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Supersize your strength review – Andy Bolton

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Supersize Your Strength Review – Introduction

Supersize Your Strength is a muscle-boosting program, which lasts in 16 training weeks. This strength training program is suitable for anyone, who wants to get raw strength. It provides proven exercises, which the author spent many years to find out. In addition, this course can help people lift one thousand pounds in a powerlifting competition if they carry out exercises seriously.

Supersize Your Strength Review – About The Author

Supersize Your Strength is a new product of Andy Bolton, who is an English power lifting and a strongman legend. This legend won his first competition when he was at the age of 21. Andy Bolton is a World Power lifting Organization world record holder (2,806 pounds), and he holds the WPO world records in squat (1,213 pounds) and deadlift (1,009 pounds). Andy Bolton’s best competition bench press is a whopping 755 pounds. This product described detailed process, exercises, and techniques, which the author has passed and used.supersize your strength

Supersize Your Strength Review – How Supersize Your Strength Download Works

Supersize Your Strength is a book, which is broken up into eight easy-to-read chapters. This book covers everything users need to know to follow the program and build their squat, bench press, and deadlift. In chapter one, this program helps users build the foundation they need to grow all over their body. In chapter two, this program shows an overview of the complete 16-week program. The author designs this training course for a four-day training schedule without modification; however, the only modification allowed is a switch to a 3-day switch schedule. The next chapter contains the all-important warm up. In addition, each warm up exercise has an extensive photograph to illustrate. With the chapter 4, people get the outline of 16-week training program.supersize your strength This chapter contains handy charts, which include each four-week period of the program. In addition, the quantity of strength training workout completed each day ranges from a low of four to a high of seven. Chapter 4 also shows that rest periods between the sets should be between 60 and 180 seconds based on the exercise people performs. Chapter 5 is where all of the exercise movements are laid out for learners, and it covers pictures to display proper forms. Chapter 6 shows a few modifications, which this program allows. Chapter 7 concentrates on things people can do to increase their strength gains. In chapter 8, this chapter outlines users’ post-program strategy to maintain their gains.

supersize your strength

Supersize Your Strength Review – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is suitable for everyone from a normal person to a powerlifter.
  • This program offers 4 bonuses, which are Explode Your Squat book, Explode Your Bench book, Explode Your Deadlift book, and Bigger Lifting Through Stronger Abs.
  • It provides users with pictures to demonstrate proper forms that help people follow easily.
  • In addition, it also covers the nutrition section, which provides users with the list of foods and diet plans.
  • The author shows users a lot of helpful information about carbs, protein, timing their nutritional intake and more
  • Supersize Your Strength introduces audiences with some serious nutritional information. It guides them when, and how to take food on board in relation to their training.
  • Supersize Your Strength provides detailed instruction, explanations, so learners can understand what they do.
  • Customers can immediately download, and they do not have to wait for delivering.
  • It brings users extensive supports, so people can raise their questions relating to this product.
  • It offers a 100% money back guarantee in 60 days if it does not satisfy its customers.

supersize your strength scam


  • This book covers many pages, so people need to spend time on reading it.
  • It is not free; however, people can download quickly
  • Supersize Your Strength cannot bring users instant effects, if they do not try to learn techniques, which this program provides
  • It is not suitable for some people, who have other health issues, are advised to consult their doctor before they go for any weight loss program.

Supersize Your Strength Review – Conclusion

This Supersize Your Strength e-book provides a range of tips and tricks to help learners get strong bodies, which they desire. It covers proven exercises, which Andy Bolton has used. If someone wants to get a shape that looks as strong as his body, this program is suitable for them.

andy bolton reviewIf you have any additional questions,comments,concerns and/or suggerstions about supersize your strength review. We would love to hear from you,and we’ll do our best to continue to contribute to the discussion in the comments.

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