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Discover 9 tips on how to have a healthy digestive system and 7 worst foods for gut you should keep away!

We usually care for vital organs that support our digestion system. Previously, I just followed a single rule: avoid foods that harm my stomach. However, then I learned that to get how to have a healthy digestive system, we should focus on much more than foods. The healthy and proper function of your digestive system, which includes the pancreas and liver, is determined by your own lifestyle and your foods selection. That is the reason why now I am listing here the 9 tips on how to have a healthy digestive system that will be good for your digestion system.

I. Get Healthy Digestion By Changing Lifestyle:

First of all, I feel that it is really important for anyone to change the bad habits and learn more good ones to add to their current lifestyle, and you are not an exception if you are really serious about learning how to have a healthy digestive system. Here are 9 healthy lifestyle habits that I think you should apply for good:

1. Eating More Vegetables, Fruits, And Whole Grain Products: 

These foods are very common and they also are a great source of fiber. People are recommended to consume 25-35 grams fiber a day. This habit helps a lot in controlling your bowel movements, your liver, and intestines. With fruits, you should attempt to consume more avocados, dried fruits like prunes and raisins, strawberries, and mangoes. With vegetables, you can pick up green peas, broccoli, spinach, beans, and lentils to eat daily. You should remember to replace refined pasta, white rice. And white bread with whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, and brown rice. It will be a sacrifice if you do not like vegetables or bread is your favorite. Nevertheless, you just need to think of the advantages that fiber will bring to you, such as a leaner figure or lowered cholesterol level.

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2. Exercising Regularly: 

Cardiovascular exercise can help people strengthen the abdomen muscles. It also helps stimulate the intestinal muscles to boost the digestive systems as well. There is no reason for that you will feel lethargic and sluggish. Some common cardio exercises include walking up and down the stairs, walking, running, swimming, or other healthy activities can boost your heart, muscles, and stomach well.

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3. Drinking A Lot Of Water: 

Water plays an important role in human digestion system. It breaks down the food in stomach, prevents constipation, and supports in dissolving nutrients. In addition, water helps keep your colon and digestion system healthy and clean. Thus, you not only satisfy your thirst when you drink water, but also do your body an important favor.

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Besides, you should learn how to treat constipation and acid reflux if you have time because they are 2 of the most common yet dangerous digestive problems. I recommend you to read constipation help, acid reflux treatment.

4. Drinking Less Alcohol: 

Sometimes, alcohol cannot be avoided, especially with those people who are social drinkers. What is essential for you to remember is just keep drinking alcohol with a minimum amount. Excessively alcohol drinking can cause cirrhosis of the liver. Moreover, it can cause symptoms of heartburn and inflame the lining of your stomach, as well as diarrhea and cramping.
Guidelines suggest that men should drink no more than 2 glasses a day and 1 for women.

5. Eating Less Fatty Foods: 

If you consume more unsaturated fat, your digestive system will be strained. Fast food items, such as cookies, cakes, margarine, donuts, chips, toppings, and dips are high in trans fats. You do not have to completely get rid of these and push them out of your diet, but it will be better if you cut them down for saving your digestive organs from dangers and damage impacts.

6. Quitting Smoking: 
If you are a non-smoker, you will feel that your internal body is healthy and so does your digestive system. Of course, you cannot feel the same if you are among smokers. Many studies have generated enough evidences that smoking is detrimental to human health. Smoking can certainly harm your digestive system, leading directly to many diseases, such as peptic ulcers, heartburn, gallstones, colon cancer, and liver damage. If you are concerning about smoking problem regarding to your body, you should learn the negative effects that are enough to discourage you from smoking any cigarette else.

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You can also learn how to quit smoking effectively with stop smoking with eft and easy quit system.

7. Reducing Stress In Your Personal Life: 
Stress leaves a very bad effect on the nerves of our digestive system. To get balance of your digestive system back, you need to face the root causes of your stress and control it via relaxing activities.

8. Loving All Aspects Of Your Body: 
Regularly, everyone just focus on how to care for the external body parts, pampering our skin and face with costly body scrubs, creams, body massages, and facial masks. We usually neglect other internal organs and just realize their existence if they are not functioning right, leading to severe problems and diseases. If we focus enough to the vital internal organs as we do for our appearance, then we will reduce the risk of diseases and illnesses for ourselves.

