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How to Stay Healthy While Flying

How to Stay Healthy While Flying Traveling is no doubt fun and interesting, but it can also take its toll on your health. The trick is to take precautions that will ensure that you don’t get sick along the way. This means you have to be cautious at the airport, when you are visiting a hotel and also when you are checking out a destination. Here are some top tips that can help you stay healthy while flying:

  • Avoid the Hot Spots

The problem with airplanes is that they are usually a breeding ground for unhealthy germs. This doesn’t mean that you have to be constantly afraid of them; it simply means that you have to be aware and careful. When you are going to use the airplane’s bathroom, keep in mind that it has been used by at least 300 people already and there is a possibility that about 10% of them were suffering from a cold. Hence, you might want to use your elbow for shutting the bathroom door. Such little tricks can assist you in avoiding the germs hot spots on the airplane.

  • Turn on the Air

Surface areas are the only hot spots for germs; they can also be transmitted through air. The best way to deal with bad germs in the air is to point your overhead vent at your face and keep it on high. In this way, you will have a little bit of barrier if someone does sneeze or cough because the germs will be pushed away from your face by the air.

  • Keeping up the Fight

Keep using the soap on a regular basis to ward off the germs. However, if you don’t have access to soap and water, keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you at all times that you can use frequently.

  • Grab a Drink

How to Stay Healthy While Flying You are in a very dry environment when flying on a plane, so staying hydrated is essential. Instead of drinking sugary beverages or alcohol, it is better to opt for hot tea or water. Drinking an alcoholic beverage and then following it up with soda will make them dehydrated. Their immune system will not be working to its full capacity so they are at the risk of falling sick.

  • Be Nosy

The airplane’s dry environment doesn’t just dehydrate your body, it also has an adverse impact on your nasal passages. The cabin air is really dry on a plane and the allergens and pollutants enter your nasal passages. Therefore, a nasal saline spray should be used for moisturizing the nasal passages and clearing congestion.

  • Beware of Motion

Motion sickness is quite common for people when they are taking long car trips or flying somewhere. Focusing on the objects in your surroundings can help you in dealing with this ailment. This will give you a better sense of space and time or you can also take medications that are especially prescribed for motion sickness.

Don’t forget to take a medical kit with you when you are flying that has the basic necessities you may need.

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