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Top healthy natural foods for hair growth that can help all people get back their beautiful hair

Hair loss can cause by external factors, such as sun exposure, dandruff, or an unhealthy diet. When people deprive some important nutrients for their body, especially essential vitamins for hair growth, they can suffer from hair loss. If people do anything during the long time, they are likely to get baldness. To control this situation, people need to get the best healthy diet with healthy foods for hair growth in order to get needed vitamins for remaining healthy hair.

1. Foods For Hair Growth – Fruits

Eating fruits that have high level of vitamin C can reduce hair loss. Vitamin C and some water-soluble vitamins are important for the growth of healthy beautiful hair. Vitamin C also contains many antioxidants that help your body block free radicals. There are a lot of fruits contain high level of vitamin C, however, the best choice for all people who have hair loss problem are strawberries, watermelon, citrus fruits, mango, oranges, lemons, papaya, and all kinds of berries. Women should take 75 mg of vitamin C per day, and men should get 90 mg per day.

 2. Foods For Hair GrowthFish

Hair is made of protein, so people should eat more protein-rich foods when maintaining the healthy hair. foods for hair growth fasterHowever, eating a simple steak each day cannot help all of people. High-calories diets can increase the level of testosterone in order to increase hair loss, so steaks are not listed among foods that can prevent hair fall. People should eat leaner proteins, like fish, chicken, calf’s liver, low-fat cheese, brewer’s yeast, eggs, beans, yogurt, and almonds. Tofu and soy milk can be added in the healthy diet because they contain protein without fats.

3. Foods For Hair GrowthRaisins

Iron plays an important role in the process of manufacturing hemoglobin. The hemoglobin in the blood will carry oxygen to all body’s tissues and organs. When the hemoglobin is in the normal and healthy levels, oxygen will be dispersed properly. It means that the scalp can get enough blood, and hair growth will be stimulated and promoted. People should add more iron to their healthy diet with  dried fruits (as raisins) and cherry juice which are high in iron to take all benefits of raw foods. Eggs; raisins; dates; dark green vegetables, and whole-grain cereals are high in iron. Vitamin C can improve the effective absorption of iron, so natural and healthy fruits must be on the grocery list of healthy foods in order to cure falling hair.

4. Foods For Hair GrowthBean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are high in important nutrient – silica that will contribute in treating hair loss significantly. Silica can support the body in absorbing many critical minerals and vitamins, so people should take a lot of silica by eating a lot of vitamins in many healthy foods, especially bean sprouts, green peppers and cucumbers and red.

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5. Foods For Hair GrowthSeafood

Many people who are suffering from hair fall are found to get zinc deficiencies. Zinc plays a critical role in many functions of the body, such as cell reproduction, hormonal balance, and other functions which can affect the growth of hair. This special supplement – zinc can control the glands that stick to hair follicles. When people have low level of zinc, their follicles will become weak. This problem will cause hair fall or hair broken. To deal with this bad problem, people should eat zinc-rich foods, like some seafood, mussels, shrimp, and oysters. However, excessive zinc can lead to hair fall, so it will be better to eat healthy zinc-rich diet than taking zinc supplement.

6. Foods For Hair Growth – Bell Peppers

Yellow, green and red bell peppers are a delicious and colorful source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for health of hair for some reasons. Besides, vitamin C supports the body in using non-heme iron, and make sure the body can take enough iron to red blood cells. Vitamin C can help red blood cell carry oxygen to the follicles of the hair. Vitamin C can form collagen to anti aging. Hair follicles, skin, and blood vessels will require collagen in order to stay healthy. If people suffer from the deficiencies of vitamin C, they can get dry, splitting hair.

7. Foods For Hair Growth – Potatoes

The worst culprits for hair fall are fast food and greasy foods. If people like to eat more fries and burger, they should cook the burger for themselves and bake potato wedges. People should avoid some cold, sugary, and spicy foods. These kinds of foods can make the body unhealthy.

8. Foods For Hair Growth – Carrots

Carrots are good for the eyes, and they can provide vitamin A to nourishment for the dry scalp. foods for hair growth strengthA healthy scalp makes sure well-conditioned, shiny hair that is moisturized, and strengthened. A balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, fatty fish, legumes, low-fat dairy, and Indian salmon can boost for the health of hair.

