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18 natural ways to boost metabolism to lose weight – eating guide and exercise suggestions

What do you know about the role of metabolism in transforming your health and fitness? This article will help you learn more about metabolism, how to estimate your metabolism and 18 natural ways to boost metabolism, including eating guide and exercise suggestions.

18 Natural Ways To Boost Metabolism To Lose Weight – Learn To Transform Your Health And Fitness! 

I. What Is Metabolism And How To Calculate Your Metabolic Rate?

Metabolism is a process the body break down foods, convert calories into energy. It depends on our age, gender, weight, height and activity level, metabolic rate in each one is different.

The faster metabolism is, the more calories we can burn off. The fast metabolism can enable us to burn more fat and transform our fitness. 

The following is the way to figure out our metabolic rate that helps us control amounts of calories the body consumes.

  • Based on age: Metabolic rate may decrease 5% each decade, after the age of 40s, partly due to decreased muscle.
  • Based on gender: Men burn calories more quickly than women as they have more muscle mass.
  • Based on heredity: In some cases, you might inherit the metabolic rate from your previous generations.
  • Based on thyroid disorder: Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can speed up or slow down your metabolism, but only 3% of us have hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism respectively.
  • Based on weight: Different tissues of the body can contribute different levels of resting metabolism. Muscle can contribute more fat each unit mass and because muscle is denser than body fat so muscle helps contribute more each unite volume. However, this cannot be practically significant.

Estimate Resting Metabolic Rate

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is used interchangeably with the basal metabolic rate (BMR) to estimate resting metabolic rate. If you gain more weight, your RMR will absolutely higher. According to Harris-Benedict equation, you can calculate your own RMR as follows:

RMR = 9.99w + 6.25s – 4.92a + 166g-161

  • W: Weight (kg); if you convert your weight into pounds, divide it by 2.2 to get the weight in kg
  • S: height (cm); if you convert your height into inches, multiply it by 2.54 to get the height in cm
  • A: age in years
  • G: gender (1 for males and 0 for females)

Adjust Your Diet

natural ways to boost metabolismYour RMR can tell you amount of calories to maintain your body at rest. The consumption to maintain the weight per day should calculate as follows:

RMR x 1.15

Eg: RMR = 2000, the calorie maintenance intake is: 2000 x 1.15 = 2300

If you want to lose weight, don’t exceed your calorie maintenance intake lower than the calculated RMR.

Calculate calories by recording the foods you eat, looking up amount of calories food items contains.

II. Natural Ways To Boost Metabolism

1. Eat Frequent Meals

You can eat every 3 hours. When eating foods, you boost your metabolism for short time. It means the more often you can eat, the more you can stimulate your metabolism. If you eat often, you will reassure your body to get rid of the feeling of hungry.

A study from Georgia State University has shown that people who ate every 3 hours had faster metabolisms than people who ate 3 meals a day. 

Extending eating time can make the body go into the starvation mode and decrease metabolism.

2. Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

don't skip your breakfast

You should not skip your breakfast because your body will go to starvation mood and you will lose energy to focus on your work. Moreover, skipping breakfast was proven to have influence on your metabolism. It can slow down your metabolism and make you feel tired all day.

3. Recalculate Your RMR

If you worry about the risk of obesity, check out your RMR to control your calorie intake.

If you’re 200 lbs and you often have a need of 2500 calories per day, you should cut down your current caloric intake to 2000 calories a day.

If you lost 25 lbs and your calorie consumption per day is 2000, you should supply your body with 2250 calories per day to sustain itself. If you still maintain your diet with 2000 calories per day, your metabolic rate can’t be stimulated.

4. Don’t Starve
Though you are fat, don’t starve yourself because it can harm your metabolism for a safe fat loss. According to nutritionists, consuming low calorie diet can rob the body of enough energy to maintain basic functions of the body. In other words, starving is the way you slow down your metabolism. Be sure that you consume at least 1,200 calories/day (for women) and 1,5000 calories/day (for men) to meet the basic metabolic needs.

5. Choose Organic Products

natural ways to boost metabolism

The nutritionists recommend using organic products because they are safe to eat and they also help to boost metabolism. Therefore, consider organic products to consume. Though the price of organic products is rather costly for many people, they are often the least contaminated foods to buy.

