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Stick your life to 14 ways to prevent heart disease now so you can avoid a heart attack fast

Preventing heart disease means that you make smart choices now that will pay off the rest of your life. Lack of regular exercises, a poor diet plan, and other bad habits can take your toll over the time. This article is designed to help people at all ages can take benefits from the simple ways to prevent heart disease that help them keep the heart healthy and stronger during decade of life. Here’s how:

14 Ways To Prevent Heart Disease – At Any Age 

1. Start Taking Responsibility For Your Health

Cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death in America making up for 34 percent of deaths, and most of them are premature. This number has decreased for recent years due to the treatment of common risk factors. Once you have diabetes, then the risk of heart attack or stroke might increase dramatically.

ways to prevent heart disease guideThus, the early and effectively prevention against stroke and heart attack is to understand the risk that you might meet and the treatment options. In fact, the greatest risk is misinformation and ignorance. The first step to prevent heart disease is to take responsibility for your health.

2. Education

This seems so strange when it comes to ways to prevent heart disease, but it is necessary for those who are really serious about their health. Knowledge is power, and there are so many ways to prevent heart disease that you can get from the internet like your reading right now. This can help you understand clearly about heart disease and protect the heart from further damage. In other words, your doctor is a great source of information, yet you also need to make use of other sources as well.

3. Eat Healthy Diet

Choosing healthful meal and snack options could help you avoid heart disease and its complications. Eating fatty and greasy food might make you put on weight. Unhealthy diet can cause a direct impact on the arteries, blood pressure, and the glucose level, among other things. Make sure to eat variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, eating foods that are low-in cholesterol and saturated fat and high in fiber could help people prevent high blood cholesterol. Remember that the diet packed with salt or sodium also can increase the risk of heart disease. Thus, it is necessary for you to limit sodium in meals to lower the blood pressure.

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Here are some tips for a heart healthy diet:

  • Breakfast better
  • Enjoy new grains like wild rice, barley, whole-wheat, brown rice
  • Add flaxseed
  • Keep vegetables and fruit at the fingertips
  • Create snacks count
  • Determine the serving sizes.

The diet should include:

  • Bilberry
  • Fenugreek
  • Guggul
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric (curcumin)
  • Ginkgo
  • Vitamin B12
  • B6
  • L-Carnitine
  • Onion
  • Vitamin E
  • Coenzyme
  • Magnesium 
  • Fish oils 
  • Soy 

For further specific information on nutrition and healthy diet, see the guide of empowered nutrition meal plans now.

4. Eat Less Sugar

ways to prevent heart disease reviewMost people know that eating sugar can wreak and havoc on their own health. But what many people do not understand is that all carbohydrates finally break down into sugar in your body. Simple carbohydrates like rice, pasta and bread, or potatoes can spike in insulin and blood sugar. All of them contribute to the oxidative damage as well as inflammation and increase the risk of stroke. Thus, it is important for you to control the sugar volume in your diet to prevent cardiovascular effectively.

5. Maintain A Healthy Weight

The majority of you all know that being overweight or obese may enhance the risk of heart disease. Obesity, especially abdominal adiposity, is a critical risk factor for cardiovascular disease in women. Therefore, you should maintain a healthy diet in order to avoid heart attack or stroke. Calculate a number called the body mass index (BMI) to define whether you are overweight or not.

6. Exercises

According to researches, regular exercises or moderate-intensity activities, such as brisk walking, or bicycling are associated with the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular disease. You do not have to be an athlete in order to lower the risk for heart disease. Regular exercise and maintenance of healthy weight can decrease the insulin resistance which is also a major problem of diabetics who usually are sufferers of cardiovascular disease. For instance, you can ride your bike 20 minutes per day to reduce the chances of getting heart disease naturally. Pick an activity you love and do it often.

Yet, remember that if you have symptoms such as chest pain and dizziness, or heart disease, talk to the doctor before starting a new exercise plan.

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7. Control The Cholesterol Level

Abnormal and high blood fat are one of major causes to heart disease. Also, high blood cholesterol is a condition that greatly increases the risks of increasing coronary heart disease. Extra cholesterol in blood settles on inner walls of the arteries, narrowing them and enabling less blood to pass through them to your heart. Keep the total cholesterol below 200 mg/dL, HDL above 35 mg/dL and LDL cholesterol below 130 mg/dL. Follow the above index to take control of the cholesterol level effectively.

