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How to prevent tooth decay: easy and proven ways to lower the risk of your tooth decay

Tooth decay is not only a problem in children, but it also happens in adults. In fact, there are various reasons of tooth decay and getting clear about these causes can help you stop improving this condition. Would you like to discover more practical ways to prevent you from the high risk of tooth decay? This writing will show you practical ways to prevent tooth decay!

Is It Easy To Prevent Tooth Decay? Try Some Tips To Stop It Fast!

In this blog, I would love to show you the easiest and the most effective ways to protect your teeth from tooth decay and other tooth problems. In summary, I will show you common ways to prevent tooth decay first. Next, in the second part, I will reveal a detailed guide to care for children’s teeth.

I. Common Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay

1. Brushing

prevent tooth decay naturallyBrushing is a not a difficult task to do everyday. You just need to spend some minutes carrying out in the right way for having fresh breath and lowering the risk of tooth decay.

Try to form a strict rule of brushing teeth at least twice per day (after the meal and after the night’s sleep) with toothpaste containing fluoride. Ideally, you should brush teeth after drinking and eating. Remember that don’t brush teeth after a meal 30 minutes because this brushing can harm your teeth, especially in case you’ve eaten sugar and had a high carb meal.

Moreover, you must know the right way to brush your teeth. Remember that don’t rinse your mouth with mouthwash or water after you brushed because this can wash the toothpaste away. Besides, it is also important for you to replace old toothbrush every 2 or 3 months. Choose the right toothbrush that doesn’t damage your teeth and gums.

2. Flossing

prevent tooth decay reviewFlossing is one of the important parts of oral hygiene. It helps you remove food particles and plaque under the gumline and between your teeth effectively. According to dentists, you can floss your teeth once a day. If you don’t know flossing techniques, you can ask your dentist.

3. Mouthwash

There are various types of mouthwash for you to use. You can go shopping and buy a mouthwash with your favorite smell and friendly ingredients. But, you should choose to pay attention to mouthwash, which contains fluoride because this ingredient can work to prevent tooth decay. In addition, don’t use fluoride directly, don’t drink and eat after using mouthwash 30 minutes.

4. Diet

Actually, this is not totally a diet or a strict diet like weight loss diets or diabetes diets. You just need to avoid eating foods, which are high in carbohydrates like chocolate, tea (sugar added), coffee, cakes, sweets, crisps, white bread, biscuits. Instead of that, you should eat some healthier alternative foods like sugar-free gum, vegetables, fruits, unsweetened tea and so on.

prevent tooth decay guideHowever, you should not get confused between using foods with carbohydrates and never using foods without high carbohydrates. Maintain your eating plan with balanced carbohydrates. You can choose some good sources of carbohydrates, which are included in brown bread, whole meal, pasta, potatoes, rice, eggs, green vegetables and eggs.

Actually, to prevent tooth decay you have to pay attention to your eating all day carefully. Try to avoid frequent sipping and snaking because this eating habit helps bacteria in your mouth produce more acids to damage your tooth enamel. Some foods you should avoid eating much like candy, cookies and chips. Especially, don’t snack before your bedtime because sugar and foods can stick on your teeth and cause cavities through the night. Whereas, some fresh vegetables and fruits can help you prevent cavities and wash food particles away effectively.

5. Sugar & Food Labels

Remember to check food labels to know the real amount of sugar contained in canned products before you buy these foods. There are different kinds of sugar like organic sugar and refined sugar. But you should know different form of sugar that are found in different ingredients like honey, glucose, dextrose, sucrose, maltose, fructose, syrup and hydrolyzed.

prevent tooth decay pdfAs a rule, food ingredients are often listed in the order: the main ingredient is listed first. If sugar is the main ingredient in that food, so it will be listed above. To prevent tooth decay, you should not buy or limit eating it.

Some products have food labels with light system to help consumers identify different kinds of ingredients and their amounts included in these products. Normally, the red light shows that this product is high in sugar, the amber light is for products medium in sugar and the green light lets you know that product is low in sugar. In general, over 15g of sugar/100g of a product is high in sugar. Under 5g of sugar/100g of a product is low in sugar.