9. Foods For Hair Growth – Prunes

If hair suffers from thinning, dryness, stiffness, hair fall or discoloration, this hair are get low level of iron. Prunes contain the high iron level. These kinds of fruits can improve the high quality of hair. People should add more beetroots and green vegetables in the diet.

10. Foods For Hair Growth – Green Peas

Although some green peas contain the low level of antioxidants and some critical mineral and vitamin, they have a balanced amount of minerals and vitamins such as zinc, iron, and complex-B vitamins. These are important for saving healthy hair.

11. Foods For Hair Growth – Oats

Oats can contain a good source of fiber for maintaining healthy bowels and heart. They contain a high level of other important nutrients like zinc, omega-6 fatty acids, and zinc. Omega-6 fatty acids are important to keep normal skin, healthy hair growth. Since this important ingredient can be obtained via the diet, people need to ensure their breakfast includes amount of oatmeal each day in a week.

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12. Foods For Hair Growth – Shrimp

While red meats can be the excess source of zinc, people should find an appropriate substitute for a high level of proteins. Alternatively, in shrimps, people can find a great source of many supplements for building muscle and re-growing hair. They contain the high potent concentration of supplements, such as vitamin B12, zinc, and iron for the process of curing hair loss.

13. Foods For Hair Growth – Walnuts

Walnuts can be one of the best hair friendly nuts in people’s category. A walnut contains more omega-6 fatty acids than any kinds of other foods. They have high levels of iron, zinc, complex B vitamins (B1, B9, and B9), and a lot of protein. However, walnuts also contain a little of selenium which can cause hair loss.

14. Foods For Hair Growth – Milk

Calcium is a critical mineral for the healthy hair growth, so people should take a lot of milk to gain the most beautiful hair.

15. Foods For Hair Growth – Eggs

The egg is one of the best friends for a full healthy hair. Egg is high level of important nutrients, like proteins, iron, Vitamin B12, omega 6 fatty acids, and zinc. Getting deficiency of these minerals and vitamins can cause poor quality of hair. Egg contains high level of biotin (Vitamin B7) which can support any simple hair loss treatment.

16. Foods For Hair Growth – Salmon

Salmon makes all diets healthy, salmon can be the good fish for the beautiful hair. foods for hair growth nutritionThis kind of oily fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and Vitamin B12. These good components will restore the shine in the healthy hair. Omega-3 fatty acids will be important to retain a beautiful scalp. If people suffer from the omega-3 fatty acids deficiency, they will get a dull, lifeless hair, and a dry scalp.

 17. Foods For Hair GrowthLean Red Meat

Too little iron will cause hair loss. Curing the iron deficiency will support people in re-growing hair. Other iron-rich foods include egg yolks, turkey, whole grains, and dried fruit.

18. Foods For Hair Growth – Tofu

This food is made of soy that can contain high levels of iron. People can add this food to healthy diet in order to get rid of iron deficiency.

 19. Foods For Hair Growth – Cottage Cheese

This dairy product is the good source of iron and protein, especially casein. If people do not like to eat cottage cheese, they can choose some snack, such as yogurt.

20. Foods For Hair GrowthWater 

If people have dry hair as straw, they should drink a lot of water, because hair includes one-quarter water. People should drink typical eight glasses per day. They also need to bring a simple water bottle to refill the amount of water loss during a day.

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21. Foods For Hair Growth – Dates

As you know, iron plays a critical role in producing the high level of hemoglobin. This supplement will stimulate and promote healthy hair growth. People should eat more dates in order to improve Vitamin C, and stimulate the process of iron absorption in order to cure hair loss naturally.

22. Foods For Hair GrowthSpinach

This leafy vegetable is good for the body for some reasons, including healthy hair. The powerful vegetables contain the high level of iron and folate. Folate is a complex B vitamin that can create many red blood cells, and the iron can support the red blood cells in carrying oxygen. If people suffer from iron deficiency, people can get many diseases, such as anemia. If the body cannot get enough oxygen, it can get weakness, hair loss and fatigue. People should eat more spinach to get more iron and folate for re-growing hair, and getting beautiful hair.

This is a complete list of healthy foods for hair growth that all people should know to get back the beautiful hair. If you think this is an useful blog, please share it with other people. Or you can leave yourcomments at the end of this blog to contribute to my bog.

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