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Get 10 natural ways to lower cholesterol for a healthy and fit body!

If you get high cholesterol, you will get a high risk of heart disease and heart attacks. You can lower the cholesterol level by using medications. However, if you would rather reduce cholesterol by making lifestyle changes and eating healthy foods, you should try these natural ways to lower cholesterol that I introduce below. If you are already taking medical interferences, the following natural ways to lower cholesterol will also help you speed up the cholesterol-lowering process.

I. Natural Ways To Lower Cholesterol With Lifestyle Changes:

The first thing you should remember when learning how to lower cholesterol naturally is that you should make some simple lifestyle changes that will help to reduce the cholesterol levels, keep you off cholesterol-lowering medications or strengthen the effect of those medications. Here are 4 simple lifestyle changes that you should start with.

1. Drinking Alcohol Just In Moderation:

The first of natural ways to lower cholesterol that I introduce today is that you should drink just a proper amount of alcohol whenever you want to drink.

Using alcohol in moderation will help you get a higher level of HDL cholesterol. However, the benefits are not strong enough to recommend alcohol for anyone who has not already drunk. If you still want to drink alcohol regularly, you should remember to drink in moderation. For healthy adults, women of all ages and men over 65 should take up to just one drink a day, and for men at the age of 65 and younger, the limitation should stand at two drinks a day. If you drink too much alcohol, it will lead your body to suffer from serious health issues, such as heart failure, high blood pressure, and stroke.

natural ways to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure

You should also learn natural tips to strengthen immune system because if your whole body is strong, you will be able to normalize your cholesterol level easier.

2. Quit Smoking:

If you are among smoker and get high cholesterol level, you should stop it right away. Because quitting smoking will help to improve your HDL cholesterol level. Moreover, within just 20 minutes after you quit smoking, your blood pressure level will be reduced. After just 24 hours, even the risk of a heart attack will also become lower. Within just a year after quitting, the risk of heart disease of your body will be just a half of a smoker. Within 15 years, you will get the same risk of heart disease with people who never smoke.

To get rid of this bad habit, you should find some guidebooks that teach people how to stop smoking or ways to stop smoking permanently

3. Exercise On Most Days Of The Week:

Even you are overweight or not, exercising will help you reduce cholesterol and you should perform this regularly. Better yet, you should do physical activity in moderation to raise the HDL cholesterol – the “good” cholesterol that your body needs. With your doctor’s agreement, you can do exercises for up to at least 30 minutes a day. You should remember that if you add physical activity, even in 10-minute intervals a day, you will be able to lose weight more effectively than just following a harsh diet. Just be sure that you can keep up the modifications you decide to make. You can:

  • Play a favorite sport
  • Swim laps
  • Ride your bike to work
  • Take a brisk daily walk during your lunch hour

To stay motivated, you should join in an exercise group or find an exercise buddy. You should remember that even a simple activity added in your daily routine can help you lose weight.

Also, yoga is one of the best physical activities in this planet that you should take to practice breathing well. If you want to learn some yoga postures, you should find a useful yoga exercise to follow.

4. Lose Weight:

If you carry some extra pounds, even just a few pounds, you may have to face high cholesterol. Thus, you should lose as little as 5 – 10 % of your body weight to reduce cholesterol levels significantly.

You can start the weight loss process by taking an honest, thorough look at your daily routine and eating habits. You should consider that you can get through every challenge to weight loss and never give up halfway.

If you eat when you are frustrated or bored, you should try to replace this habit by taking a walk. If you tend to opt for fast food for daily lunch, you can pack something healthier and bring along with you through the day. If you always sit in front of the television after working or schooling, instead of potato chips, you should try munching on carrot sticks when you watch.

One more thing, you should find ways to add more activity into your daily routine, like instead of taking the elevator, you can use the stairs. In brief, you should take stock of your physical activity level and what you currently eat and change them gradually.

natural ways to lower cholesterol with foods

You should check out healthy eating and exercises for weight loss or how to lose weight at home to get the best weight loss methods to perform at home.

II. Natural Ways To Lower Cholesterol With Foods:

People nowadays tend to eat an alarmingly high cholesterol level at a regular basis. The reverse is also true. You need to change your unheathy daily eating habit to lower the cholesterol level inside your body and improve the gathering of fats floating throughout your blood stream.

