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Positive and side effects of soda consumption on nutrition and health you should care about

Soda and soft drinks are common in modern life. You might hear about side effects of soda. But you should have an overview of all about this soft drink because it still includes benefits for health. This article will help you have a full look of effects of soda, including the pros and cons.

Positive & Negative Effects Of Soda On Health – Take A Deeper Look At This Soft Drink

Soda is carbonated water, which containing carbon dioxide gas and make liquid fizzy and bubbly. Soda is also known as pop. People consume it as regular water, and enjoy this soft drink in parties with their family and friends. Soda has been associated with negative effects like obesity, calcium depletion and tooth decay. Nevertheless, soda as other beverages has health benefits like promoting hydration, relieving stomach problems. Below are more details of positive and negative effects of soda. Take a deeper look at these now!

I. Positive Effects Of Soda On Health

1. Soda Helps Relieve Stomach Problems

Carbonated drinks like soda can help relieve stomach problems like nausea and indigestion. A study released by the Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology in 2002 proven the positive effect of soda on indigestion. Although there is a few new researches on this drink, many people enjoy soda and non-caffeinated beverages to reduce nausea. effects of soda on the body

2. Effects Of Soda On Treating Constipation

Constipation is characterized by the lack of bowel movements fewer than 3 times per week as well as bowel disorder. People who suffer from constipation can experience gas, painful bowel movements and bloating. Carbonated water like soda is beneficial to treat constipation, according to the same study conducted by some scientists in the Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology. Researchers had 21 people with constipation symptoms. They were divided into 2 groups. People who drank carbonated water had less constipation than those who drank tap water. Besides, soda may temporarily boost your metabolic rate.

3. Soda Is Good For Hydration

Soda can hydrate you as well as water does. This drink can be a good diuretic. According to The Mayo Clinic, people can drink 64 fluid ounces per day to supply the body with hydration needs.

However, doses of caffeine in soda and other soft drinks (over 500 milligrams) may cause dehydration.

Moreover, carbonated beverage can make you get full, so it helps decrease your food consumption and aids in losing weight.

In case, you have to work hard and lose much energy, sodas with high amounts of calories and sugar can help you get strong, relaxed and increase calorie intake.

Furthermore, some soft drink manufactures add more nutrients and minerals to nutritional values of sodas so that these drinks can be ideal beverages aiding to treat nutritional deficiencies.

4. Soda Helps Cure Kidney Problems

Soda is not only good for hydration but also helps to reverse kidney problems.

A study from Harvard Medical School of over 3,000 women has found that soda helped reduce 2-fold risk of kidney diseases.

With regard to kidney problems and sodas, researchers have found that a compound in sodas, called citrate is included in sodas can help inhibit formation of kidney stones. Further researches are required to proven to treat kidney stone and improve kidney health because there’re other studies suggesting that sodas may disrupt human’s kidney function.

II. Negative Effects Of Soda On Health

Although soda and carbonated water may have health benefits, you should consider drinking this beverage in moderation because it may cause numerous health problems. The following are typical side effects of drinking sodas.

1. Soda Causes Blood Sugar Problems

According to the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a can of soda (12 ounces) contains around 33grs of sugar. In fact, there is no official recommend on using daily sugar, but people should consume 30grs of sugar a day. Accordingly, the fact of sugar in soda is higher than regular sugar intake on average. The Mayo Clinic reports have shown that soda can contribute to blood sugar problems. Therefore, diabetes patients should avoid drinking soda to lower the risk on insulin.

effects of soda on teeth

2. Soda Causes Your Sugar Cravings And Weight Gain

As you know, soda as well as other soft drinks contains a large amount of chemical flavoring and artificial sweeteners. Of course, many people love sugar, and soda can cause your sugar cravings. An excessive calories intake of this drink can lead to your weight gain or obesity.

Many studies in animals have shown that animals that consumed artificial sweeteners in soft drinks increased their calorie intake, stored their fat, and subsequently experienced weight gain. The studies also indicated that there’s a link between obesity and the increased soda intake. Make your own diet, change your eating habit with less sugar to reduce the risk of weight gain and stop your sugar cravings.

