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Diet plan to lose weight – set your own diet meal plans

With diet meal plans, you know ahead of time and which foods you should eat every day. So, you can find success in your weight loss. Just by following a diet plan to lose weight, you will know how many calories you are consuming on a daily basis that brings you closer to your goal. When you have a structured eating plan you may avoid unwanted overeating as well as snacking on unhealthy foods.

Besides, in order to lose weight quickly you do not need to have packaged meals or processed foods. You can make your own meals that filled with nutritious foods and low in calories. In addition, to motivate you to stick with them, diet meal plans should be flexible and various. The most effective diet plan to lose weight can promote you to lose of around 5 to 10 lbs. per month. However, before embarking on any low-calorie diet meal plans, you should speak to your doctor or a nutritionist about your dietary concerns.

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Set Your Own Diet Plan To Lose Weight

your diet plan to lose weight


As we almost know, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. As a matter of fact, breakfast can decreases satiety, jump-starts your metabolism, and can even prevent overeating later in the day. In the morning meal, you should include protein, whole grains and fruit. Eggs, peanut butter, low fat cheese, low fat yogurt and even lean bacon are choices for lean protein. You should also consume whole grains in the breakfast. Whole grains not only provide essential nutrients to your meal but also keep you full longer because of their fiber content. So, you should have a breakfast that is high in fiber but low in added sugar as well as saturated fat.

Start your day with some healthy breakfast choices like unsweetened steel-cut oats made with water or nonfat milk and topped with blueberries or a sprinkling of toasted nuts. Some other options for breakfast include one serving of whole grain cereal with a 1/2 cup yogurt or two eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter. Besides, you can enjoy fat-burning foods like grapefruit or unsweetened grapefruit juice, make a homemade vegetable drink of tomato, balsamic vinegar, onion, cucumber and a splash of olive oil, or smoothies that is blending carrots, spinach and apples.


Every day, you should have lunch whether you pack it or eat out. When prepared the right way, sandwiches are also a healthy choice for your lunch. You should choose a lean meat like turkey, whole grain bread, load the sandwich with veggies and skip the mayo and opt for mustard. You can also try making your lunch lower in calories with a salad filling with a leafy green salad dressed with olive oil, avocado slices, beans, chicken, nuts round off a healthy meal and finish your salad with a light dressing and some whole grain crackers on the side.

All in all, you should eat a light but filling sources of protein, such as lentil vegetable soup, hummus, or grilled fish; a fiber-filled whole grain like couscous, quinoa, wild rice or brown rice. In addition, you should avoid foods containing trans-fat and saturated fat such as junk food, fast food and snack food in your diet plan to lose weight.


You may feel more challenged to have a low-calorie dinner after a day of healthful eating. As a matter of fact, because of the shortest amount of time to burn it off, your dinner should be the smallest meal of the day. So, in your evening meal, you should have a healthy serving of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Fill up fast with a fiber-filled appetizer of fresh berries and a dollop of nonfat Greek yogurt; add some variety to your side dishes with roast or marinate some vegetables; and try a vegetable broth-based soup, like roasted butternut squash blended with roasted garlic and broth. Besides, you can add a 1-ounce portion of a whole grain like whole wheat pasta, millet, amaranth, barley or polenta, and have grilled skinless poultry, legumes or nuts as some protein to your dieting. And lastly, you can replace your dessert with fresh fruit to your diet meal plans.


Beverages are one of the ways calories sneak into a healthy diet. Beverages like flavored waters, soft drinks, sweetened juices, and syrupy coffee can add up to 500 calories to your meal. You may feel boring but plain water is the simplest no-calorie option for your diet. So, for a change of flavor, you can try unsweetened mint iced tea or green tea. In addition, you can also try caffeine without the calories just by using spike black coffee with vanilla, cinnamon and nonfat milk.

your diet meal plans


You know, five to six small meals throughout the day are recommended, and snacks should be consumed two times. Snack should be balanced with a protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat because healthy snacks can prevent overeating at main meals. Healthy options for snacks are apples and peanut butter, cheese and 10 whole grain crackers, popcorn, veggies and hummus, cottage cheese and two graham crackers.

All in all, just by setting your own suitable diet meal plans, you can actually lose weight fast and safe.

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