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Start exploring effective treatment for shortness of breath with 19 powerful self help tips

Shortness of breath indicates difficulty breathing. It has many causes and the treatment for shortness of breath is specific for each cause. This problem affects all of us when we are exercising, especially if we are overweight or not very fit. Even if you have anxiousness or stress, this can cause shortness of breath because anxiety could alter the way you breathe and lead to hyperventilation without any triggers. This article is designed to help you get rid of that stubborn condition with a few simple steps. So, Read on 19 tips on treatment for shortness of breath in this post and cope with shortness of breath without fear.

Treatment For Shortness Of Breath – Top 19 Tips You Must Know

1.      Slow, Stomach Breaths 

In case that you feel hard to breathe or have shortness of breath, you should slow down your breathing in order to breathe a bit less. This will bring a big help to you. Try breathing in and out gently and slowly. Do not be anxious about yawning and filling up the chest with air. It is better if you breathe in through the stomach slowly and hold your breath for several seconds before breathing out slowly through the mouth. This can help maintain better the CO2 levels.

2.      Distractions

When it comes to treatment for shortness of breath, you need to do something that can put your body back in the control. For a lot of people, shortness of breath might be resulted from their own breathing. That means if there are distractions, they can get their normal breath back. So, switch on the computer or TV, or call someone you know – do whatever to distract your mind so that your subconscious takes control of the breathing again.

treatment for shortness of breath due to anxiety

There is also an idea that enjoying a hobby could help to distract those people with chronic breathing problems. Or, you can get pet therapy for relaxation. Yet, beware that you do not have allergic asthma or allergies at all. If so, pet dander will trigger your breathing problems.

3.      Walking 

Likely to distractions, taking a walk or jogging can get the heart rate up a bit. This also challenges the body to take breath normally. The mind and the body will go back on autopilot; therefore, you will get your correct breaths again. It might supply you with the distraction needed

4.      Diaphragmatic Breathing

This also is called abdominal breathing. In order to do this kind of breathing, you need to find the diaphragm. Just place the fingers below the breastbone and then breathe in. At this time, the diaphragm will be the moving muscles. Or, lye your body flat on the floor and place a certain book on the abdomen in order to help you see your breathing patterns when the book rises and falls. The target is to make the book up and down with each of your breath.

5.       Pursed-Lip Breathing

In order to do this kind of breathing, you had better keep the lips pressed tightly, except for the center. When it comes to pursed lip breathing, you breathe in through your nose and then exhales slowly through slightly pursed lips with your mouth nearly closed. Try to take normal breaths so that the flow of air will be increased and the rate of breathing is lowered. After that, take twice as long to breathe out through the center of the mouth. Doing this type of breathing slowly 10 times – breathing in and out -could help to enhance feelings of relaxation. 

6.       Have A Rest 

Did you know that the more energy you consume the more short of breath you fee? When you are working out at the gym, exercising hard enough will let you feel short of breath. Then, take a break. This will allow you to regain your balance and start breathing normally.

7.       Treat The Cause Of Shortness Of Breath

 There are many causes of shortness of breath and a lot of them are treatable. If you are an asthma patient, you need to often have multiple drugs and tools available to fix your sudden shortness of breath. In case that you are a victim of lung infections, it is necessary for you to see a doctor for treatment.

treatment for shortness of breath during pregnancy

8.      Consider A Mind / Body Therapy

Learning some ultimate panic control tips or relaxed breathing techniques with tai chi or yoga. Modern biofeedback might help in treating anxiety attacks, particularly critical for those with shortness of breath or breathlessness.

Additionally, therapeutic massage is also used for decades to loosen the thick phlegm that associates with bronchitis and asthma, and COPD.

9.      Visualize Relaxation

The visualization exercises can help you control emotional stress and thereby controlling shortness of breath. To practice visualization, you need to be alone in which place that is quiet without distractions while try visualizing a relaxing and peaceful scene. This might be a vacation spot at the seashore or in the mountains. Whatever the scene is, you should concentrate exclusively on it, imagining the smells, sounds, textures, and feelings associated with that scene.

Visualization also helps to decrease stress and anxiety during stressful situations. It might lower your heart rate as well as blood pressure.

Check out some ways to relax body and mind with music to control your breath effectively. 

