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Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Health

Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Health

Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Health

Human health and wellness cannot be achieved without some vitamins and minerals as they provide protection against illnesses and also help with body functions. If people eat a varied diet that comprises of nutrients and don’t suffer from any vitamin deficiency, they probably get the minerals and vitamins naturally. However, if you skimp on some types of foods like most people, then you may have to change your diet and lifestyle or eat some supplements. Some of the minerals and vitamins that are vital to your health are mentioned below:

Vitamin D

Calcium absorption by the body is made possible with Vitamin D, which is essential for keeping bones strong. Apart from that, Vitamin D keeps the body safe from viruses and infections and promotes better functioning of the nerves and muscles. Getting 10 minutes of sunlight daily is enough for you to get the Vitamin D that your body needs. This is especially important in the winter season when people tend to stay inside. Individuals with darker skin may have to spend a bit more time in the sun to ensure their body gets a sufficient amount.


For most enzymes and proteins, iron is a crucial component because it helps in transporting oxygen around the body and promotes cell growth. Oysters, soybeans and lentils are some foods that are rich in iron. Oatmeal and cereal are also fortified with iron. Women who have been diagnosed with a deficiency of iron or are of menstruating age should take iron supplements.

Vitamin C

An antioxidant that provides protection to the body from damage inflicted by free radicals is Vitamin C. These are the molecules responsible for tissue damage and aging. Collagen is also made by Vitamin C, which is helpful in healing wounds. Eating fruits and vegetables regularly can provide you with enough Vitamin C that you don’t need a supplement unless you have a deficiency.

Vitamin A

Found in fruits and vegetables and meats, Vitamin A can be extremely beneficial in cell growth, the immune system and vision. Orange vegetables like carrots, squash and pumpkins contain a type of Vitamin A called beta-carotene.


This is especially needed by pregnant woman suffering from rapid division of cells and infants. It can also prove to be helpful for the body in the process of making new cells. A folate supplement should be taken by all women who are of a childbearing age. Deficiencies of folate have been known to increase the chances of cancer and lead to birth defects too.

Vitamin B12

Essential Vitamins and Minerals for HealthRed blood cells can be formed with Vitamin B12 and it also gives assistance in the making of DNA along with improving brain function. However, the body can only absorb Vitamin B12 when they have acid in the stomach. Therefore, individuals taking antacids or diabetic medicine will not be able to absorb it and should avoid taking it. If you feel cranky and tired, get your Vitamin B12 levels as these are symptoms of a deficiency, along with numbness, tingling and memory loss.

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