To do this, you need to complete 2 tasks: adding foods that can lower LDL – the unhealthy cholesterol-carrying particle that can lead to artery-clogging atherosclerosis. As well, you need to cut back on foods that promote LDL. There are many kinds of food that can lower cholesterol, so they will help you in separate ways. To discover what foods are good for you and how to make use of them to lower the cholesterol level, you should keep your head on what I introduce below.

1. Oil Spray:

As losing fat is one of the best way you should take to boost your HDL cholesterol and lower your LDL cholesterol, cutting calories is really necessary. A surefire way that you can use to cut back calories is using an oil spray in place of bottled oils or butter when you cook. You should use a reusable oil mister and fill it with your favorite olive oil instead of purchasing disposable nonstick spray canisters. You should also replace the saturated fat in butter with unsaturated plant oils that are healthy for heart, such as canola and olive, to improve your cholesterol level.

2. Pistachio Nuts:

natural ways to lower cholesterol review

A study conducted in 2008 revealed that if people, who have elevated blood levels, eat 1 or 2 handfuls (1.5 – 3 ounces) of pistachio nuts a day for 4 weeks, they will be able to reduced LDL cholesterol significantly. On the other hand, these little powerhouses are very rich in phytosterols – the natural plant compounds that can help to block the absorption of dietary cholesterol. They are also a great source of antioxidants, fiber, and monounsaturated fat — all of which are heart-healthy foods. In addition, you should eat pistachios in the shell because this will force you to eat them slowly and prevent you from overeat them because they are very high in calories.

3. Sardines:

Just like salmon, sardines are very high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids can not only lower LDL cholesterol, but they can also potent anti-inflammatorie and reduce blood levels of artery-clogging triglycerides significantly. Sardines can be used to make a yummy open-faced sandwich. You should spread 2 slices of whole wheat bread with a little amount of low-fat mayo, then, top the 2 half with 2 canned sardines, a few fresh basil leaves, and a slice of tomato.

In fact, there are many useful remedies for the high cholesterol issue, you should also learn how to lower cholesterol naturally with a strict cholesterol lowering diet.

4. Beans And Lentils:

Lentils and beans are very rich in fiber – a good portion of which is extremely healthy for heart. These 2 ingredients can be also a great low-fat counterpart of animal protein, which is loaded with saturated fat. You can incorporate beans into snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, you can make a burrito with salsa, black beans, and scrambled egg whites. For lunch, you can enjoy a bowl of lentil soup added a few whole grain crackers. At dinner, you should skip the typical side dish of rice, potatoes, or pasta and instead, you should try seasoned beans.

5. Oats:

Oats are the one maybe you already know well. However, you may not be aware of some less conventional uses for this soluble fiber-rich grain. While oatmeal is an obvious winner, oat flour is another good choice for you. If you cannot find it in the places you typically shop, you can make it at home by pulverizing rolled oats in a food processor. Oat flour can be replaced for half the versatile flour in most muffin and pancake recipes. 

natural ways to lower cholesterol fast

To deal with the high cholesterol problem, you should take a proper look at it. Thus, I recommend you to read an e-book that introduces the truth about cholesterol levels and how to lower cholesterol naturally: the great cholesterol lie.

6. Oranges:

The last of natural ways to lower cholesterol that I want you to follow is that you should consume more oranges. Oranges are a very common citrus fruit that are rich in pectin. Similar to other types of soluble fiber, pectin sets up a gooey mass in your tummy that is responsible for trapping cholesterol and carrying it out of your body before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. A medium orange contains about 2 – 3 grams of soluble fiber, as well as other healthy nutrients, such as potassium, folate, and vitamin C. You should eat oranges regularly to benefit from their fiber content. Therefore, you can put the juicer aside, and pick up the thick-skinned varieties for the easiest peeling and the best taste.

Besides, to improve overall body and nomalize the cholesterol level more easily, you should also follow a super healthy diet.

All of the above natural ways to lower cholesterol are what I have used to improve the cholesterol level effectively, and now, I am glad to share my very own experience with anyone who desires to reduce cholesterol within a short time. 

If you feel the natural ways to lower cholesterol I offer in this article are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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