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Make use of 25 ground-breaking tips on how to prevent hair fall naturally to get beautiful hair fast

All of us dream of having healthy, shiny, and beautiful locks. Hair that would be the crowning glory, yet unfortunately hair fall seems to become a constant problem. Many people experience hair fall as a side effect of bad lifestyle or bad eating habits, or their treatment for certain disease. Though hair fall is painless, but it can affect people’s self-esteem and confidence. How many times have you seen the comb or brush covered with your hair and felt anxious? If the number of strands of hair you lose every day is over 100, then you may be hair lost. This article is designed to give you tips on how to prevent hair fall naturally that help you prevent the condition of hair loss and know what to do if hair loss does become an issue for you.

How To Prevent Hair Fall Naturally – Essential Anti-Balding Tips

I.     How To Prevent Hair Fall Naturally – 7 Super Foods

1.      Fish, Beans, And Eggs

As we know, hair is primarily made of protein; thus, it makes sense to eat foods that are high in protein content if you are trying to prevent hair fall and maintain healthy hair. Nevertheless, eating a steak each day will not be able to help you. Normally, high-fat diets will cause enhanced cholesterol levels, which are linked to hair loss. Steaks are not the food that can prevent hair fall. Just stick to lean protein including fish, chicken, brewer’s yeast, beans, low-fat cheese, and yogurt.  Other good foods for hair are soy milk and tofu because they are rich in protein as well as low in fats.

2.      Beef

Quality of our hair is increased by the consumption of Beef. This kind of meat contains proteins, vitamin B complex, Zinc and Iron. In order to enhance hair strength as well as reduce hair loss risk, you had better consume beef two times or three times a week.

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3.      Bean Sprouts

Silica might not be a word that you commonly hear associated with foods for preventing hair loss. If you want to promote your hair growth and prevent hair fall, then silica will be an indispensible food on your menu. Human body uses silica to absorb vitamins and minerals as well. The rich sources of silica are bean sprouts, the cucumbers’ skin, red peppers (green, as well), and potatoes. Keep in mind that, eating these foods raw might help you get more nutritional value than cooked ones.

4.      Raisins

Iron plays a key role in producing hemoglobin which is a part of blood and carries the oxygen to the body’s organs as well as tissues. If the hemoglobin is at healthy level, oxygen dispersal will be normal and proper. As a result, your scalp will get good flow of blood, thereby promoting and stimulating hair growth. But, if not, your hair will be at the risk of falling. Adding more iron to your current diet is necessary if you want to boost the quality of your hair fast. The idea is, when you crave for something sweet, remember to consume cherry juice and dried fruits packed with iron. Other sources of iron are dates; dark green, leafy vegetables like kale; and whole-grain cereals. When it comes to iron, vitamin C will help you absorb iron more completely. Thus, fruits such as oranges, strawberries, and lemons need to be on the grocery list of foods.

5.      Sea Foods

As studies, those people who are suffering from hair loss, particularly men, are found to be lack of Zinc. This substance plays an important role in many of human body’s functions and like cell reproduction and hormonal balance. Also, it functions your hair growth condition. However, the most important is, zinc controls the glands which attach to the hair follicles. When you are in zinc deficiency, these follicles become weak, thereby, the strands will fall out. In order to defeat this problem, you need to create a diet plan that consists of the foods containing zinc, including poultry, mussels, nuts, shrimp, red meats, and oysters. On the other hand, consuming too much zinc also leads to the condition of hair loss. Therefore, it is the best for you to plan a zinc-heavy diet rather than consume a zinc supplement.

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6.      Sweet Potatoes

Cheap way to prevent hair loss is eating potatoes. Potatoes are packed with the large amount of Beta-carotene’s. After eating this, the body will convert it into vitamin A? The growth of hair and tissues is managed moderately by vitamin A. In other words, it might be tempting to eat fast food, right? Yet, if you are craving for fries and burger, you had better to cook the burger by yourself and dice, season, or bake some potato wedges. Try to control the intake of excessively cold, sugary, and spicy foods. These foods will weaken your body because when your body consumes unhealthy things, it will not be able to function at its peak level.

