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Watch out for 10 worst foods for skin that you should keep far away from your teeth!

When people look at your skin, the quality of your appearance will reflect the quality of your daily diet. The foods you consume every day will directly affect your skin, even negatively or positively. That is the reason why today I will give you what are proven to be the 10 worst foods for skin.

10 Worst Foods For Skin:

Food is actually the giver of life and the bread to your literal butter. We all need foods to survive. However, in fact, some foods will ruin your skin, and, if you get a healthy skin diet, you can make the difference. If you are not sure which foods you should consume, you can search on the Internet and get the result you want just within a few seconds. What I actually focus on is to give you the worst foods you should avoid eating, not the healthy ones. Here are 10 worst foods for skin that I want you to watch out right away.

1. Excess Caffeine:

The first of worst foods for skin that I introduce today is caffeine – the enemy of skin for a long time.

Many recent studies have found out that drinking two to three cups of caffeinated beverages will boost the pituitary-adrenocortical response that will increase the cortisol levels within our bodies. Excess cortisol – the hormone that causes stress – has been pointed out to harm our skin, including thinning the skin, and speed up the aging process. When your skin turns thinner, it will be more prone to fine lines, dehydration, wrinkles, and a lackluster appearance. Coffee is also a diuretic that will dehydrate your body. If you reduce the daily caffeine consumption, your body will get better hydrated and you will see the healthier the skin appear for not too long.

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2. Excess Sugar:

Sugar can actually weaken our immune system, and when the immune systems are weak, our bodies cannot fight off bacteria effectively. This will lead to a cause of acne and some terrible inflammatory skin diseases. Sugar can also lead to the constipation in your bowels, causing the congestion in your skin. It has been scientifically proven that if you consume a large amount of sugar, your skin will be negatively affected. Sugar in the body is acidic. It can create many digestive problems, which generates a more favorable environment for the nourishment of bad bacteria in your gut.

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3. Poor-Quality, Packaged, And Processed Foods:

In general, you should avoid consuming packaged and processed foods because there is small life-force. In other words, during processing period, nutrients and living enzymes are broken down and lost. If you eat too much poor-quality, packaged, and processed foods, you will have to suffer from many severe nutritional deficiencies. These deficiencies will show up in your skin. In brief, if you eat foods that are good in quality, your health and also your skin will be significantly improved. In addition, boxed and canned foods frequently are poor in water. All foods, especially vegetables and fruits, in their natural/raw state, contain more water, and they can add necessary hydration to the body for boosting the organ function. This hydration is essential to your skin because it aids your body effectively in skin detoxification and regulates oil production.

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4. Poor Quality Supplements:

A lot of people take supplements regularly. However, most of them do not really know well about the origin of supplements or what they are made from. Since almost of them are dirt cheap, bulk supplements are not made from whole food sources. They often include fillers, allergens, or hidden ingredients that you do not know about. Moreover, the problem about supplements is that you are exposing yourself to them every day. It is very important for you to choose supplements that contain whole food, which have many number on the bottle, and a concrete expiration date. One more thing, you should not overdose because if you take too much Vitamin A or Zinc, for instance, your skin will be dehydrated.

5. Artificial Sweeteners, Flavorings, And Coloring:

Substances, such as ‘artificial flavors’and aspartame, are all too popular in the standard American diet. However, at best, these additives are a science experiment. Basically, they are a chemistry set that you should not take into your body. They include no nutritional value, and at worst, they can create inflammation and histamine reactions, as well as irritate your body.

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6. Fried Foods And Hydrogenated Fats:

Oil’s fats, being at a very high heat, will be oxidized. If you eat fries regularly, then you are putting much oxidized fats into your body. You know that oxidants are really harmful for your body while antioxidants are good. If you consume oil that is used over and over again, such as oil in French fries, it will be really bad because these fats are thicker and do not detox from your body at all. This oil will lead directly to heart disease, a weakened metabolic process, and poor circulation of the blood. Since you need healthy metabolism and circulation to get healthy skin, weak systems can make your skin lack oxygen, elastin syntheses needed for youthful radiance, and slow the collagen.

