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Keep your head on 24 home remedies for shingles to achieve clear, smooth and healthy skin!

Shingles is an extremely painful reactivation of varicella zoster – a kind of viruses that cause chickenpox. After a chickenpox infection, varicella zoster does not go away, but it will lie dormant in a single or group of sensory nerve roots. For even many years after that, it can come out to wreak havoc.

Shingles is really dangerous for people who have suppressed immune systems, in whom this skin infection can spread and cover every skin area on the body. For these people, treatment with recombinant interferon alpha-2a and intravenous acyclovir is generally recommended. However, what you should use firstly is trying to treat the infection at home. Thus, you should try some home remedies for shingles that I reveal today.

I. Get Home Remedies For Shingles As Some Simple Routines:

There are a lot of home remedies for shingles which are mostly, frequently experienced by those people who are at the age of more than fifty, who have a triggering factor, such as an emotional stress or a severe physical that can lower the immune response temporarily, or who are immunosuppressed for one reason or another. Whoever you are, once you are living with this painful and stubborn skin infection, you have a free right to try on the home remedies for shingles that I am going to list down here.

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1. Applying Compresses:

Cool compresses or cold packs are amongst the most efficient home remedies for shingles. They can help people relieve the pain results from the skin blisters. You need to dip a clean piece of cloth or a towel in cold water and let it cover the blistered skin. You can also place the towel around the sick skin area and pour cool or cold water over it. You should place a cold compress on your skin within about 20 minutes. Also, you can use cold milk as a compress.

2. Practicing Tai Chi Or Yoga:

A lot of studies, such as the one sponsored by the NHS have shown that Tai Chi is a useful behavioral treatment that boosts immunity and helps prevent shingles primarily in elderly.

You can also practice yoga as an additional way to boost your immune system and prevent shingles. Thus, I recommend you to learn the best yoga exercise plan.

3. Resting On Bed:

Complete bed rest is really crucial for you as this allows your overall immune system to regain its strength. This will also encourage and speed up the healing process.

4. Using Over-The-Counter Creams:

You should apply over-the-counter creams which contain steroids or other anti-inflammatory compounds to reduce inflammation and relieve the pain caused by shingles for good. However, it will be better to get your doctor’s agreement before using any of them. If your shingles pain is really serious, you should try an over-the-counter pain killer, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen. If these do not work, you really need to ask the doctor for a suggestion of an effective medication.

5. Avoid Popping, Squeezing Or Scratching:

You should completely avoid scratching, squeezing, or popping at the blisters because they will take a longer period of time to heal the shingles and can also lead to scarring. A secondary infection may also develop. The blisters will crust and fall of naturally.

You should also avoid picking skin because this will also lead to severe scarring that you may not want to suffer.

home remedies for shingles naturally

6. Avoid Contacting With Vulnerable People:

In order to prevent the spread of this skin disease, you should remember to avoid contacting with people who are at risk, such as children, elderly, and ones who have undergone transplants or have cancer.

7. Alternative Therapies:

You should apply some alternative therapies, such as self-hypnosis or meditation to relieve the persistent pains, including what results from the shingles.

8. Making Use Of Garlic:

Garlic one of the most beneficial home remedies for shingles because it is antiviral in nature that can help to speed up the healing process of shingles. You should add garlic to your daily meals serving with other foods, or you can also have garlic capsules twice a day for about one week to see desirable results.

You should also watch out for some foods that will make your skin worse. Thus, I recommend you reading 10 worst foods for your beautiful skin.

9. Making Use Of Licorice:

Licorice can help to boost immunity and also possess antiviral properties inside your body. You should consume licorice tea or use a licorice ointment regularly to see desirable results. You should also cleanse the shingled area with strong licorice tea three times a day until the shingles subsides.

10. Calendula:

You can also use St. John’s wort tinctures or diluted calendula to heal shingles quickly. You should brew these herbs in hot water to make an herbal tea. Then, you need to apply the tea to the blisters using a small cotton ball. You can also count on other herbs, such as thyme, sage, peppermint, oregano, hyssop, yellowroot, rosemary,  golden seal, aloe vera, echinacea, and lemon balm. These herbs should be incorporated into ointment or cream. You can also use them in tea form for a wash. For extra strength, you should add oil from a vitamin E gel cap. Then, you need to apply it with the help of a cotton ball for at least 3 times daily.