7.      Oat

This can prevent hair breakage, fall, and loss. Oats consist of rich quantity of copper, zinc, potassium, proteins, vitamin B and micro-nutrients. Not only are oats loaded with those above vitamins, it also contains fiber and omega-6 fatty acids that can help to maintain a healthy heart and bowels. Together, these assist eaters in maintaining normal skin, hair growth as well as development. Since this essential food just can be obtained via diet, so, make sure that your breakfast contains a bowl of oatmeal every few weeks in a week.

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II. How To Prevent Hair Fall Naturally – 10 Miracle Herbs

1.      Aloe-Vera

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Apart from following a well-balanced diet on how to prevent hair fall naturally, you also need to know some herbal methods for protecting your hair’s health. Aloe-Vera is proven that can condition and promote hair growth, prevent hair fall, and beat sebum. Extract aloe-vera gel from the plant and then directly apply it one your scalp. Leave it on your scalp for at least 2hours, then rinse it. It is not only helpful for controlling early hair fall but also enhances hair growth.

2.      Rosemary

This kind of herbs is powerful for hair growth. It not only prevents the condition of hair fall but also activates the follicles and stimulates new hair growth. In other words, it is able to detoxify scalp and restore the hair pigmentation. Although the rosemary tea might be good for you, the most efficient recommended manner is to make use of rosemary infused oil on your scalp.

3.      Ginseng

According to a lot of researches, ginseng is able to stimulate the blood circulation. Therefore, this can boost the supply of blood to your hair follicles. If you choose to take ginseng supplements, then it is better for you to take them along with zinc and vitamin B6 supplements. When it comes to topical application, any hair oil infused with ginseng root could do wonders.

4.      Indian Gooseberry

This is also called as “Amla” which is rich in Vitamin C and many other minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B complex, and carotene. As it functions, it can promote hair growth, strengthen your hair roots, and increase the shine. Moreover, to use this, you can eat in fresh, dried form, or even in the powdered form. Coconut oil infused with the gooseberry need to be massaged on your scalp for giving maximum benefits.

5.      Chamomile

Chamomile is not just for having a good night sleep but it also can fight the dandruff which can be a trigger of the condition of thinning hair. It also aids to advertise healthy capillaries that supply blood for the scalp as well as hair follicles.

6.      He Shou Wu

Another Chinese herb that could be found in various hair loss remedies and products is He shou wu. This can help your hair retain its black color and prevent the premature thinning hair. Also, it is able to strengthen the immune system and encourage the formation of red blood cells which are necessary for carrying oxygen around your body.

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7.      Henna Powder

This is a traditional herb that is popular in India for its natural values, coloring effect. Henna is considered as a natural conditioner that can help people heal their hair shaft by fixing and sealing the cuticle, protecting hair against loss and damage of shine. Nowadays, it is wisely and commonly used in India for curing dandruff naturally. It is totally safe to make use of and serves as an all-natural alternative to the cosmetic dye that has a lot of side effects associated to them.

8.      Neem

Neem has strong anti-bacteria properties that are helpful for the remedy of dandruff-prone scalp, and itchy. It can also stimulate the blood circulation on the scalp, especially when applied topically; Neem oil is helpful in premature graying and thinning hair as well.

9.      Bhringraj

It is also known as Eclipta Alba – a botanical name. Bhringraj herb is dried powdered form of the Bhringraj leaves. It is found in a lot of naturopathy and Ayuveda medicines as it is beneficial in different diseases and ailments. This herb is useful for not only hair growth but also hair fall, alopecia, hair loss, and various scalp infections. Just try out this herb for about 1 month, then you will see a huge improvement in your hair condition. Bhringraj can restore, revitalize, and rejuvenate the hair scalp; thus, improving new hair growth.

10.      Green Tea

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Green tea becomes a popular method for weight loss, but might also have great results when used for preventing hair fall.

Traditionally used in Chine for many centuries as herbal remedy and beverage, this now gains widespread approval in medicine. Its therapeutic effects have been extensively studied and a large number of researches have proven its benefits. For obtaining the maximum benefits from green tea, the processing aims to retain most of its polyphenol and antioxidant content.  It is thought to be useful when it comes to block DHT, which is the cause of hair fall and hair loss. Those people who want to prevent premature hair loss can drink green tea or use shampoos and lotions that have this as an ingredient. Just make use of this on a regular basis to see actual results.

