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Take 17 foods that boost brain power into your pocket to get booming energy for a fulfilling day!

When it comes to boosting brain power, there are a lot of nutrients and foods that experts and researchers shows to have an edge for keeping children and adults fueled and sharp throughout the day. You should ensure that you are eating some of the brain-boosting foods daily because if you just use drugs, pills, or any other medical interference, you will just get the temporary solution. That is the reason why today I would like to show you as many as 17 best foods that boost brain power effectively. You should keep you head on what I list down here and remember that: natural ingredients are always the best friends for health you can get.

17 Foods That Boost Brain Power:

Although the research that links diet with dementia is still in its infancy, there are a few important relations between the brain health and nutrients that are worth for you to explore. Everyone knows that having a nourishing, well rounded diet will give the brain the best ability to avoid disease. If your diet is unbalanced due to any reason, you should keep you mind on the 17 foods that boost brain power that I am going to list down here.1.      Go Nuts:

The first of foods that boost brain power in the list I give you today is that you should add more nuts to your daily diet.

A recent study suggested that a good vitamin E consumption will help you prevent the cognitive decline, especially in the elderly. Meanwhile, nuts are an excellent source of vitamin E, along with wholegrains, brown rice, eggs, seeds, olives, asparagus, and leafy green vegetables.

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1.    Sprinkle On Sage:

Sage has been famous for improving memory. Although most studies concentrate on and consider sage as an essential oil, it could be also worth for you to add fresh sage to your daily meals.

2.    Bet On Broccoli:

Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin K, which is well-known to improve the cognitive function and boost brain power.

3.    Get More Vitamin C:

Vitamin C has been considered to have the ability to speed up the mental agility. One of the best sources of this vitamin C that you can get are black currants.

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4.    Add Vitality With Vitamins:

Certain B vitamins – B12, B6, and folic acid are well-known about their ability to reduce the levels of homocysteine in human blood. High levels of homocysteine will lead to the higher risk of cognitive impairment, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. A study conducted on elderly with mild cognitive impairment discovered that after 2 years of intervention with high doses of B12, B6, and folic acid, these patients got less brain shrinkage compared to a subset given placebo cure.

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Besides, you should also eat enough meals and consume a proper amount of nutrients with super foods for nutrition and healthy desserts, as well as foods that good for digestion to get more energy for your brain to run better.

5.    Eat More Tomatoes:

There is good scientific basis for a statement that lycopene – a powerful antioxidant that is contained much in tomatoes, can protect human body against the kind of free radical harm to cells which happens in the development of dementia, especially Alzheimer’s.

6.    Binge On Blueberries:

foods that boost brain power pdfThere is a strong evidence suggests that the intake of blueberries may be useful in delaying or improving short-term memory loss. Therefore, you should add more of this ingredient to your daily meals, or serve it as a healthy dessert after the main dishes.

7.    Eat Oily Foods:

Your body cannot produce the essential fatty acids (EFAs) and you must obtain these acids through daily diet. The most efficient omega-3 fatty acids are naturally contained in oily fish as DHA and EPA. You can find good sources of these healthy acids, such as soya beans, walnut oil, pumpkin seeds, soya bean oil, and linseed (flaxseed) oil. These foods and acids are very good for healthy brain functions, your joints, heart, and the general wellbeing. Oily fish includes DHA and EPA in a ready-made form, which allows your body to digest and use it easily. The main sources of oily fish are kippers, pilchards, sardines, herring, mackerel trout, and salmon. The low DHA levels can lead to the higher risk of memory loss and developing Alzheimer’s disease.

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8.    Opt For Wholegrains:

Like everything else in your body, the brain cannot work without energy. The ability to concentrate and focus comes from the adequate, steady supply of energy – in the form of glucose in our blood to the brain. Achieve this by choosing wholegrains with a low-GI, which release glucose slowly into the bloodstream, keeping you mentally alert throughout the day. Opt for ‘brown’ cereals, wheatbran, granary bread and brown pasta.

