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Medicine ball exercises – medicine ball training basics

Medicine Ball Training Basics

Getting into shape takes commitment and hard work. It requires a real investment in time and effort. However, there are ways to make it a little more convenient to start making the change to leran how to stay healthy. Instead of a monthly gym membership, individuals are looking for certain pieces of equipment that can be used in a variety of different ways at home to produce similar results. A medicine ball is a perfect example of one piece of equipment that can be used to sculpt and tone several different parts of the body. Here are ten medicine ball exercises to help anyone get started to learn how to keep fit.

Medicine Ball Exercises – Ten Basic Exercises With Medicine Ball

1. Around the World – Start with the arms reaching up, medicine ball above the head and feet shoulder width apart. Turn the core of the body only and move the ball to the right hand side. One arm will be stretched across the body and the other will be extended out. Next, move the ball down to the middle of the body with arms extended down. Finally, move the ball to the other side of the body with one arm extended out and one across the body. Once done, start back up at the top and repeat.

2. Giving it a Chop – Start the same way as the previous exercise. Bend at the waist and go through the motions of throwing the ball between the legs with the arms extended. (Just don`t really throw it!). Then, quickly reverse the movement until returning to the starting position.


3. Lunges – Regular lunges can be a challenge, but adding the medicine ball takes it to the next level. Lunge with the right leg and take the medicine ball with two hands and stretch it across the right side of the body. The torso should stretch and turn in the process. When lunging with the left leg, stretch the ball over to the left.

4. Sit-Ups – Instead of just doing traditional sit-ups, the addition of a medicine ball adds an extra challenge. The ball should be held right at the chest with both hands. When coming up, keep the ball in the same place. The extra weight and concentration can help a person get more out of the sit-ups.

5. Touch the Toes – While lying back as if preparing to do a sit-up, a couple of adjustments in movements can be made to create a different exercise. Extend the legs all the way up while lying on the back. Arms should be above the head, grasping the medicine ball in between. Without bending the elbows, reach up and try to touch the toes with the medicine ball.

6. Push-Ups – Why do traditional push-ups when an extra level of difficulty can be added? Balance the arms on the medicine ball while doing push-ups. If this is too tough, consider just holding the position of arms outreached on the ball with the body stretched out and only the balls of the feet on the ground.

7. Leg Extensions – Balance in another key element to any workout routine. Start out standing straight up with the medicine ball in both hands, down in front of the body. Bend at the knees and extend one leg back. At the same time, move the torso forward and stretch out the arms as far as possible with the medicine ball. The body should be in a straight line when extended.


8. Throwing with a Partner – If someone else is planning to work out away from the gym, consider working on some partner exercises with medicine ball. Just making a traditional chest pass to each other, using the ball, can be great for the arms. Make sure to keep the core engaged to avoid and lear how to relieve back pain or injuries.

9. Passing to a Partner – Stand back to back with a friend. Reach around the body to the side and hand off the ball to the other person. He or she will be stretching to meet at the side. The partner will bring the ball across the body and then reach to the other side to hand it off. After several repetitions, reverse the direction of the ball.

10. Triceps Extensions – While seated, place the arms over the head, outstretched with the medicine ball between the hands. Bend at the elbow and allow the ball to go down towards the back of the head. Then, extend the arms back over the head.

Just one medicine ball can add some real challenges to any workout routine. Check out any SportsBallShop to find a large selection of different sizes and weights. Remember to start slowly and work your way up.

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