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Ennora review – health review center

What The Ennora Is

If you’re looking for audio recordings to aid you in your relaxation or meditation exercises, has exactly what you need for spirit growth. This web site offers a wide range of high-quality recordings of binaural beats that enable you to enter deep states of relaxation, concentration and meditation power. You’ll also learn the science behind binaural beats and how these sounds induce tranquility.

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How The Ennora Works offers a selection of 30-minute binaural MP3 meditation club recordings; each costs around $11.11. You can choose from Chakra Balance, which helps relieve stress; a recording that helps induce Astral Projection; Crystal Clear Mind for heightened clarity and insight; and many more. You can also purchase a pack recording, which includes 2 powerful recordings, for $18.88. You can get the Meditation Pack (witih Deep Concentration & Crystal Clear Mind), the Balance Pack (with Recharge & Refresh and Chakra Balance) or the Mystic Pack (with Astral Projection and God Consciousness).

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You can load and listen to them on your iPod or MP3 player whenever and wherever you want. There are lots to choose from so you can be sure you’ll find a great way to relax and unwind.

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Pros And Cons Of Ennora


  • This guide is written in an incredibly straightforward and simple way, which is easy to access, read, and comprehend
  • Its whole process is precisely outlined with thumbnails and explanatory videos
  • This method does not involve any brain teasing, time consuming, or confusing explanations
  • It brings about a 24/7 customer service, so that you can be helped all the times, no matter where you are
  • The package comes with a 100% no question money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfy with the product

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  • It provides no immediate results (usually it takes 3 days to 3 weeks to work)

To sum up, Ennora gives out special audio recordings which allow you to easily enter deep states of concentration, meditation, and relaxation by simply listening through stereo headphones while you meditate. I love that each recording is unique and each offers something a little different. Absolutely, the work of Ennora stands out for the musicality of their products.

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