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Tips for Staying Awake without Sleeping

Tips for Staying Awake without SleepingIt can be immensely frustrating for individuals to experience extreme sleepiness, but not have the option of just falling asleep. There are days when nothing seems more tempting than the thought of burrowing in a cozy and warm bed. People may not have been able to sleep for long at night and are now required to do something that requires them to stay awake and be alert for an extended period of time such as a full day at work or school. In this case, there are several things that they can do for ensuring they don’t just fall asleep on their desk. Here are some tips that are bound to help:

  • Get some fresh air. Even if an individual got absolutely no sleep the night before, they will be able to stay fully awake and alert with some fresh and cool air. People can be overcome by serious drowsiness in environments that are humid, hot and stuffy. You can leave a window open or go for a brisk outdoor walk to get some fresh air periodically.
  • Don’t just sit in one place and move around. You need to get moving for giving your energy a boost during a slump. If you are at the office, you can walk a few laps around the area. Make a stop at the vending machine or even go for a bathroom break. Your energy levels can increase for about two hours if you move around a bit because additional oxygen is pumped into the muscles, brain and vein. You can get exhausted if you stay sedentary all day long.
  • Don’t go near sugar. While it may give you a temporary burst of energy, the resulting crash is not something you want to deal with especially in your sleep deprived state. Rather than reaching for a sugar treat like chocolate, opt for multigrain crackers or something of the ilk that can offer you extended energy.
  • Have some caffeine as it can go a long way in helping you feel more alert and less tired because it is a stimulant. However, ensure that you don’t consume excessive caffeine because that can bring headaches and cause anxiety. Consume soda, tea or caffeine in moderation, all of which comprise of caffeine.
  • Give your eyes some rest. If you are at school or work where you have to stare fixedly at a computer screen, don’t forget to relax your eyes for a bit. Staring at a screen nonstop can increase feelings of sleepiness and exhaustion and also cause eyestrain.
  • Make sure you are a in a bright environment. You will experience drowsiness if the atmosphere is dull and dim. Open the windows to let natural light come in or turn the lights up as bright light will keep you awake and alert.
  • You can also wake yourself up by listening to music. Blast some fast and up-tempo tunes or even dance-oriented music that has a fast tune. It gets you dancing and helps in staying awake.
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