According to USDA, there are 16% of calories in American’s diet coming from refined sugars and about a half of those calories comes from soft drinks. “Sodas can be an occasional treat, but they now are part of the culture.” Jacobson, from the USDA says.

In addition, many pediatricians who cure overweight children reveals that many patients take about 1,000 to 2,000 calories per day from just soft drinks.

Many children drink soda and soft drink all day with no wonder they are getting fat.

The Beverage Association, USA indicates that sodas take too much blame for weight gain and obesity. “Calorie is just calorie and the data have shown that American people take too many calories,” says Maureen, the ABA’s vice president. According to Maureen, it is just the matter of calories in sodas. If you can control of doses of soda intake, you should not worry about the risk of weight gain or obesity.

3. Effects Of Soda On Pregnant Women  effects of soda on the human body

If you are pregnant, pay attention to soda consumption. In fact, during your pregnancy, you have many changes in hormone and you may have anxiety, mood swings and food cravings, not except for sugar cravings. Soda is one of sugary food sources, so if you hungry for soda or any soft drink, forget this beverage because it can cause some side effects on pregnant women such as lethargy, nausea, fatigue or headaches. Instead of that, you can choose fresh fruit juices or homemade smoothies because these drinks provide you with more healthy nutrients.

For moms, all of you can check out Fit Yummy Mymmy.

4. Soda Causes Metabolic Problems

According to a study f 10,000 adults from University of Minnesota in 2008, just 1 soda can per day is linked to 34% of high risk of metabolic problems. The metabolic symptoms include high cholesterol, belly fat that absolutely can increase the risk of heart disease and fatigue.

5. Cell Damage Can Be Caused By Sodas

According to some recent studies University of Sheffield, UK, chemicals in sodas can develop severe damage to DNA. The preservative can be linked to asthma, hives and other allergic problems. Sodium benzoate in many sodas is chemical that can damage your body cells. Pepsi and Coke have replaced this component by another preservative, called potassium benzoate. However, both potassium and sodium benzoate are classified by Food Commission, UK as different mild irritants to skin, eyes as well as mucous membranes.

6. Soda Causes Reproductive Problems

It is found that most soft drink cans are coated with endocrine disruptor, called Bisphenol that has been associated with anything from obesity to heart disease to reproductive problems.

effects of soda on health7. Effects Of Soda On Teeth

With the pH level 3.2, soda is acidic. The acid can cause you unhealthy teeth like tooth decay or tooth loss. A long-term consumption of soda can cause cumulative effects on your tooth enamel.

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8. Soda Causes Fatty Liver Disease

A research from Ziv Medical Center, Israel in 2008has shown that soft drink consumption can cause fatty liver disease. In the study, more than 80% of people who did not consume soft drinks were free from the risk of fatty liver presence.

Besides, soda is also linked to some health problems like bone loss, dramatic increased fat around skeletal muscles, triglyceride blood fats and other fats.

Therefore, pay attention to use soda to get rid of unwanted side effects of soda.

III. How To Consume Soda effects of soda on bones

Sodas and other soft drinks have both benefits and side effects. It’s an essential drink to warm up parties or gatherings. You can put this drink out of your diet for some health problems you may get. But if you consume it in the right way, I’m sure that you will have no problems with this drink.

Below are some advice and tips for you to consume soda.

According to nutritionists and dentists, you should reduce amounts of soda you drink to avoid oral problems.

Because sodas are hard on teeth and acid included in sodas can damage your tooth enamel, so remember to practice good oral hygiene.

If you love this fizzy and bubbly drink, choose some kinds of sodas that contain less acid and sugar to reduce the risk of tooth decay and other tooth problems.

Do not drink large doses of sodas in a meal.

Remember to brush your teeth with toothpaste including fluoride after drinking sodas in order to strengthen your tooth enamel and reduce the formation and development of cavities.

Do not encourage kids to drink soda daily, but your family can enjoy it in parties or weekend meals.

After drinking sodas or any soft drink, don’t forget to rinse with water to remove vestiges of sodas. This task can help prolong exposure of your tooth enamel to harmful acids in sodas.

I’ve introduced an overview of both positive and negative effects of soda on health to you. It’s hoped that you now get clear about all features and the different effects of this drink and consume it for good.

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