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Fat loss workouts – get lean and hard rock body with final phase fat loss by john romaniello

Fat Loss Workouts – Author’s Claims

Final Phase Fat Loss is designed by John Romaniello. Aim of this program is to help people who are fat, overweight or have soft muscle to lose extra pounds, get leaner or harden muscle. The author trusts that with Final Phase Fat Loss plan followers will lose fat and build muscle fast forever. Additionally, people who join this program will be able to obtain their targets to lose weight quickly as well as keep staying fit.

Fat Loss Workouts – About The Author: John Romaniello

The Author of the series “Final Phase Fat Loss” book is John Romaniello, the founder of Roman Fitness Systems. He also plays the roles as a trainer, strength coach as well as a fitness model. If there is any question relating to The Final Phase Fat Loss program, please contact the author on his contact page.


Fat Loss Workouts – How Final Phase Fat Loss Works

Final Phase Fat Loss is a fully comprehensive fat loss protocol. It includes 6 weeks of training, which is made up of 16 unique workouts—4 workouts each drawn from 4 separate training modalities.

If people get this program, they will be provided with 8 components

  • Component 1 – Final Phase Fat Loss 6-Week Training Manual

The training, lasting for six weeks, includes 16 unique muscle building workouts of effective fat-blasting workouts. This is the heart of Romaniello’s program and he goes into depth about what to do, the program philosophy, and how hormones affect the condition of body. He explains the four types of exercise and is very specific about exactly how to exercise. He also includes information on nutrition and supplements, although the emphasis of the program is on exercise rather than food.

  • Component 2 – Final Phase Fat Loss Training Log Sheets

These are printable workout records. Learners get four sets of training sheets, one for each of the four types of muscle training. Use them as exercise and fitness journal.

fat loss workouts

  • Component 3:  Final Phase Fat Loss Results Journal

This is to record progress as well as workouts. It is much more effective if learners record changes in measurements, weight and body composition.

  • Component 4 – Final Phase Fat Loss Exercise Library

Every exercise in this strength training program library is described and demonstrated with pictures so learners know how to perform exactly each for benefit.

  • Component 5 – Final Phase Fat Loss Supplement Guide

In the fitness industry, supplements are an iffy part. Supplements can accelerate learners’ progress. And this guide outlines the ones that will help learners meet their goals, and give them a rundown of which to stay away.

  • Component 6 – Final Phase Fat Loss “Origin” Audio File

This audio will give learners the down and dirty details on how Final Phase Fat Loss comes to be, containing all the useless crap that the author tried before hand.

  • Component 7 – The Final Phase Fat Loss Audio Interrogation

In this audio, fat loss and diet expert Joel Marion relentless grills learners on exactly how and why this program works as well as the detailed hormonal science behind the system.


  • Component 8 – The Final Phase Fat Loss Quick Start Check

It details everything learners need to rightly get started with the program.

Fitness Workouts – Pros And Cons


  • It appeals to a large group. Rather than super-passionate body builders only, anyone who needs to drop some weight or gets stuck on a dreaded ‘plateau’ can get their fitness program moving again.
  • Roman created his dramatic results in only six weeks. He promises learners the same kind of results. Since his guarantee lasts for eight weeks, there is no risk attached to experimenting with this program.
  • For many people, there is no necessity for a stringent diet. For those who prefer exercise to nutritional obsession, this will be a huge plus.
  • The link between hormones and weight becomes clearer every year. Final Phase Fat Loss can relieve a lot of guilt over weight gain and frustration over the seeming lack of results that come from other programs.

final phase fat loss


Although the program gets a lot of advantages, it is also taken some dedication to finish. To be successful, it depends on learners as well as their sustained effort.

Fitness Workouts – Conclusion

A lot of people say that fitness is about the journey, not the destination. Let’s get to the destination. That is where the party is. Read this final phase fat loss review, do not hesitate to get fit and gain muscle fast. Get yourself Final Phase Fat Loss.

final phase fat loss review

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