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Raising your Metabolism after Fasting

Raising your Metabolism after FastingAn excellent method for cleansing mind and body is fasting. It eliminates the toxins from the body and cleanses the colon. However, it can also flush the good bacteria from the colon and makes the body susceptible to digestive problems after the fast is complete. Once you are done with fasting, you need to raise your body’s metabolism back to normal and re-adjust the body to accepting solid food again. In order to get the results you desire, you have to learn to take things slow. Some of the steps you can follow for raising your metabolism after fasting are outlined below:

  • After a fast, you should follow a simple diet. The ratio of the simple diet should be one day for every five days that you have fasted. This means that if you have fasted for five days, you should follow a simple diet for one day. If you have fasted for 10 days, the diet has to be followed for two days.
  • In this diet, you should first introduce herbal teas and fruit juices. Don’t go for fresh juices and opt for those that are bottled and pasteurized as the enzymes are less active in those and they are less likely to upset the digestive system that was dormant until recently. The best choice in this regard is green tea because it aids the digestive system in working again and also increases metabolism. Just like fruit juices, green tea also boosts the metabolism and also performs the dual task of gearing up the metabolism and waking up the digestive system.
  • Don’t forget to drink lots of cold water. The metabolism of the body is increased by cool water as it takes more energy for warming the water and regulating the temperature of the body. Even during and after fasting, fluids play a very important role.
  • After ending the fast, on the first day, you should have a few spoons of plain yogurt. Digestive enzymes can be found in yogurt, which don’t cause constipation and wake up the colon. Instead of eating a few large meals, it is better to eat lots of small meals as they allow the metabolism to work at a high level continuously instead of fluctuating.
  • After you have consumed juice and yogurt as your first meal, take a fresh fruit meal in a couple of hours. Some good choices include acid fruits like oranges, grapefruit and grapes. It is easy to digest these fruits as they have a high water content and any remaining waste in the body can be cleansed. The body will keep on burning calories with these metabolism boosters.
  • The last step is to introduce fresh raw vegetables to your diet for re-building your metabolism. High in fiber, these vegetables contain more nutritional calories and will encourage the body in using up all the stored fat and give the metabolism a boost.
  • Soup should be consumed regularly as it has a low amount of calories as opposed to other foods.
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