A tip for you, instead of using sweetened gum, why don’t you chew sugar-free gum to prevent tooth decay?

6. Visit Dentists Regularly

To spot your tooth decay, you should visit your dentists each 1 month to check out your regular oral situation. Cleansing tooth is the best way to prevent tooth decay. Ask your dentist to provide you with a detailed schedule to care for your teeth.

7. Use Dental Sealants

As you know, sealant is a plastic coating to protect the surface of teeth. Applied to the chewing surface of the back teeth — sealing off crannies can tend to leave food in your teeth so that you get cavities. Sealant techniques can work to protect your tooth enamel from acid and plaque. The Sealant method can work for both adults and children. Many dental organizations and centers highly recommend sealants to be applied to all children. Sealants can last more than 10 years before being replaced. However, with this approach to prevent tooth decay, people have to check out tooth health regularly to be sure that they are still intact.

8. Use Fluoride Treatments

prevent tooth decay downloadFluoride treatment is also helpful for you to prevent tooth decay. In case, you don’t get enough the daily amount of fluoride, you can ask your dentist to apply more fluoride to all your teeth. Besides, you can use some fluoridated mouthwash and toothpaste to supply your teeth more fluoride for achieving healthier teeth and get rid of other dental diseases.

9. Use Antibacterial Treatments

In case, you are vulnerable to tooth decay for a medication or any reason, you can ask your dentist to use anti-bacterial oral rinses. This method works to eliminate bacteria around your teeth and mouth effectively.

II. How To Care For Children’s Teeth

In fact, people just care for children’s teeth when they can go and run and have permanent teeth. According to dentists, parents should pay attention to tooth situations in children when women are pregnant because the pregnant women’s health impacts the babies directly. Moreover, baby teeth start forming before birth, so if you’re pregnant, you need to follow a nutritious eating plan and balanced diet. Make sure that you will get enough minerals and vitamins. You also need to eliminate all harmful bacteria that may affect your pregnancy and your coming baby’s health.

Pregnant women can visit their dentists to take a dental exam and check out their cavities and gum disease to have a healthy pregnancy and protect their babies from dental and health problems in the future.

prevent tooth decay programWhen your baby is six months old, you should take him or her to your doctor to ask about some dental problems, which your baby may get in the near future. The test includes the mother dental history and the baby’s current dental situation.

If your doctor predicts that your baby has some dental problems, take your child to see your dentist after the first teeth grow. Show the dentist the place of your child’s teeth comes and the dentist will let you know your baby’s tooth condition.

The experts and dentists also recommend that you should care for your child’s teeth when he or she is 12 months old. And when your child has grown all permanent teeth, you must train him or her to care for teeth more carefully and regularly.

Parents should spend time teaching their kids to brush their teeth in the right way, use the right brush paste, brush teeth at the right time and do it every day.

Do not feed your kids milk, juice and other foods containing sugar after they brush their teeth.

Normally, when your kids are 6 years old or older, they will start getting cavities. At this period of time, parents should pay more attention to their kids’ eating plans and eating habits. If they have more cavities, you have to spend more time training your kids to form new eating habits, tooth brushing habits and sleeping time.

prevent tooth decay treatmentIn addition, remember to keep your kid away from smoke because he or she may be an indirect smoker. Tobacco absolutely can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. When your kid grows, he or she may learn from his or her parents to smoke and this is a contribution of tooth damage. So, now you should teach your kid about terrible effects of smoking as well as secondhand smoke.

Remember to have your dentist put sealants into the surfaces of your kid’s back teeth that will work to prevent cavities.

Moreover, why don’t you ask your kid to brush teeth before going to sleep? This is a simple yet effective way to prevent tooth decay with more fun. And you can create a sweet care for your kid each day. This idea sounds good, right?

I’ve introduced the most common ways to prevent tooth decay. Remember to follow these proven guides for achieving healthy teeth and protect all members in your family from the high risk of tooth decay, tonsil stones and other dental problems.

For any feedback about my writing, feel free to leave your comments at the end of this post! I’ll be happy if you love this writing and share it with other readers.

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