while reducing levels of LDL – bad cholesterol. And this kind of fruits contains the high level of beta-sitosterol which is a good plant-based fat more than in any fruit. Beta-sitosterol can reduce the high of cholesterol in your food. So, the good combination of monounsaturated fat and beta-sitosterol can make avocado become the best cholesterol buster.

16. Foods To Reduce Cholesterol – Salmon

A study showed many good types of fat which can protect against the high level of cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon or many other fishes can help reduce LDL – bad cholesterol, while raising HDL – “good” cholesterol, and then lower the triglycerides.

Salmons are good sources of good proteins because they are rich in many fatty acids, such as omega-3, DHA, and EPA that are good for the health of heart while reducing the high level of saturated fat and cholesterol.

17. Foods To Reduce Cholesterol – Barley

Barley can be a healthy food diet for reducing the level of LDL – bad cholesterol.

Barley can make a good substitute for all kinds of rice. People can add barley into soups with nuts, dried fruits along with a little oil or vinegar for healthy salad recipes.

foods to reduce cholesterol through diet

18. Foods To Reduce Cholesterol – Olive

Olive oil and olives contain the high level of monounsaturated fats, which will support people in reducing the high level of LDL cholesterol. Olives also contain the high level of antioxidants, vitamin E, which will help to prevent the level of cholesterol from damaging and building up their arteries. Olives and some virgin oil contain polyphenols which can save the health of heart.

19. Foods To Reduce Cholesterol – Red Grapefruit

The red grapefruit can improve the level of triglycerides. This kind of fruit has higher level of antioxidants than the white grapefruit. Daily red grapefruit can be a helpful addition to healthy natural food recipes for a low-fat, and heart-friendly diet for people with the high level of cholesterol.

I write this post to share with all of you my knowledge about the best drinks and foods to reduce cholesterol. You can share this blog for all other people or if you like this post, you can leave your comment at the end of my blog. I appreciate all contributions for my blog. 

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