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How to grow taller fast – 3 natural ways to grow taller

Why And How to Grow Taller Fast?

Height matter can adds confidence on any person regardless man or female, age and religious. Everyone always dream of having a perfect body especially with ideal height, but all are given this special gift. For young people, it is not impossible to grow taller because they know the way of increasing height with proper diet, exercises and sports. However, it is extremely difficult for adults to even increase just an inch.

In addition, it is found that tall men seem to be more attractive as women almost prefer taller men to the shorter. Also, it is very common to see women at the work place wearing high heeled shoes all in an effort increase height. So, as opposed to men, it is much easier for women to appear taller than their actually height.

The goal of this article is to provide you a comprehensive guide on how to grow taller fast and easily with all the natural and effective medical proven methods that have been practiced and developed by many height increase seekers around the world. Though these methods provide no guarantee that everyone will certainly grow taller while following them, but they can offer a ray of hope to increase height by a few inches even beyond puberty. As a matter of fact, that is mostly depending upon your lifestyle, diet, level of commitment, plus other internal and external factors.

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Or not, let’s continue with today’s topic on how to grow taller fast and naturally with 3 basic methods below:

how to grow taller fast tips

1. Height Increase Exercises

In fact, among all height increase exercises, stretching is the best form of exercise to grow taller naturally. Below are just some of those ways to grow taller:

Hanging exercises

You can make use of an exercising bar everyday to increase your height. It’s really easily as all you need to do is to hold on to the bar as long as you can resist it. Just let your body hang with the shoulder apart for about 10-15 seconds and even more. Then, have a short break for a couple of minutes and repeat the exercise until you are able to spend at least 5 minutes on the bar.


In order to merely stretch your spine, cobra is one of the simplest forms of height increase exercises. All you need is to lie on the floor with your face down, palms on the floor under the shoulders. Then start arching your spine as far as you can upward leading to the chin for at least 10-30 seconds before stopping and doing it over again. In fact, it may hurt a bit especially if you are not into any exercise routine at that time. You should do this once in the morning and once before going to bed. Also, you can do some turning and twisting then make it your bedtime habit.

Pedaling Exercises

This pedaling exercise will help loosen your neck joints. With this exercise, you should lie on the bed, and lift your lower body slowly and carefully support it by putting your hands under the hips. After that, straighten up your legs in the air and do some pedaling. After pedaling for about 60 seconds, you should take a break for a while and then repeat the routine.

Besides these stretching exercises, you can also do other sports like cycling, swimming or badminton. With tough sports like rugby and soccer, you should try to avoid because these sports may hurt your bones and ligaments. If you still love and don’t want to give up playing these sports, you can play with care together with applying accessories like shin guards and knee supports.

You should do these exercises regularly in addition to equipping them with proper nutrition diet to grow taller naturally. Moreover, there are many other height increase exercises that you can also try.

grow taller naturally tips

2. Growth Nutrition

Compared with Asian people, people from the West and America are blessed with natural taller physique. Even, American children was said to outgrow their parents. However, according to recent studies, Americans seem stop growing taller, and scientists blame this situation to their lifestyle.

That is because of very little nutritional value contained in an average American meal today. Young people would prefer beer than milk and junk food than corn and peanuts. People now love having meal in restaurants and fast food chains so they can not watch out for their diet.

As we know, when a person enters adulthood then it’s time of stop growing taller. That is because when a person gets older, the bones as well as the growth plates begin to deteriorate. So, as early as possible especially during your childhood, you should start working on it if you really want to grow taller.

So, how to grow taller fast and naturally?

You should know that growth can’t be developed just by taking supplements or pills. In addition, it’s even become one of your hardest challenges you ever encounter to gain height by undergoing surgery wherein artificial bones are inserted into your legs.

Nutrition Diet

How you can grow taller with food? Growth nutrition is one of the most things that everyone should observe. Nutrition and growth are two different things that always go together. Everytime you have nutritious food and beverages, that means you are feeding your body with vitamins and minerals, and other essential substances that help in the development of cell, tissue and bone. In case your bones are not healthy, then exercising simply can’t give you the results that you dreamed.

Here are essential things that you should incorporate in your healthy diet in suitable amount to grow taller naturally:

  • Water
  • Minerals
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein fats

However, the best ways to grow taller and maintain physical health are eating the right food at the right amount together with doing regular height increase exercises.

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3. Proper Sleep

ways to grow taller naturally

In this section you will discover how you can correct a few sleeping practices that deceive you of higher height potential. In fact, many of you often get just about 3-4 hours of sleep every night. Do you know that if you remained in bed for a number of hours per day, then you would increase your height up to full inch just within that time?

However, this raise in height is just a non permanent condition as the forces of gravity compress the disc between the vertebrae to their initial width once you are up and around, then, you may revert back to your initial height. Besides, there may be no force on the vertebral disc when you lying in bed. This will allow it to develop but only a little percentage of this natural growth is maintained. So, in order to reinforce and retain the development at its peak, you should apply regular exercise routine.

In contrast, you must make sure that you take enough rest and the exercise routine is ineffective independently as a way to obtain the most advantages of any exercise plan. As usually, for ideal outcomes, scientists highly suggest we should have no less than 8 hours of sleep per day. In addition, there are some significant points you need to know in relation to sleeping.

In order to keep your spine as straight as possible while sleeping, you should make sure that the mattress you are using is firm and comfortable enough to provide your body with full support for a straight posture setting.

Besides, another bad habit or also a typical error that the majority of us must get rid of is using improper pillow. As the master of fact, we tend to be attached and commonly think that a pillow allows for a more comfy night sleep and recognize this just as the most relaxed technique to sleep. You should think a bit about these following positions: If you lie on your back with head resting on the pillow, your neck is commonly bent forward. In wrong position, your back is arched and your head is pushed forward. So, in most cases, if you have problems with neck or back discomfort, you can almost blame it on you mattress or pillow.

For increasing height, it is good for you to sleep in an effective position to keep your spine straight. Then, you should lie on your back with your arms and legs stretched toward the foot of your bed and let your body to be comfortable. In addition, for more relaxed, your head may turn to the left or right, and your arms may also bended. For the first number of nights, this right position may be not comfortable, but your body will sooner or later get used to this method of sleeping. Then, you will not only have a far more relaxed sleep, but also see a few extra inches.

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