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How to Kill Hunger Pains

How to Kill Hunger PainsWhether you didn’t get enough to eat in your last meal or are on a weight loss plan, hunger pangs can prove to be highly inconvenient. Ranging from paralyzing to barely noticeable, hunger pains usually occur when the body decides that it is time for you to get food. Of course, the quickest way to alleviate these pangs is to eat something. However, this can sabotage the healthy-eating efforts that an individual may be making. Therefore, it is better to choose foods carefully when people are attempting to get rid of these hunger pains. Here are some tips that can be helpful in that regard:

  • Consider taking a meal that is high in fiber content. Long after one eats, the fiber helps in keeping them full so they will not suffer from any hunger pains before it is time for their next meal. Peas, lentils, yams and black beans are some foods that are rich in fiber.
  • If there is an hour or so before the time of the next meal, it is best for people to snack on fruits and veggies. As they have a protective barrier, transporting bananas is easy for people when they are on the move. Other items such as watermelon, carrots, tomatoes and grapefruit have a high water content so they also give people a full feeling. Oranges, snow peas and bananas are portable fruits and veggies that can be chosen by on-the-go and busy individuals.
  • When people don’t have access to fruits and vegetables and hunger pains strike, they can make use of whole grain snacks. These are complex carbohydrates, which means that it takes the body time to break them down. Not only will hunger pains be suppressed by eating whole grain chips, crackers and bread, but people will also feel satisfied for an extended period after eating them and will not get the urge to snack again before their next meal.
  • In case a craving for sweets accompanies your hunger pangs, people should light a sweet-scented candle. The smell of vanilla, cinnamon or coconut is all that individuals may need for alleviating the hunger pains for a little while.
  • Deep breathing should also be practiced by people in order to relieve stress. It is essential to reduce stress because it is a contributing factor to hunger pains. People feel less full after eating a meal if they are stressed. When individuals suffer from hunger pains during meals, they can inhale and exhale five times for curbing them. Five minutes should be spent on breathing deeply until people feel less hungry and relaxed.
  • A refillable water bottle should be carried around by people wherever they go and they should immediately drink water as soon as they experience any hunger pangs. The feeling of dehydration may be mistaken for hunger so drinking fluids may assuage the pangs. At least eight ounces of water should be consumed at a time and a clean water bottle should be used to prevent any diseases.
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