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7. Dairy:

Dairy products are also one of the worst foods for our skin. Initially, you may find it is hard to believe. However, there is a fact that a lot of dairy cows are growing up with hormones in their daily diet that keep them lactating year round. These hormones will actually double their milk productivity. When we drink the milk (or eat their cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc.), we will also get a dose of these unhealthy hormones. Dairy consumption will lead directly to acne, and the excessive estrogen in dairy products can cause a lot of health illnesses in both women and men. Finally, dairy products are known to be mucus-forming in the body, contributing to the ‘sticking’ of bad bacteria and inflammation. Therefore, you should significantly reduce your daily dairy consumption and choose hormone-free dairy products, which contain the natural full-fat forms, to consume instead.

You can also learn how to beautify your skin with useful ways to lighten skin. Moreover, oily skin is also a problem that results directly from worst foods and bad daily habits. Thus, you should learn natural tips to clean oily skin if you have time and if you are living with oily skin.

8. Mystery Meat:

Mystery Meat is the same. Nowadays, people raise animals with industrial farming techniques. In fact, farmers usually feed animals a cocktail of antibiotics, growth hormones, and steroids. In addition, people do not feed the animals with natural herbivore diet as in the past. Instead, they stuff them with “junk” foods and apply many unhealthy ways to make their animals fatter within a short time. When we are consuming the meat taken from these raised animals, by default, we are also getting an amount of their daily diet – the harmful cocktail of chemicals. These compounds and substance can lead our body to suffer the hormonal imbalances, leading to inflammation and acne. Besides, in general, our digestive system meets difficulty when digesting raised animal meats, and if we are not getting enough fiber and water in our daily diets, these meats will get stuck in the digestive system, putrefing and contributing to toxicity.

Generally, if you get ugly skin, you will lost your confidence and always feel embarrassing. That is the reason why I recommend you to learn useful tips for gaining confidence and ways to get rid of blushing even if you have not been able to change your bad eating habit and you still go with terrible skin.

9. Gluten-Heavy Grains:

Gluten is a protein that are contained in wheat and other grains. Gluten is the main nutrient in every diet in the US. However, ironically, many researches show that a proportion of up to 40% US adults have some forms of wheat or gluten intolerance or sensitivity. A doctor said that when our body has inflammation inside, it will show up on the skin, and when his patients decrease their gluten consumption, there is almost always a noticeable improvement in their overall health and skin. People should take a test for gluten allergies by seeing the doctors, or try a detoxing diet to see whether or not the terrible symptoms are improved. There are many foods that are rich in gluten you should avoid eating, such as spelt, rye, barley, beer, pizza, oats, cakes, pastries, crackers, breads, and pasta.

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10. Salt:

The last in worst foods for skin that I introduce today is salt – a very normal and common spice in every kitchen and it is indispensable in almost every instant and packed food.

Salt causes your tissues to swell. Salt will make your face look sick and puffy because this natural ingredient is especially bad if you use it in high doses. In fact, salt can actually aggravate acne and worsen your skin. You need to make sure to check the sodium content of all pre-packaged foods before eating them. Also, you should remember to rinse all canned beans, meats, and vegetables after opening them to decrease the sodium content. 

Instead of eating these terrible foods, you should also eat enough meals and consume a proper amount of nutrients with super foods for nutrition, healthy desserts, as well as good foods for beauty to get healthy digestive system and skin because once you eat enough nutrients, your skin will be improved.

All of the above worst foods for skin are what I have avoided to protect my skin, and now, I am glad to share my very own experiences with anyone who desires to get healthy and beautiful complexion within a short time. 

If you feel the worst foods for skin I offer in this article are really necessary for you to watch out, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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