6. Eat Wisely

If you have good appetite to eat, that’s great. But you should eat wisely and control your eating habits so that you will be able to boost your metabolism and burn fat.

According to scientists and nutritionists, certain foods such as grapefruit, chicken, nuts, tuna can help stimulate metabolic rate. Besides, egg is recommended adding to breakfast as a morning metabolism booster.

A serving of healthy sources of fibers like leafy green vegetables is also good for metabolic system.

7. Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea is one of natural ways to boost metabolism. Green tea is a good source of an antioxidant, called catechins. This antioxidant has been proven in many studies to boost metabolism and lose body weight without doing exercises. In addition, green tea is packed with various cancer-fighting compounds, which can benefit weight loss diets at any age.

8. Eat Chili Peppers

natural ways to boost metabolism
chili pepper is a hot spice containing bio-active chemicals, called capsinoids. It is used to boost the production of heat and fire up metabolism. According to the proven studies, chili can rise up temporary metabolism about 23%.

The researchers have also shown that the consumption of chili can help to boost energy expenditure by 50 calories per day. Add this spice to your diet to spice up your appetite, boost your metabolic system and reduce belly fat naturally!

9. Eat Protein Foods

natural ways to boost metabolism

Human body needs extra energy to absorb all the nutrients after consuming foods containing proteins. People can eat about 30grms of protein each meal to supply your body with this essential nutrient. When eating protein, the body needs much time to metabolize (about 20 to 30% of the body’s energy). Proteins are high in eggs, fish, lean meats, soy and beans. Human body has to spend hours after meals to metabolize.

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10. Iron-Rich Foods
Iron works to transport oxygen to tissues throughout the body. It also helps the body generate energy. Lack of iron can lead to different health problems like anemia, fatigue and loss of appetite. As a result, when you don’t have enough energy, your metabolism will slow down. To improve your metabolic system, you should supply your body with iron rich foods like beef, lamb, poultry, oysters and fish. Many plants also contain a high source of iron like tofu, chickpeas, beans, lentils and pumpkin seeds. Besides, leafy dark green vegetables are also rich iron like bok choy, broccoli and spinach. 

11. Consume Vitamin D
Many studies have showed that vitamin D contributes to weight control and this vitamin helps preserve calorie cravings and metabolism stoking muscle tissue.

12. Consume Omega 3 Fatty Acids

According to researchers from University of Western Ontario, omega-3 fatty acids are found to may the great effects to dramatically rise your metabolism by 400 calories a day.

13. Drink Coffee

Robert Kenefick, Ph.D from Army Research Institute, US carried out an investigation on caffeinated coffee drinkers. The findings shown that a dose of 150mg of caffeinated coffee helped stimulate their central nervous system, increased their heart rate, and boost metabolism after 3 hours of drinking.

14. Drink Fresh Water

natural ways to boost metabolism
the scientists from University of Utah carried out a research of volunteers. They drank 8 to 12 8-ounce glasses of fresh water each day and the results had shown that they had higher metabolic rates than people who quaffed 4 glasses a day.

15. Consume Calcium

According to a study at University of Copenhagen, calcium is also proven to help the body metabolize fat efficiently.

16. Do Aerobic Exercises

Beside different eating tips and guide to fire up your metabolism, there are other natural ways to boost your metabolism with ease and with fun, like doing aerobic exercises.

Doing exercise is by far the most effective way to fire up your metabolism. Aerobic exercises are good for women, especially busy ones because they just need to spend 30 minutes per day to keep their metabolism up while enhancing their fitness.

17. Ride, Run, Row

natural ways to boost metabolism

Riding, running or rowing can help you burn up to 100 to 200 calories each day. These sports are so interesting for many people. Try playing these out-door activity daily for boosting your metabolism, transforming your health and fitness.

According to a study, 45 minutes on a bike can sped up your metabolic rate for more than12 hours. So, why don’t you try doing this activity as one of natural ways to boost metabolism?

18. Do Intensity Workouts
When you follow an intensity workout plan or high interval training like dumbbells, interval run, your body will be in the working state to generate large amount calories. Therefore, your metabolism is increased and the workouts help to keep the body burning calories along and after the practice is over.

I’ve shown you 18 natural ways to boost metabolism to lose weight fast. To get the best result of increased metabolism, you should combine your eating plan with exercise plan to achieve the best body transformation.

At last, I welcome all your feedbacks about this article!

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