9.     Watermelon-Blueberry Ice Pops:

These were a staff favorite during the development process. The whole blueberries in these pops have the look of watermelon seeds.

Moreover, if you want to get stronger brain, it is necessary for you to learn to control bad moods – the enemies of the human brain. You should learn effective ways to deal with stress, how to end the depression fast, and how to get rid of anxiety forever.

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10.  Water And Water-Filled Foods:

If you stay hydrated, your memory will be sharppened, your mood will be more stable, and your motivation will become intact. When you are well-hydrated, you can go through a trouble more easily. Researchers hypothesize that if you do not consume water enough, the oxygen flow to your brain will be reduced, or the neurons will be temporarily shrinked. While your size and activity level influence your fluid requirements, the needs for adults’ daily water consumption range from about 9 cups for women (nursing mothers and pregnant women need slightly more) to 13 cups for men. Daily water demands for children range by age. In addition to serving water along with meals, you should remember that about 20 % of our fluid consumption comes from food.

11.  Zesty Bean Dip And Chips:

To make a healthy and quick bean dip, you need to stir salsa into multipurpose canned refried beans. It also works well as a sandwich spread with a sprinkle of cheese and your favorite vegetables. You should also serve the dip with chips to get better result.

12.  Iron-Rich Foods:

foods that boost brain power manualResearchers show that even a mild iron deficiency can affect your ability to learn, memorize and attent. In fact, about 10 % of young women are sick-looking because of the regular loss of iron-rich blood. Fortunately, if you restore the iron levels to normal, you will also be able to restore the cognitive function.

13.  Healthy Carbohydrates:

Many recent researchs indicated that fueling the brain with breakfast is very necessary for learning, acting, and thinking. This is especially necessary for children because children who lack nutrients will perform cognitive tasks poorly. Research also showed that fueling children with slower-burning carbohydrates, such as oatmeal, instead of high-glycemic-index or faster-burning breakfast foods, such as sugary cereals, will help them keep their attention and concentration well throughout the morning. Thus, you should try to add these healthy carbohydrates to your daily meal to fuel your brain.

14.  Overnight Oatmeal:

You need to put this oatmeal into a slow cooker in the evening and wake up in the following morning getting a bowl of nourishing, hot oatmeal. The slow cooker will eliminate the demand for constant stirring and ensure an exceptionally creamy consistency. It is needed for you to use steel-cut oats because old-fashioned oats will become too soft during slow-cooking.

15.  Omega-3-Rich Foods:

Pome Granate, avocado, egg, radish, nut, tomatoesEPA and DHA, 2 types of omega-3 fatty acids, are very crucial for the development of your brain, and they are linked to the lower risk of depression. They are also give people better mood and the expression of concentration and emotion. You can find omega-3 fatty acids primarily in fatty fish, such as salmon. It also contains a small amount from ALA – another type of omega-3 fatty acids that can also be found in plants, such as soy, canola oil, walnuts, and flaxseed. Many kinds of food, including breakfast bars and soymilks, are now fortified with DHA. Supplements of EPA/ DHA that are made from algae are available. Adults should eat about 2,000 calories a day (equivalent to 900 mg – 2,000 mg) and kids need to eat about 1,000 calories a day (equivalent to 400-500 mg a day) omega-3s.

16.  Salmon Salad Bento Lunch:

The last of foods that boost brain power I introduce today is that you can add an especially delicious and healthy recipe that will help to boost your brain power effectively and quickly: the recipe of salmon salad bento (you can eat this salad for every lunch).

You can also use watercress as a delicious divider between the crackers and salmon salad. Multicolored grapes and peppers will add color to your bento and boost your daily servings of veggies and fruits.

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Besides, if you want to learn more about how to boost the brain power, you should learn useful tips to stimulate brain power or how to boost the mind power effectively.

All of the above foods that boost brain power are what I have used to get stronger and better – working brain, and now, I am glad to share my very own experiences with anyone who desires to think better effectively.

If you feel the foods that boost brain power I offer in this article are really good for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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