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Discover the best natural and healthy flu fighting foods and ways boost immune system quickly

The weather is going to colder and all people tend to stay indoors almost of the times, however, they will still be able to get flu. The seasonal flu and cold can make people feel tired, and they cannot work effectively. While we cannot find the unique way to fight flu, eating healthy foods to fight the flu or cold will support all people in avoiding all the kinds of fly and getting rid of sick. This is a complete list of healthy flu fighting foods that all people should know to stay healthier during the long winter.

1. Flu Fighting Food – Mushrooms

Mushroom is one of the best healthy foods which people need to eat in order to fight flu. It has two effective weapons – selenium, and beta glucan for all people to fight the flu. The first weapon is selenium that can support the white cells of the blood in producing the cytokines. And this big weapon can remove all the sickness. The second weapon is beta glucan that is the antimicrobial type of fiber. This special weapon can activate all the “superhero” cells. These cells can find out and destroy all infections.

The best way to ward off the season flu is boosting the overall immune system. Our website also reveals some healthy soup recipes in addition to the healthy mushrooms that can provide a lot of nutrients and vitamins people need to defend against or protect illness. flu fighting foods eat

2. Flu Fighting Foods – Fresh Garlic

Fresh garlic has a strong-smelling that can prevent all sicknesses thanks to the special antimicrobial compound – phytochemical allicin. A study showed that people who eating more allicin supplements can prevent 46% of colds and sickness and help people recover faster than others. Therefore, people should start cooking this supper food daily to stay healthy in the long cold days.

3. Flu Fighting Foods – Green Tea

All kinds of teas can provide many health benefits. And green tea can bring a lot of polyphenols which is one of the best antioxidants. In a published study, people who drank from 1to 5 daily cups of the tea will be less likely to have the flu than other people.

4. Flu Fighting Foods – Salmon

In a study, people with lower vitamin D levels – about 40% more likely to get  respiratory infection than other people who with the higher vitamin D levels. Therefore, people should increase their intake with healthy salmon. They should eat about 3, 5 ounce of salmon in order to get 360 IU, and many experts suggested that it will be better if people take from 800 to 1000 IU per day.

5. Flu Fighting Foods – Yogurt

Digestive tract is a biggest immune organ in the body, so people should keep all germs, and diseases out by providing prebiotics and probiotics wich will be found in some fermented foods, such as yogurt. People can take a cup of yogurt in order to boost the immune system, and function.flu fighting foods recipes download

6. Flu Fighting Foods – Dark Chocolate

Nutrition experts suggested that dark chocolate can stay in a good place in the healthy food diets. Dark chocolate can support people in boosting the immune function. High level of cocoa can support all T-helper cells, which improve the immune function to fight against all infections.

 7. Flu Fighting Foods – Oysters

Zinc plays an important role in the immune system. This supplement can rally white blood cells, and the troops to prevent viruses and bacteria like cold and flu. Oyster can offer high level of zinc people need in a day.

8. Flu Fighting Foods – Honey

Honey is often seen like a cure-all for all problems from burns, scrapes and cuts. People should put raw honey on the burn to improve healing. The natural antiseptic properties of the honey will work as hydrogen peroxide. Because honey can coat the throat, and reduce cold sore throat. The high level of antimicrobial properties and antioxidant can fight all infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses. People can take the highest level of antioxidant from buckwheat honey.

People should remember that never use honey for babies under one year old. Their own immune systems cannot be developed enough to prevent infantile botulism.

9. Flu Fighting Foods – Chicken soup

flu fighting foods for babies pdfChicken soup provides fluids that will support people in fighting off colds or flu. Chicken soup can lower the inflammation that can be associated with bacteria, and viruses. Moreover, this warm liquid can support people in loosening congestion.

10. Flu Fighting Foods Brazil Nuts

A study showed that taking 300 micrograms of the daily selenium can support people in strengthening the immune function and system. People can take this amount of selenium easily from 3 Brazil nuts. Lobster, crabs, tuna, and oysters, are the rich source of selenium.