III.        How To Prevent Hair Fall Naturally – 8 Lifestyle Changes

1.      Say No To Junk Food

The first step towards healthy is to switch to an exercise regime and healthy diet. Contain protein rich foods like barley, maize, or brown rice in your current palette. Also, you need to drink plenty of water because this will not only keep your skin smooth and healthy but also make the hair roots stronger. Another important advice is that you should not indulge in starving yourself or in crash to decrease weight because it just make your hair’s health worse. 

2.      Massage Your Scalp

A good hot oil massage will be the best treat that you can give to your hair. Rub hot oil into the scalp for at least 1 hour, even more, in order to restore your tresses’ moisture as it will replenish your hair roots and supply them with intense nourishment. Massage your scalp for a few minutes daily will assist you in stimulating circulation. And good circulation in your scalp will keep the hair follicles active. You had better massage your scalp with coconut oil, almond oil, lavender oil, olive oil, or amla oil.

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3.      General Hair Care

It is recommended that people, who want to prevent hair fall, need to avoid hot water baths when washing hair. It is because hot water will open the pores, make the hair follicles brittle, thereby leading hair fall. Another problem that you need to keep in mind is not to comb the hair right after washing or too toughly if you are facing hair loss. It is also suggested that if your hair is long, then you should not tying the tresses in a bun all the time because this could also led to hair loss as well. Finally, if you are serious about preventing hair fall and actually love your hair, then please avoid indulging in various hair styling as this might ruin your tresses.

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4.      Manage Stress

Believe it or not, most of the times, the hidden cause for hair fall is  tension and stress.  Over stressful situations might be the causes of hair fall; thus, it is necessary for you to control your stress effectively in order to abolish the risk of hair loss. Extreme stress might cause hair loss in the form of alopecia areata. It is critical to indentify your stress triggers, perhaps it is a difficult relationship, miserable job, or financial worries. Once the cause is defined, it makes it easier for you to treat the stress. I highly recommend you should try out to learn some easy yoga routines and workouts, and unique tricks to relieve stress fast. Any hobby that you feel interesting or that might take your minds off things making you stressed is beneficial, such as reading, walking, or going to the theatre or cinema.

5.      Snacking

It is essential for you not to leave it too long between meals. Through eating every 3 to 4 hours, you can prevent hair fall. The energy to form hair cells diminishes 4 hours after eating certain meal; thus, snacking among meals will help to boost your energy levels fast. The best energy promoting snacks are complex carbohydrates like fruit.

6.       Never Over Wash The Hair

Yes, the hair needs washing for getting rid of the pollution and dirt, yet, the thumb rule is that you will never over do it. Excess hair washing will not only strip the dirt but also take away natural oils and damage your hair.

7.      Avoid Excessive Heating

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In the fashionable world today, all of us like to style the hair to look the best. Nevertheless, remember that constant and excessive dying and heating could weaken your hair protein and make it more fragile and brittle. As a result, you might be at the risk of hair loss. Therefore, minimize the usage of hair dyes, curlers.

8.      Avoid Using Wrong Shampoo

Another word-of-mouth tip on how to prevent hair fall naturally that you need to know is choosing the suitable shampoo. Apparently the switch helps to shock your scalp, and also helps your hair become stronger and shinier. Continuously changing the type of shampoo may make your hair condition worse and lead to hair fall. A good way to switch might be just use different type of shampoo within the same brand. For example, you can switch between the different shampoo types by Herbal Essence brand.

One more thing need to be paid attention if you want to have healthier and thicker hair is not to overuse hair products. This seems obvious but it is surprising to many people who do not care about the brands of their hair care products. Always test a product before deciding to stick to it.

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Following the above tips on how to prevent hair fall naturally will help you in preventing hair loss. Along with these you should maintain a healthy life style. You need to get sufficient amount of sleep everyday to stop aggravating the hair fall problem. Make use of these tips on how to prevent hair fall naturally and see how amazing they are.

Do you have any hair loss tips? Have you tried something and found it really helped in improving your hair? Let us know by sharing your comments at the end of this post. We are welcome all debate about this topic. 

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