10.       Adjust Your Living Environment

In order to be more conducive to easy breathing, you need to stop smoking and maintain a low-humidity, and dust-free environment. The idea is to install and change the air filters frequently. You can make use of a fan blowing on the face to reduce the condition of shortness of breath. Just elevate the head of the bed to breathe easier while sleeping. Buying mobility aids, likes a wheelchair or walker might ease of exertion.

11.       Perform Breathing Exercises

 As instructed by the respiratory or therapist physician, you can do some breathing exercises to strengthen your diaphragm, and the muscle that is used to move air out and in of the lungs. These kinds of exercises need you to breathe in slowly, keep holding the breath and breathe out slowly. These exercises help you control your breathing effectively and easily.

treatment for shortness of breath in congestive heart failure

12.       Quit Smoking And Limit Alcohol Use

 Smoking is the major cause of damaged lungs. Also, it can cause shortness of breath, or other diseases that lead to that condition. Similarly, excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to shortness of breath which is also known as dyspnea as well.

Following a healthy lifestyle is a good way to control your breathing problem.

13.       Sitting With A Pillow

Sit in a comfortable chair and place a pillow on a table in front of your body. With the feet on the floor or on a stool, just rest the head and arms on top of that pillow. You could do this position while standing with the arms resting on top of your kitchen counter, a high tabletop, or back of the chair. If you are standing, keep in mind that you keep the knees slightly bent, with a foot gently forward when you avoid leaning. Repeat this until the breathing is normal again.

14.       Standing

With the feet slightly apart, you stand with the back to a pole or a wall. Keep the feet a comfortable and proper distance from the wall. Your shoulders and your head should be in a relaxed position. Repeat this until you are able to catch normal breaths.

15. Clearing The Airways

Perhaps the presence of mucus in the airways contributes to the condition of shortness of breath. If the mucus continues to block the airway, the breathing will be increasing harder and an infection might occur. That is why it is most critical to know how to clear the airways, which could help you stop unwanted mucus.

The above diaphragmatic breathing you have learnt also helps to control your cough and clear mucus from the lungs so that you will breathe easier.

Check out the guide of how to get clear and healthy throat now to get a “fresh” life.

treatment for shortness of breath at night

16.       Chest Wall Stretch

You can sit, stand or lay in order to take more airflow. This exercise can improve the flexibility and mobility of the muscles in the chest wall. When you breathe in, raise the arms straight over the head. Then, breathe out via the pursed lips. When breathing out, just turn the palms away from you and then lower the arms down to the sides. Repeat this routine about 4 times.

Another position is to sit on the edge of a certain chair or bed leaning forward. Let your hands or elbows on your knees be the fulcrum. Every person is different from each other, so you need to decide which position helps you feel the most comfortable.

Discover some tips to treat other kinds of breath problems such as easy ways to control asthma at home and complete plan to stop bad breath for good

17.       Quick Sniffles

The exercise is designed to help strengthen the diaphragm. Just close the mouth, breath in and out of the nose rapidly for about 15 – 30 seconds. In order to get the best result, you need to do this exercise a couple of times until you reach to 60 seconds.

18.       Recover From An Episode Of Shortness Of Breath Like Physical Activity Or Coughing

Initially, tilt the chin down to the chest, then breathe out via the lips in some short burst about 10 times. When the neck muscles feel less strained and stressed, try to breathe in via the nose.

Breathe out via pursed lips 3 times and breathe in via the nose about 4 counts. After that, breathe out via open mouth which is making an “ah” sound for about 8 counts.

Do this total routine about 3 times.

treatment for shortness of breath from allergies

19.       Manage Stress And Anxiety 

Shortness of breath could be scary and some people say that they often feel anxious when they are short of breath, or vice versa. Nevertheless, anxiety and stress can make your breathing more difficult.

Thus, it is essential for you to control your stress and anxiety. Learning some tips to take control of stress and depression or doing some fundamental yoga routines are good ways to manage your stress for good. 

After reading the above tips on treatment for shortness of breath, do you feel they are helpful for you? Taking advantage of these tips on treatment for shortness of breath and see how amazing they are.

Do you have any tips on treatment for shortness of breath? Let us know by sharing your comments / feedbacks at the end of this post. We are welcome all debate about this topic. 

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