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Why don’t you check out birthologie review to take part in an online childbirth class?

Birthologie Review Exposes A Childbirth Course For Expecting Mothers

This Birthologie review is for pregnant women who looking for a course on how to have a safe and peaceful childbirth.

  1. What Is Birthologie?
  2. How Will This Childbirth Education Class Guide You To A Healthy Pregnancy?
  3. How Much To Get Started?
  4. Is It Guaranteed That The Course Will Be Useful For You?

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What Is Birthologie?

Birthologie is a childbirth education class for pregnant women who learn to have safe and healthy pregnancies. This program was designed by a mother, Amy Jones. She has worked with hundreds of mother-to-be for years. She is convinced that this is exactly an excellent childbirth class for all moms who need to learn for getting birth outcome they really desire. To get more information about this online course, keep reading my Birthologies review!

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How Will This Childbirth Education Class Guide You To A Healthy Pregnancy?

In this program, you will learn 10 training modules as follows:

Module 1: Achieving A Healthy, Low-Risk Pregnancy For Birth And Beyond, showing:

  • How to prevent toxemia during your pregnancy
  • A guide to get rid of the fear after a few hours after giving birth
  • The ways to reduce postpartum bleeding
  • How to have breastfeeding success

Module 2: The Smart Pregnant Consumer, revealing:

  • Different options to plan for birth giving
  • How your birth turns out
  • How to have safety of you and the baby
  • Keys to have expected birth success
  • Tips to Choose a place of birth: hospital or birthing center or your home

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Module 3: Understanding Birth Interventions, uncovering:

  • How the routine in hospitals sabotages your birth giving
  • Ways to advocate for yourself
  • How an intervention lead to another one
  • Specific tactics to avoid and prevent this situation

Module 4: The Process Of Birth: Stages Of Labor, showing:

  • How to tell exact time of giving birth
  • How to eliminate stress of false labor
  • The signposts of labor
  • Optimal birthing positions & techniques
  • How to make your labor and delivery safer
  • Ways to reduce the pain of labor

Module 5: Planning Your Birth, uncovering:

  • A list of goals to achieve during the birth
  • The things to prepare for a home birth
  • The things to prepare for a hospital birth
  • How to reduce the risk of a cesarean
  • How to increase your odds
  • How to deal with emergencies

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Module 6: Labor Support Techniques, Comfort Measures And Tricks Of The Trade, revealing:

  • How to relieve back labor
  • How to jump start a stalled labor
  • Support techniques, exercises positions to do in scenarios
  • Skills for labor supporters
  • How to reduce painful labor and birth
  • How women’s brains work during labor

Module 7: The Power Of Your Mind: Visualizing Your Dream Birth Experience, guiding and showing:

  • How to get the mind in right place
  • How to increase the power of visualization
  • How to achieve the birth experience you are looking for
  • The scientific truth behind the visualization and journey of your birth
  • How to feel energized and confident in making your birth plans

Module 8: Avoiding And Navigating The Unexpected, revealing:

  • The truth about sick baby, vacuum, cesarean birth or forceps delivery
  • Ways to avoid these situations
  • How to increase your odds of a positioned baby
  • Ways to decrease chances of a cesarean
  • When to intervene
  • The truth about cesareans, induction and vacuum extractor
  • Tools to shape your birth in a peaceful place

Module 9: Shedding Your Fears, Gried And Ugly Beliefs About Birth And More, uncovering:

  • How to deal with fears and grief
  • How to put a damper on the birth experience
  • The birth experiences of Birthologie
  • Powerful labor tools for you to use

Module 10: All Things Postpartum: Your Baby, Your Body And Your New Life, showing:

  • The truth about vaccination for your newborn
  • Important issues such as immediate postpartum, care of mother and baby, vaccination, intimacy and parenting
  • Plan for phases of birth
  • Secrets of doulas and midwives
  • How to prevent postpartum depression and the solution for it without pharmaceuticals
  • How to become a peaceful parent
  • Controversial topics such as vaccines and circumcision

Now, check out some feedbacks from customers:

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How Much To Get Started?

The Birthologie review exposes that this program comes with high quality materials, including over 100 pages of comprehensive guide and more than 12 hours of contents in the audio format for you to listen to. Plus, you also get 2 bonus modules:

  • Bonus module 1: Secrets of breastfeeding success
  • Bonus module 2: Intimacy after childbirth

The full package of Birthologie, consisting of 10 training modules, 2 bonuses costs you just $37. You save 40% off the original price of $77. Are you ready to get started now?

Is It Guaranteed That The Course Will Be Useful For You?

Absolutely! You can learn the course without any worry about the quality of it. You can experience the program within 2 months. If you do not feel that you have gotten more than your investment’s worth, you get all your money back. Just contact the author for a no-hassle refund.

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I’ve presented the full Birthologie review. Are you going to learn this online childbirth course right now? For any unclear information about my writing, notice me by leaving your feedbacks at the end of this post.

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