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Simple Workplace Exercises for Tummy Slimming

Simple Workplace Exercises for Tummy SlimmingThe lifestyle of most women these days has become quite hectic and complicated and they don’t have much time left for the gym. Furthermore, there are a lot of women who have to fight off excess weight near their tummy area because of eating on the go and the stress of work. Fortunately, there are a few simple tummy slimming exercises that women can perform right at their desk in the workplace that don’t take longer than a few minutes and can ensure that they have a trimmed and slim tummy. Read on to find out the simple and effective exercises for slimming your tummy:

Chair Crunches

You can have an intense abdominal workout without having to leave your seat with this exercise. First, you have to sit straight and on the edge of your chair. If your chair has wheels, make sure they are locked or the chair is backed against a wall because you don’t want to fall over. Lean back slightly and inhale deeply while you raise your legs together off the floor. Exhale and then bring your knees to your chest after bending them. Straighten your legs again and inhale then exhale and perform the crunch again. This process should be repeated 10 times initially, but then gradually increased to 20 repetitions or more, if possible.

Plank Pose

A chair or a desk is all you need for doing this exercise. Again, if an office chair is being used, make sure that it is braced against a wall or the wheels are locked. Face the chair and place your forearms and palms on the seat. Keep your shoulders strong and your upper arms straight. Put your legs behind you until an inclined plank pose is formed. Your legs should be together and straight. Breathe deeply and hold your breath for one minute. Repeat it two or more times after a short break.

Seated Twists

Simple Workplace Exercises for Tummy SlimmingThe side body can be lengthened with yoga twists and tension in the lower back can also be lowered. Keep your feet on the floor and sit upright in your chair. The right leg should be crossed over the left. Take your right arm overhead after inhaling and then rest it against the back of the chair. Twist to the right after exhaling and look over the right shoulder. For a deeper twist, the left arm can also be pressed against the right knee’s outside. Hold your breath for two minutes. Repeat on the other side after a short rest.

Side Stretch

Everyone can do this classic yoga move discreetly while sitting on their chair. Sit straight on the edge of the chair and stretch both arms overhead after inhaling. Interlock the fingers and turn your palms to face the ceiling. Exhale, keep the arms straight and stretch the entire body to the right. Come back to the center and inhale. Stretch the whole body to the left and exhale. Do 10 repetitions for each side initially and then increase to 20 repetitions gradually.

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