8. Control Blood Pressure

The blood pressure is measured by two numbers which are the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure. The the diastolic pressure is the pressure of the blood flow when the heart beats. And, the diastolic pressure is the pressure between heartbeats. The blood pressure should not be over 140/90 mm HG. In case that you are a diabetic, or have heart failure, and renal insufficiency as well as other problem on the cardiovascular system, then your blood pressure should be less than 130/85 mm HG.

9. Quit Smoke

Cigarette smoking can promote the risk of cardiovascular heart that most people can prevent. This is perhaps the single most efficient step you are able to take. There is good news that within 5 to 10 years of smoking quitting, you can reduce the risk of heart attack to a level similar to those people who never smoked, no matter how long you have been smoked.

10. Control Stress

ways to prevent heart disease systemPoorly controlled stress can have an adverse effect on blood lipids. The more stressful you are, the greater your risk of stroke is. Try to relax the mind as well as avoid tensions. Be happy because problems are the part of life. We could not do anything by taking anxiety and tension. It just makes our mood bad and creates diseases for us. You had better try to accept all challenges, difficulties, and problems, and face them with expectation and believe to take control of them. Relaxation methods such as meditation, fundamental yoga routines, and stress controlling tricks are necessary for you to prevent cardiovascular disease as well as coronary artery disease and reduce the risk of recurrent cardiac problems. Meditation can improve the exercise tolerance and alleviate electrical changes which are associated with the poor circulation to human’s heart. It is also able to lower cholesterol as well as reverse carotid artery thickening. Or you can consider another method such as acupuncture to help develop circulation and relax myocardium.

11. Beware Of Your Kidney Disease

Those diabetics who develop associated kidney disease are at an increasing risk of heart problems. The presence of protein in the urine, or in other words microbuminuria, is the earliest manifestation of diabetic kidney disease. It also boosts the subsequent risk of heart attack and stroke. This risk is even higher in women than men. Therefore, if you or someone you love is a diabetic, keep following a proper treatment to avoid heart attack.

You can refer some ultimate tips for managing kidney disease and natural solutions for curing kidney stones to understand more about kidney problems.

12.  Get Adequate Sleep

Did you know that sleep apnea or even lack of sleep can raise the chances of suffering a heart attack? With the obstructive sleep apnea, the most common kind of sleep disorder, the airflow are blocked to go into your lungs so that the oxygen level in your blood will be lowered, thereby leading to heart attack. Sleep apnea also leads to the condition of high blood pressure. So, if you think you might have sleep apnea, just visit the doctor to cure it now.

13. Control The Metabolic Syndrome

Having metabolic syndrome might lead to the doubled risk of heart attack or getting a stroke. There are some of the risk factors of metabolic syndrome.

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Consider if you have three of the following:

  • The measurement of waist is over 35 inches
  • The level  of HDL cholesterol is less than 50 mg/dL
  • The level of triglyceride is over 150 mg/dL
  • The systolic blood pressure is equal to or over 130 mmHg or the diastolic blood pressure is equal to or over 85 mmHg.
  • The level of blood glucose after fasting at least 8 hours is over 110 mg/dL.

If you have three of the above, then you are meeting trouble with metabolic syndrome. If so, consider to find an effective solution for your problem to prevent heart attack or a stroke beforehand.

14. Watch The Alcohol Intake

Drink too much alcohol is not only going to thwart weight management targets with unwanted calories, but also can increase the risk of heart disease. As a research of the National Institutes of Health, women should have just one drink of alcohol, while men should not drink more than two drinks each day to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. You have to sacrifice your unhealthy habit in order to control heart disease.

Although the heart disease or a stroke is frightening; however, there are many lifestyle options you can take to help prevent this disease. Quitting drinking, avoid smoking, nutrition, exercising, and reducing stress and high blood pressure can have a significant effect on preventing heart disease. 

All of the above ways to prevent heart disease in this article are collected by a large number of people who make use of them and prevent heart disease successfully. Thus, you should not skip the ways to prevent heart disease introduced in this report.

If you feel this article is interesting and helpful for you, then, leave all of your comments at the end of this post. We are open to all debates about this topic and will respond as soon as possible.

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