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Easy quit system review – stop smoking permanently

Easy Quit System Review – Author’s Claims

With the positive help of Easy Quit System by Pete Howells, smokers can quit smoking in as little as 3 hours. Howells is a former smoker, so he understands how difficult it is to quit. Right from the beginning, he clearly states that he is not going to tell smokers about how bad smoking is for health as they have already known it well – they need this book only because they are seeking a comprehensive method to show them on how to stop smoking. The method that Pete Howells introduces to smokers is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This therapy is applied to change the way smokers think about what they do and why they do it, and it also is recommended by doctors to get patients off cocaine, heroin, as well as other nasty drugs. In addition, when following this program, smokers can get rid of some issues relating to quitting smoking such as weight gain, cravings, short-temper, anxiety, and hunger and discomfort. The author also claims that he can help the smokers quit smoking in less than three hours by follow step-by-step instructions that he provides. In other words, Easy Quit System is guaranteed to reveal users everything they need to remove smoking with no any of the usual hardships.

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Easy Quit System Review – About The Author: Pete Howells

Pete Howells was a smoker many years ago, and he managed to struggle with him self to become a smoking quitter. After many months of researching and testing methods that he found out, he succeeded in quitting smoking, and then he developed these methods into a complete smoking-treating program called Easy Quit System. This new program has helped thousands of smokers from the grips of smoking. Pete Howells locates in Derbyshire, England with his family.

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Easy Quit System Review – How Easy Quit System Works

Easy Quit System utilizes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that is based on modifying smokers’ cognitions, assumptions, beliefs and behaviors with the purpose of influencing disturbed emotions. This method has been studied for over 40 years and now considered as one of the most effective treatments for conditions when anxiety and depression is the main problem. Similarly, in giving up smoking, smokers can describe the cravings that they mind is going through. Through reading the Easy Quit System ebook, they will understanding the reasons why they smoked, why they wanted to smoke, and why they would want to stop smoking now and never start again. Users will discover a lot of information about quitting smoking in this book such as:

  • The program reveals some main reasons why most smokers never quit as well as how they can overcome this problem with ease.
  • The author explains the core reasons why smokers have always found it so difficult to remove before so they can understand where they have gone wrong in the past.
  • The system shows smokers how they have to do to hate smoking
  • The author presents why smoking is not a habit as smokers have always been lead to believe.
  • this good author clarifies the 22 core beliefs that users have, and the three pillars of quitting.
  • The program reveals ways to cut down or use patches, gum, or sprays that do not bring high results for users.
  • And much more.

Our website provides many reviews and writings that contain methods about quitting smoking. People can check out marijuana addictionLung DetoxificationQuit Marijuana The Complete Guide to get more knowledge for smoking and the best way to quit it.

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Easy Quit System Review – Benefits And Drawbacks


  • It’s an easy ready of 32 chapters of 100 pages, which users can be done reading about 3 hours.
  • This method does not require any treatment of nicotine replacement products like patches, gums, or spray. (In fact, it also tells users why these don’t work.)
  • It tells users the difference between quitting and giving up and also the fact that they can stop easily when they know how the answer.
  • This way provides users with the myths and addiction of smoking, so they can be brainwashed and realize powerful their mind is to achieve anything.
  • This guide comes with good email support if users need additional help.
  • The package includes 100% no question money back policy within 8 weeks


  • It’s impossible to get Easy Quit System Free as its price is $ $47
  • This treatment requires users to follow the instructions strictly and avoid smoking as much as possible

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Easy Quit System Review – Conclusion

In my easy quit system review, I want to tell you that if you choose to use this book to quit smoking, you are 100% guaranteed of to become one of the non-smokers who have also tried using the book of Pete Howells. All you have to do is doing as the book recommends and you can stop smoking now for sure.

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  1. You’ve provided me with very definitive information that I needed, but somehow is glossed over or purposely neglected. Your attention to this is greatly appreciated.

  2. With the help of Easy Quit System by Pete Howells, i can quit smoking in as little as 3 hours and this is really amazing to me

  3. this book is certainly for people who are looking for a method to quit smoking and I think that many people will say thank you to your review.

  4. The book uses the special method to change the way i think about what i do and that is why I can quite smoking by myself.

  5. Easy Quit System in fact helps me to change my cognitions, my assumptions, as well as my behaviors when thinking about smoking.

  6. Through the Easy Quit System book, I understand the reasons why I have been smoking and then I can get rid of it.

  7. The program teaches me how I can stop smoking through controlling my mind so I think I can get the best result in a short time.

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