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Natural acne treatment – 10 easy tips you could do at home

If you are one of those who suffering facial acne issues then you might be interested to know how to deal your problem with natural acne treatment. Yeah, homemade acne treatment is not only cheap, natural but also can reduce the risk of side effects you could get when using other cures for acne. So, let’s seek several natural ingredients you could find easily in your own kitchen for your homemade acne treatment.

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Some Natural Cures For Acne You Should Know

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1. Natural Acne Treatment : Water

For our body and healthy skin, water is important nutrition and also the most common natural acne treatment to reduce acne scar effects. Water helps detoxify our body, renews our skin cells and keeps our skin elastic. In fact, to keep our skin health and fresh, we should consume at least 8 glasses of water every day.

2. Natural Acne Treatment: Lemon Juice

In fact, lemon exact always hold the position as the best topical treatment for acne and throat problem. After cleaning your face with fresh water, you can put the lemon juice on your acne scar and let it for about 10 minutes.

In addition, when you’re using the method of lemon juice, you should avoid direct and over sunlight. That’s because with the lemon juice method your skin would be twice more sensitive to sunlight.

3. Natural Acne Treatment: Baking Soda

As the matter of fact, baking soda was used in several micro-dermabration treatment as well as other cosmetic products. It’s recommended you should mix and filter two teaspoon of water with a teaspoon of baking soda then put it on your acne scars for about thirty seconds. After that, wash your face with fresh water.

4. Natural Acne Treatment : Cucumber

Nowadays, almost people know that cucumbers are good for skin. Having the same pH like skin, cucumber can help in your natural recover process in your skin as well as ability to fight and resist acnes.

As for this homemade acne treatment, you could make the cucumber paste and put it on your face for about 10 – 15 minutes. Different from lemons that could give you the dry effects, cucumber will moisturize your skin. Use the cucumbers paste twice a week as a facial mask and you will see significant result to your face.

5. Natural Acne Treatment: Olive Oils

The fact is that your skin may lose the elastic and flexible ability because of acne scar. The answer for this problem is to use the olive oil due to its ability to soften and moisturize your skin at the same time.

Put mixture of about 6 teaspoons of olive oils and 8 teaspoons of salts on your face, do a soft massage and let it out for 2 minutes then wash your face with warm water. Especially, you should repeat it every day in a week if this is your first time. Then in the next week terms, you could reduce it twice a week and see the significant result.

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6. Natural Acne Treatment: Yoghurts

Yoghurt contains lots of vitamins and minerals that play important part in creating good immune system and natural recovery process for your skin. For that reason, yoghurt is very effective to help you treat your acne problem.

There are lots of ways to use yoghurt for natural acne treatment. Not only can you consume yoghurt directly but you also make it as a facial mask to remove acne scars.

7. Natural Acne Treatment: Honey and Cinnamon

Honey is another common home acne treatment that has been proven to be effective for your acne and skin. Known that include lots of nutrition, honeys could help you fix your acne scar condition and your skin textures. For a better result you could put the mixture of honey and cinnamon on your acne right before you go to bed. That’s because your skin would absorb gradually these natural ingredients and reduce your acne spot in the night. In the next morning you can wash your face and repeat the treatment for 10 – 14 days.

8. Natural Acne Treatment: Aloe Vera

Aloe vera also proven to help you relieve your red acne inflammations and acne scars because its gel could easily add and have the recover ability for your skin.

Firstly, you should choose the fresh aloe vera leaf, peels the skin to take the gels. You could put the gel in a clean covered place or save it in the refrigerator. You can directly wipe the gel to your acne everyday and can see the result in just a couple days.

9. Natural Acne Treatment: Tomato

We can easily find tomato, the common vegetable at every home kitchen. You could slice it into small pieces or slices and put them on your acne scars. After letting for a few minutes you can wash your face with clean water. Remember to repeat the treatment twice a day and then make it your routines for a few days to see the positive changes in your acne scars.

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10. Natural Acne Treatment: Oatmeal

The last natural ingredient, oatmeal has a good consistency as a facial mask and also more famous than the others. This cereal mask would not only help clean your face in a soft way but also make your skin fresher and lighter. In addition, oatmeal also could be an effective scrub for your body.

 Having a home treatment for acne using our natural ingredients might be quite a time. That’s the reason we suggest that you choose to apply at your home only one or two of the above methods. Because of the fact that several natural cures for acne need more time to see the positive result then it would be better to use these methods in a couple of days or a week. Hey girls, you should have these homemade cures for acne with you as consistency is the key and patience would be the door.

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