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Keep your head on the 10 natural foods to avoid for diabetics!

The food you eat every day can help you control and reduce diabetes, as well as lose weight and keep fit. However, everyone is different, and maybe you will confuse what foods are good for your health and what cause and develop the severe diabetes. Today, I will release 10 foods to avoid for diabetics that you should never eat if you are suffering from this terrible disease. 

10 Foods To Avoid For Diabetics:

Maybe my previous writings usually focused on introducing healthy foods to eat that I think they are really good for our health. However, today I want to show you that focusing on toxic foods to avoid for diabetics is also really important as if you do not care about it, you might easily make mistake, leaving the result of your sick body.

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1. Raisins:

Eating raisins or any dried fruits is a better selection than cookies or snacking, but it will still increase your blood sugar level. This is because during the dehydration process, the natural sugars in fruits become extremely concentrated, leading to an unusual and unhealthy increase in your blood sugar level when they are absorbed by your body rapidly. That is the reason why you should stick with 100% fresh fruits, such as cantaloupe, strawberries, grapefruit, and peaches.

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2. Fruit Juice:

– While almost every kind of fruits is a healthy, fiber-rich carbohydrate ingredient that diabetics should choose to consume, fruit juice should not be welcomed to your diet if you are among diabetes sufferers. Fruit juice may provide more nutritional advantages than other drinks that contain sugar. However, fruit juices, even 100 % pure juices, are chocked fully of fruit sugar. Thus, fruit juice will lead to a sharp increase in blood sugar. If you are suffering from the terrible diabetes condition, you should skip the glass of juice and say “ok” with the fiber-packed fruit juice that will help you keep healthy blood sugar level and get fewer calories, resulting in a successful weight loss process. To get a healthy and refreshing drink alternative, you should choose naturally-flavored or zero-calorie plain seltzer and combine it with lime or lemon.

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foods to avoid for diabetics remerdy

3. French Fries: 

– If you stick with fried, greasy foods too regularly, you can gain weight and your blood sugar will be wreaked. French fries, doughnuts, and potato chips are the really bad choices for diabetics because this kind of food is made with carb- starchy, heavy ingredients that can lead your body to get increased blood glucose levels. Fried foods are dipped in too much oil, giving you a lot of extra calories. And some of them, like many fried appetizers, are covered in breading which will take the calorie count to the higher level. Many fried foods are full of unhealthy fats because they have been fried deeply in hydrogenated oils, which will raise the bad cholesterol inside your body and increase the risk of getting heart diseases.

Moreover, reducing fat in liver is really important for diabetics because if you want to avoid diabetes, you should care about your liver, too. That is the reason why I am here to say that you should learn some liver detox recipes in fatty liver disease.

4. Pancakes And Syrup: 

– It will be one of the worst choices if a diabetic have a breakfast with a plate of pancakes with syrup because they are total carb explosion. Most pancakes come with big size and they are made with junky white flour. Therefore, if you eat a stack of 3 large flapjacks, it likes you just eat as many as 7 white bread slices! What’s more? The toppings of pancakes also worsen the matters. Butter is rich in artery-clogging saturated fat, and if you consume a typical half-cup pours of gooey syrup that means you just add 16 teaspoons of sugar straightly to your breakfast. This starch-and-sugar overload will lead to the higher blood sugar level. Next time when you are at a diner, you should go over and replace the pancakes by egg white omelet and vegetables.

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5. Candy: 

– High-sugar foods and those containing low-quality carbohydrates like cookies, candy, soda, and syrup not only lack nutrition, but they also cause an extreme increase in blood sugar levels and make you gain weight. Both of these two situations can worsen diabetes complications. You should learn to satisfy your craving for sweet by snacking on fresh fruits, such as apples, pears, grapes, berries, and oranges. They all have juicy and sweet flavors, and they are rich in fiber – the compound that helps to slow the absorption of glucose. You should make use of them as a better choice to control blood sugar. When snacking on fruit, it will be better if you pair it with a protein food like nonfat yogurt, a string cheese, or handful of nuts. This way will help you reduce the negative impacts on blood sugar.

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foods to avoid for diabetics at home

6. White Bread:

     White bread is also one of those foods to avoid for diabetics that I want to mention in this writing.

– Refined starches, such as white rice, white bread, white pasta, and anything else which is made with white flour, can act like sugar when your body starts to digest them. As a result, just similar to sugar, refined starches interfere with glucose control, and if you are among diabetes, you should never consume them. Instead, you should choose whole grains because they are richer in fiber and generally cause a steadier, slower increase in blood sugar.

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7. Snack Cakes And Pastries:
It is well-known that baked goods and packaged snacks are full of sugar, junky white flour, sodium, and preservatives. Their dangerous combo of refined flour and sugar can increase blood sugar and promote inflammation quickly. If things I just explain is not enough for you to say “goodbye” to the vending machine, you need to know that these highly-processed sweet goods often contain toxic trans fats. They will raise your cholesterol and also increase the risk of heart disease and the most dangerous of diabetes types. By getting rid of these desserts, you will save cash and calories, as well as take a better control of blood sugar.

8. Whole Milk: 

Maybe it is really difficult for you to believe that whole milk products are actually the foods to avoid for diabetics. The saturated fats that you will find in dairy products can leave a lot of negative side effects on your body, such as promoting inflammation and raising “bad” cholesterol throughout your body. In addition, for diabetics, a diet contains a lot of saturated fat can also lead to another serious issue. Many researches have shown that this kind of fat can worsen the human insulin resistance. You should keep whole milk away from your fridge and your hand, and consume skim or 1% low-fat milk instead. Besides, you need to try your best to say “no” to other whole-milk products like full-fat yogurt, cream cheese, regular cheese, and cream. Instead, it will be better for you to choose other reduced-fat products to consume if possible.

9. Pretzels: 

–  Pretzels have been considered a healthy food, but that is because people just take a glance at what ingredients pretzels. Nearly every kind of pretzels is made from these ingredients: yeast, white flour, salt, corn syrup, and vegetable oil. It is obvious from the subpart ingredients list that pretzels pretty much lack nutrition. Pretzels are baked, not fried as chips, which provide you with a few calories. The white, refined carbs contained in this kind of food negatively affect your blood sugar rather than satisfying your appetite. You should skip the carb-fest and opt for a more filling and balanced snack that includes some protein to help steady your sugars. Great choices include a rice cake with reduced-fat cheese, a handful of pistachio nuts in the shell, or a nonfat Greek yogurt. You can add pasteurized egg whites to shakes or smoothies. You can also buy powdered, pasteurized, or fresh egg whites to make an omelet or egg white sandwich.

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10. Bacon:
Marbled or fatty cuts of meat are actually full of saturated fat, which will initiate inflammation and increase cholesterol levels. Eating high-fat meats can put you at higher risk of heart disease than other people. Thus, instead of feasting on hamburgers, bologna, fatty bacon, hot dogs, or spare ribs, you should consume lean protein choices, such as skinless turkey and chicken, lean pork tenderloin, fish, and shellfish.

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All of the above foods to avoid for diabetics are what I have avoided to get rid of this terrible condition, and now, I am glad to share my very own experience with anyone who desires to live a healthy life without diabetes.

If you feel the foods to avoid for diabetics I offer in this article are really toxic for your current condition, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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