9. Eating Moderately And Slowly: 
Eating too quickly and consuming large portions a meal will definitely leave a lot of stress and pressure on your whole digestive system. That is the reason why it is really needed to set aside at least ½ hour during a meal. Chewing will not only make you feel the foods more tasty, but it also makes you digest easier. Therefore, you should eat in moderate portions.

II. Worst Foods To Eat:

In the second part of the writing, I would like to list 7 dangerous foods that you really need to avoid if you want to get healthy digestive system. Let’s discover them carefully to know how to have a healthy digestive system.

1. High-fat And Fried Food:

Both fried and high-fat food can overwhelm your stomach, leading to heartburn and acid reflux.
High-fat foods can also cause pale-colored stool – a phenomenon which is called “steatorrhea”, an essential excess fat in the feces. People living with the irritable bowel syndrome should better keep foods that are high in fat, such as cream and butter, away from their reach because these foods can totally lead to many digestive problems.

You can learn how to treat irritable bowel syndrome if it is your current digestive problem with the ibs miracle

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2. Chili Pepper:

This spicy food can irritate your esophagus and causes the heartburn pain.
Chili pepper and what it leads to can be a big problem for people who are suffering from the irritable bowel syndrome or chronic heartburn.

3. Dairy:

Everyone need calcium in life and we need to add calcium to every of daily meals. The simplest way to get calcium is using dairy products, such as cheese and milk. However, these products contain lactose intolerant, so they can lead to gas, cramps, diarrhea, and abdominal bloating.
Lactose intolerance is a common problem for the digestive system that occurs when your body do not produce enough lactase – an enzyme that can break down the lactose. Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, and chemotherapy can harm the intestines, leading to lactose intolerance.
In brief, if you are suffering from lactose intolerant, you should absolutely avoid using dairy.

4. Berries:

Berries are the good foods for health in general. However, those have tiny seeds is a real problem for you if you are among those people living with diverticulitis or pockets that nourish in the gut.
The seeds of berries will obstruct the pockets and produce a risk of digestive problems. If you find out that seeds, such as pumpkin or sunflower seeds, can irritate your own intestines, you should keep them away from your mouth and your meals.

5. Chocolate:

If you really want to discover how to have a healthy digestive system, you should never miss the information about chocolate and its influences on your digestive system.

A recent study indicated that chocolate could be problem in people who are suffering from the chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome.
However, maybe chocolate is not the villain itself. For people who hate milk, the real cause might be the milk included in chocolate treats. Chocolate contained caffeine in it, which can lead to bloating, cramps, and diarrhea.

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6. Tea, Coffee, And Soft Drinks:

Tea, carbonated beverages, and coffee not only over relax the esophageal sphincter, which helps confined stomach acid in your stomach, but they can also work as diuretics, leading to cramping and diarrhea.
Beverages that are caffeinated can be the main problem, especially for people who are suffering from the gastroesophageal reflux condition.
If you are living with heartburn, you should better avoid drinking mint tea.

Moreover, you can learn some healthy foods that are good for your health and digestion system within the simple superfoods and great taste no pain to add to your daily meal.

7. Corn:

Corn is rich in fiber so it is really good for the digestive system. However, corn contains cellulose, a fiber type that you cannot break down easily because human does not have the necessary enzyme to digest this fiber.
In the past, human had bigger, stronger teeth, so this fiber could be digested. If you chew corn for a longer time in your mouth, you can be able to digest it. But if wolf corn down, it will be undigested and cause abdominal pain and gas. That’s absolutely not good for your overall digestive health. 

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Note: You Should Eat Yogurt Every day:

People all have trillions of bacteria in the gut that help they digest food. Meanwhile, yogurt is a great source of these healthy bacteria.

To learn some special and extremely healthy desserts, you should check out the dessert angel 

All of the above tips on how to have a healthy digestive system are what I have used to get rid of this terrible condition, and now, I am glad to share my very own experiences with anyone who desires to prevent and deal with the digestive problems. 

If you feel the tips on how to have a healthy digestive system I offer in this article are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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