11. Aloe Vera:

You totally can tackle shingles rash using the natural gel of aloe vera. For good, you should add some honey and leek juice to aloe vera gel and apply onto the shingled skin area.

home remedies for shingles review

You can also learn some useful easy skin care routines to get clear and smooth skin. 

12. Natural Liquid:

You can relieve the itching and pain of shingles effectively by sponging the area with, vitamin E oil, goldenseal, peppermint tea, or apple cider vinegar.

13. Bathing With Colloidal:

You can also apply starch baths and colloidal oatmeal baths to relieve the pain and incessant itch causing by shingles effectively and quickly.

14. Baking Soda:

Applying baking soda to the sores may also relieve the itching. You should try this simple remedy right away because it is among the easiest way to cure shingles.

15. Zostrix Cream:

You should ask the doctor for using Zostrix cream which includes an extract of pepper known as “capsaicin”. Zostrix helps to reduce the risk of developing post-herpetic neuralgia. This pain continues even after the shingles have been healed. Zostrix can actually increase the pain during the first two applications, so you should be careful with it.

16. Burrow’s Solution:

You should also apply the Burrow’s solution to the affected skin area and clean them with a cotton swab. This will help you reduce the oozing.

17. Echinacea Supplements:

In fact, echinacea supplements can help to boost your immune system and aid you in fighting off the shingles infection.

18. Calamine Lotion:

Calamine lotion can help to soothe the affected skin area and relieve the shingles effectively. You should apply some calamine lotion to the shingled skin to quickly relieve the itching and inflammation.

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19. Meditation:

You should also try meditation to relax your skin and muscles. This is very important because stress is a factor that can promote your perception of pain.

Besides, if you want to treat shingles fast, you should find a real natural treatment for shingles to get necessary knowledge. 

That will be better if you keep in mind that almost the home remedies for shingles I releases above are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment. They should only be used as complimentary care to speed up your recovery process.

II. Home Remedies For Shingles – Diet Plan:

In fact, there is no study that supports any claims of dietary cures for shingles. According to some natural health enthusiasts some changes in daily diet can help to treat shingles. In fact, you should add some beneficial foods to your daily diet to restrict the viral infection, as well as allow your skin to heal itself faster. For this purpose, you should add the following foods to your shingles diet. 

Thus, to improve your skin condition and appearance, you should discover more healthy foods for you to eat because eating healthy is also one of the best natural ways to get rid of any skin condition.

1. Lysine:

Lysine is an amino acid that can help effectively in preventing infection caused by the herpes virus. You should take a lysine supplement or add more foods that are rich in lysine to your daily diet, such as soybeans, beans, meat, eggs, and legumes.

2. Consuming More Vitamin B12-Rich Foods:

Vitamin B12 is well-known to help alleviating some of shingles symptoms. You can find vitamin B12 in foods, such as shellfish, dairy products, and beef. You can also consult the doctor whether or not you should take a vitamin B12 supplement.

3. Consuming More Vitamin E:

In some cases, shingles pain may last a long period of time. Meanwhile, Vitamin E is really a good solution for relieving this pain. You should take a vitamin E supplement or eat foods that are rich in vitamin E, such as mangoes, spinach, tomatoes, and almonds.

4. Consuming More Vitamin C And Zinc:

Zinc and vitamin C are also very important that you should add to your shingles diet. They can aid a lot in strengthening the immune system, and thus, you can prevent the shingles outbreaks. You should take vitamin C from foods, such as peppers, lemons, oranges, and broccoli. Zinc can be taken from legumes, whole grains, oysters, and chicken.

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5. Drinking A Lot Of Water:

You should make sure that you drink a lot of water every day in order to keep your body well-hydrated. Water can help to flush out toxins from your body. You should refrain from drinking tap water because it includes high levels of chemicals, such as chlorine. Clean, bottled water is a good alternative. You can also add a dash of lemon to the water to speed up the shingles healing process.

Besides, if you really want to find real solutions for shingles (also called “herpes”), you should learn the best method to get rid of herpes and the good natural cure for your herpes. 

All of the above home remedies for shingles are what I have used to treat shingles effectively, and now, I am glad to share my very own experience with anyone who desires to get clear skin within a short time. 

If you feel the home remedies for shingles I offer in this article are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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