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Best home remedies for menstrual cramps and pain that bring you pleasantness and confidence back

As women, we all know menstrual cycle, have monthly period and even thank that it occurs. However, most women experience severe menstrual cramps and pain that interfere with their school, work, daily activities and confidence. This writing will help you get clear about the menstrual cramps fact and the best home remedies for menstrual cramps and pain.

Best Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps And Pain – Why They Work

I. menstrual cramps facts home remedies for menstrual cramps facts

Menstrual cramps occur in menstruating women in their pelvic and belly areas. The cramps are different to the discomfort during the premenstrual syndrome, although both disorders sometimes are experienced as continual processes.

Many women have both period cramps and premenstrual syndrome.

Menstrual cramps range from mild to severe. Mild period cramps may be hardly noticeable and they don’t cause your pain while severe period cramps can make you have severe pain.

Severe cramps make up 1/7 in all women. Medically, period cramps are named dysmenorrhea.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are popularly used to cure cramps.

Daily physical exercises can alleviate period cramps.

II. Best Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps And Pain

Instead of taking pills to ease menstrual cramps, you can apply home remedies for your period cramps and pain, including nutritional and physical remedies.

1. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is rich in bioflavonoids that combine with vitamin C to help reduce heavy bleeding. Make buckwheat pancakes and add more your favorite nuts, fruits to supply your body with bioflavonoids for relieving menstrual pain naturally.

2. Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C in citrus fruits helps to boost iron absorption so that women can consume citrus fruits to provide their body with extra iron during their menstruation.

3. Dried Apricots

In addition to citrus fruits, dried apricots are also a great source of iron. They can help to stop heavy bleeding in general. Besides, women with painful menstruation can eat other foods that are high in iron such as cereals, fortified breads, shellfish, legumes and liver.

4. Maca Root

Maca growing in high mountains in Peru is a plant with cruciferous root. This plan has been cultivated for over 2,000 years and traditionally used as a remedy for enhancing strength, endurance, increase fertility and supports menstruation and pregnancies and menstruation.

home remedies for menstrual cramps multi-vitamins and minerals5. multi-vitamins and minerals

Different vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, vitamin K,

Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium have been found to lessen menstrual cramps and pain. Take one or 2 multi-vitamin pills per day, especially use it before and during your period to ease your cramps.

6. Yogi Tea

Herbal tea is one of home remedies for menstrual cramps and pain. Some teas are formulated without containing caffeine can help relieve discomforts of women’s moon cycle. According to Chinese traditional herbal remedies, yogi tea includes 3 main ingredients to alleviate period PMS and cramping. This kind of teas also helps increase red blood cells in the body.

7. Cinnamon

In addition to yogi tea, cinnamon is also used to support menstruation. This spice contains antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to ease period scamps.

You can drink a hot cup of cinnamon tea to sip it before and during your menstruation. home remedies for menstrual cramps fennel

8. Fennel

Fennel is another menstrual cramp cure. These seeds are consumed as a spice in daily meals that can promote better circulation to women’s ovaries. Boil fennel seeds in 5 minutes and drink hot to ease your cramps immediately.

9. Ginger

Ginger is one of the best home remedies for menstrual cramps and pain.

This spice has different forms such as ginger powder, ginger candy, ginger jams, fresh ginger and so on. You can add fresh ginger in certain foods to eat, drink ginger tea, and make cookies with ginger powder before and during your period to relieve cramps with ease!

10. Mustard

A tablespoon of powdered mustard in warm water can help you relieve menstrual cramps. But use it in the right way. Don’t drink it, just soak your feet in the water mixing mustard powder it feel relaxing effects.

11. Water

Drink plenty of water about 2 liters a day. If you have period, dehydration can make the body produce the vasopressin hormone, which is a key factor contributing to cramps and pain.

Besides, women can eat other water-based fruits and foods to boost their hydration such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, cucumbers, celery and lettuce.

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12. Chamomile Tea home remedies for menstrual cramps chamomile tea

According to a study shown by Journal of Agriculture & Chemistry, London, chamomile tea contains pain-free properties. The scientists made an investigation of 14 participants. The researchers gave the participants urine samples; the results had shown that their urine had increased levels of hippurate, a natural anti-inflammation. In fact, anti-inflammatory pills are used to decrease prostaglandin production in women, so they help relieve menstrual cramps.