11. Flu Fighting Foods Probiotics

The beneficial bacteria can be found in many healthy foods, such as Greek yogurt or kefir which can reduce all symptoms of flu and common cold. This kind of good bacteria can support people in preventing from getting flu or sickness. Providing the body with Lactobacillus paracasei and Lactobacillus plantarum can reduce the high incidence of flu and common cold up to 12% and recover fast.

12. Flu Fighting Foods Eat The Rainbow

The colored vegetables and fruits, such as beta-carotene-rich pumpkin, and carrots, sweet potatoes, along with red beans, red cabbage, and anthocyanin-rich berries can boost the immune system and the lower risk level of disease, including common cold and flu.

flu fighting foods recipes review

13. Flu Fighting Foods Organic, Whole Milk

The fatty acid composition and organic milk can contain a good balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids than conventional milk. And omega-3s can have tons of benefits, such as increasing the activity of all phagocytes and boosting immune system that can fight all flu. People can get high level of omega-3s from the whole milk.

14.  Flu Fighting Foods Pickled Turnips

Scientists recommend that eating a Japanese pickle can make the protective effects in protecting people from getting flu. The immune system can be boosted with many properties of the friendly bacteria in the traditional Japanese pickles – suguki. If people do not find suguki, they can use kimchi and sauerkraut. Moreover, the process of the lacto-fermentation of some traditional pickled products.

15. Flu Fighting Foods Red Grapes And Blueberries

These kinds of fruits can have a significant advantage to immune system. Two compounds, such as pterostilbene, and resveratrol which can be found in blueberries and red grapes, can combined with good vitamin D in order to boost the ability to fight against all kinds of illness. Some blueberries, apples, and grapes can help people reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.)

16. Flu Fighting Foods – Strawberries

sneezing womanThe vitamin C-rich foods can be the first thing people think about when they get cold. A study showed that strawberries can lower the duration and intensity of flu and cold. A little amount of strawberries can provides 160% of the daily needs.

 17. Flu Fighting Foods Golden Kiwifruit

Regular kiwi is a good source of vitamin C, and this kind of fruit can cure the congestion and the sore throats.

18. Flu Fighting Foods – Almonds

Almonds can improve the health of the heart by providing the immune-boosting antioxidant, and vitamin E, and reduce the chance of getting common colds and flu, and the development of the respiratory infections. People should eat almonds daily, or try many other fortified cereals, turnip greens, wheat germ, and sunflower seeds.

19. Flu Fighting Foods – Ginger

Ginger will soothe the scratchy throat. Ginger covers special chemicals – sesquiterpenes. This chemicals can clean all rhinoviruses and protect the body from the cold viruses, and suppressing coughing. This is a natural mild sedative to reduce the pain, and fever. People should add some slices of shredded gingerroot into a cup of tea, or chew some slices of ginger chews.

20. Flu Fighting Foods – Black Pepper

Ironically, the black pepper is the best spice, and the best kind of foods for people to reduce the sniffles. People should mix the black pepper, and ginger or vinegar in order to raise the absorption of both of them. Black peppercorns are specially rich in piperine which is pain-relieving and anti-fever properties.

flu fighting foods recipes

21. Flu Fighting Foods – Red Wine

The polyphenols and resveratrol in red wine can contain the beneficial bacteria as in yogurt. Red wine has higher level of resveratrol than the level of the grape leaves or peanuts. Therefore red wine can help you treat flu at the comfort of your home.

22. Flu Fighting Foods – Pumpkin Seeds

Along with chickpeas, eggs, red meat, and oysters, pumpkin seeds will be a good source of zinc, which is an important mineral for the cellular functions. The zinc deficiency will suppress the immune system.

23. Flu Fighting Foods – Cabbage

This inexpensive vegetable has the high level of the glutamine, which can strengthen, and boost immune system. People should add more red cabbages in the soups, or stews, or they also can add them in the raw food recipes, such as sandwiches, and salads.

This is full list of 23 healthy flu fighting foods that people should know to stay healthy away from flu during the long cold winter. People can share this blog with other people in order to provide all useful information for all other people. Or they can leave their comment below this post in order to contribute this blog.

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