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How to remove skin tags – simple methods for removing skin tags

For many people, skin tags are problems caused by skin that is rubbed or irritated by friction. 

Hey guys, are you embarrassed to take off your shirt in public?

And ladies, do you have those unwanted little pests getting caught in your jewelry? Well, they are probably around the line where your bra cuts and rubs into your skin. They are not only pesky and unsightly but also sometimes painful when they are touched or rubbed.

This extra skin looks similar to a mole and protrudes on certain parts of the body. Also known as acrochordon, these ugly skin tags mostly appear on the eyelids, neck, shoulders, underarms, groin and under the breasts. Skin tags are benign. They are made of skin tissue and have nerve cells, ducts as well as fat cells within. They are just only tumors which are not harmful at all, unless you try to remove these unwanted skin tags by harsh means such as cutting. After being formed, skin tags do not grow or change. On a person’s body, there might be one or more skin tags.

Generally, obese people, old people, pregnant women and diabetics have skin tags. Unfortunately, these ugly skin tags can be hereditary. In fact, there is no fixed reason for the growth of skin tags. However, it is said that one of the skin tag causes is the friction of the increased or extra fat. In case of obese people and pregnant women, that holds true.

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To help yourself get rid of skin tags, here are six methods that teach you how to remove skin tags at home.

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If not, let’s go further with the today topic to get rid of skin tags at home…

How To Remove Skin Tags

As skin tags can bleed and cause infections, so they should not be cut or pulled. Instead you can use the following skin tags removal methods which are totally natural and do not cause any harm.

Castor Oil

This is a natural remedy for removing skin tags. If you want to try it out, it is recommended that you add castor oil and baking soda in a bowl then stir the mixture. Mix them together until it forms a paste then apply it on your skin tags three times a day. Then generally after two weeks, your skin tags will dry out and fall down. Also, this skin tags removal with castor oil really does not have any side effects.

Tea Tree Oil

Using tea tree oil is another natural way for you to remove a skin tag. Extracted from an Australian plant called Melaleuca Alternifolia, this fabulous essential oil works wonders in treating many diseases on skin. Firstly, you should wash the skin tag and its surrounding areas with water and soap then leave it dry out. Using a cotton ball, soak it in water and put about three drops of tea tree oil on it. Then you have to apply the tea tree oil to the skin tag. After that, do this three times a day for more than three days continuously and you will see the difference. The skin tag will definitely fall off after a couple of days. In fact, tea tree oil is beneficial and not harmful for the skin. Moreover, tea tree oil is a simple way of skin tags removal that mainly used in beauty products. Besides, apple cider vinegar is also good for skin tags removal and the method of application is same as that of tea tree oil.

how to remove skin tags yourself


The other natural way is using a herbal extract like dermisil for skin tags. Dermisil products have natural extracts of dermisil. This is natural medicine extracted from 3 plants that are: Ricinus communis, Thuja occidentalis and Melaleuca alternifolia. These three plant are very well known for their healing effects on many severe skin conditions. Just by applying it for a couple of days, dermisil will help the skin tag to dissolve.

Duct Tape

To remove skin tags yourself, you can use a duct tape. You have to put a duct tape around your skin tag for at least two days. And the skin tag will fall off just after a few days. Using a duct tape is really a fast and effective skin tag home remedy because duct tape stimulates the skin to push out your skin tag. So, when we remove the duct tape after a few days, the skin tag falls off as well.

Dental Floss

In fact, this method with dental floss is widely used for skin tags removal. You have to tie dental floss to the base of the skin tag. Keep in mind that the dental floss should be tightly tied to the bottom of the skin tag. Your efforts won’t be of much use if you keep it lose. For the next three-four days, you should not touch the dental floss. Then, you will see that the skin tag has turned black and fallen off after three-four days. This means that we stop the supply of blood to skin tag making it falls off just by tying a dental floss around it. Many people suggest cutting the skin tag after tying the dental floss. However, doing so is not advisable just because it can cause excessive blood loss which can lead to infections. Also, if you use plain thread, it may not be sterilized and may lead to infections as well. Another point to remember, you should not use the dental floss method for skin tag on groins and other delicate body parts.

Nail Polish

With this method, applying nail polish on the skin tag twice a day is all you have to do, then the skin tag will vanish together with the drying nail polish. However, you need to repeat this method for about two weeks to see the positive result. I don’t think is difficult any more. This method of removing skin tags with nail polish does not have side effects.

The methods listed above teach you how to remove skin tags yourself are the most effective and most widely used. In addition to these, there are a few more ways for removing skin tags.

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