13. Basil

Don’t you know that basil is one of great home remedies for menstrual cramps and pain because this spice is high in caffeic acid working with pain killing effects. Simply, you can add this spice in meat dishes, salads; and enjoy these dishes before and during your period for reduce menstrual pain.

In other ways, you can boil basil leaves to drink or buy basil tea in your local supermarkets as a remedy for menstrual cramps.

14. Exercise home remedies for menstrual cramps exercise

Beside natural herbal remedies for menstrual cramps and pain, women can apply other home remedies for menstrual cramps and pain like doing light exercises. Remember that don’t follow intensity exercise routine before and during your period because it may cause your terrible muscle pain, back pain and severe menstrual bleeding.

In fact, doing exercise like walking, doing aerobic exercises help your body pump more blood, release endorphins in your body to counteract prostaglandins, thus lessen your menstrual cramps.

According to doctors, you should do exercise at least 3 to 4 times per weeks to stay healthy and reduce your painful menstruation.

15. Bathing

Bathing is a daily personal hygiene but you should know that bathing is also a step to lesson your menstrual flow. Take a warm bath can help you relax your muscle, get rid of tiredness and alleviate lower abdomen cramps.

16. Yoga

In general, yoga is good for health, including the benefits of menstrual reduction. According to yoga experts, there are 3 powerful yoga poses to alleviate period cramping, including Bridge Pose, Camel Pose and Downward Facing Dog.

home remedies for menstrual cramps yogaBridge Pose: Sit down on your legs, next put the left leg in front of you, and then put the right. Place your back on the floor. And then bend your knees; keep your 2 feet flat on the floor. Next, lift the lower body from the calves, through the knees, the lower back and the upper back. Then, keep the shoulders and the head on the floor.

Slowly stay in the seated position and sit in the cross-legged position (Lotus position). Sit for a few minutes.

Camel Pose: Place your knees slowly on the floor. Next, keep palms flat on the floor. Then, straighten the back. Place your hands on the upper thighs. Next, bring your left arm back to touch your ankle.

Downward Facing (standing position): Place your hands on thighs, then bend forward and bring the head to the knees. Next, in 1 movement, bring your palms to the floor, in front of the feet; bring the left leg back, while bending your right leg. Next, bring your right leg back. Then, adjust the feet to bring the bottom up, while slopping the back down.

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17. Apply Heat

Apply heating pads or patches on your belly to experience relieve your menstrual pain, relax muscles in the uterus, then you will feel more comfortable. Instead of taking electric or reusable heating pads, you can use regular plastic bottles with hot water and applying one to the abdomen as an alternative for being pain-free.

18. Birth Control Pills

The doctors recommend that women can take birth control pills, which contain hormones to prevent ovulation and ease the severity of period cramps and pain.

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19. Have An Orgasm         

Yes! Orgasms can help to reduce many kinds of pain, including period cramps. When you are in an orgasm, your uterus gets relaxed and the blood flow will increase to relieve your cramps naturally. An orgasm can relieve menstrual pain due to the release of endorphins so that they help you induce sleep and you will not feel any severe cramping at all.

20. Acupuncture

menstrual cramps remedies cramps acupunctureAcupuncture is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture works based on the sticking of small needles to the skin so that it helps stimulate the body to cure some body dysfunctions and pain.

The researchers from Hyung Hee University, South Korea carried out an investigation of 994 participants. The results have found that acupuncture has god effect on period cramps. Traditionally, this is one of old home remedies for menstrual cramps and pain through Asian countries.

Besides, you should pay attention to consider and avoid doing or eating the following things and foods:

  • Stay warm during your period
  • Sleep in darkness
  • Get the body moving
  • Tampons may cause your cramping, thus use sanitary pads
  • Lie on the back with the knees bent because this position can help relieve menstrual cramps and pain
  • Avoid eating foods with phytoestrogens like soy products
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Avoid eating foods containing caffeine
  • Try to relax and don’t use cleaning products
  • Don’t eat canned foods because most food cans are linked to toxic materials

I’ve presented the best home remedies for menstrual cramps and pain. If you suffer from this women’s issue, read the article again to apply the best solutions for this disturbing problem.

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