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Take a deeper look at benefits of seaweed that are more awesome than you ever know

Seaweed is considered a super food and has been used by ancestors for health and longevity for more than 2,000 years. This article will reveals more details about wonderful benefits of seaweed. Let’s spend a couple of minutes to check out!

Benefits Of Seaweed – What Makes This Sea Plant Become The Superfood

I. Nutritional Facts Of Seaweed

benefits of seaweed saladSeaweed has an extraordinary source of essential mineral elements, multiple vitamins and other acids, amines, including vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium, iron, selenium, nickel, nitrogen, magnesium, iodine, soluble fiber, fatty acids, protein, EPA, fiber, sulfur, boron, nitrogen, zinc, copper, chromium, bromine and a lot more.

Both raw and sun-dried seaweed contain high protein content: 20 per cent in green algae, 70 per cent in spirulina. Seaweed has high amounts of minerals, especially iron, calcium, magnesium and iodine. Vitamin C in seaweed is found to be higher than that in orange.

It is also interesting to know that seaweed is the richest plant in calcium.

Polysaccharides in seaweed is an agent to prevent degenerative diseases like type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease, improve liver function and stabilize the blood sugar.

For centuries, sea plants have been used as a food around the world. Seaweed has been consumed as common ingredients in daily meals in Japan, China and Korea with famous dishes like seaweed soups, sushi, seaweed salads and more. In European countries, seaweed is used as snacks or a condiment, which is added to soups, salads and stir-fried recipes.

II. Benefits Of Seaweed

benefits of seaweed for skinMany researches on seaweed have proven that this sea vegetable has super benefits for health such as improving memory, thyroid function, digestive function, skin, vision, dental health, immune system, heart health and preventing infection, high blood pressure, allergies, controlling cholesterol levels and more.

The following are detailed descriptions about benefits of seaweed.

1. Benefits Of Seaweed In Cancer Prevention

Like sesame seeds and flaxseeds,

seaweed is high in a type of phyoestrogen, called lignans. This phyoestrogen can prevent colon cancer and breast cancer.

A study from Harvard University has shown that regular consumption of seaweed helped reduce the rate of breast cancer in Japanese women more than American women who did not often consume seaweed.

2. Seaweed Helps Prevent Birth Defects

benefits of seaweed snacksSeaweed is high in the folic acid. This component plays an important protective role to prevent birth defects, like spina bifida. Iron also helps break down a dangerous chemical, called homocysteine. This Homocysteine can damage blood vessel and associate with high risks of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

3. Seaweed Helps Protect You From Cardiovascular Diseases

Sea plants pack a powerful punch against cardiovascular diseases. In addition, with a high source of folic acid and magnesium, seaweed also helps prevent heart strokes and lower high blood pressure.

In addition to their folic acid, sea vegetables are also a very good source of magnesium, which has been shown to reduce high blood pressure and prevent heart attack.

4. Seaweed Is Good For Stress Relief

If you get tired and stressed, eat seaweed soup! This is a natural cure for fatigue and depression. Many studies have found that magnesium, riboflavin and pantothnic acid are high in sea plants and they are necessary to boost energy, improve cognitive functions, especially pantothenic is helpful for adrenal glands.

5. Seaweed Is Great For Digestive System

benefits of seaweed reviewSeaweed is high in fiber that are good for improve digestion. According to a study from the University of Newcastle, the scientists have shown that alginate in sea vegetables can strengthen gut mucus and improve digestion.

Another study from Japan had also shown that eating seaweed regularly could help increase good bacteria in human gut. This enzyme in the gut is called Kombu. 

6. Seaweed Helps Cleanse Waste And Detox The Body

A research from Canada had proven that sea vegetables are great sources to detox the body from chemical strontium.

Besides, seaweed also helps mop up lead and toxin cadmium from cigarette smoke and environment from transport and industrial zones.

7. Benefits Of Seaweed For Urination And Reduce Swelling

In the Caribbean and Ireland, seaweed is cooked as drinks and soups, especially for people after their illnesses.

According to a study from China, these drinks and soups help reduce phlegm, promote urination, soften harness as well as reduce swelling effectively.

8. Seaweed Helps Keep Thyroid Function Healthy

With a good source of iodine content, seaweed is known for producing thyroxine and triiodothyromine. These 2 hormones work to regulate metabolism of body cells, improve thyroid function and prevent the deficiency of thyroid, commonly called goiter. According to recent report, there are over 200 million goiters worldwide, suffering from iodine deficiency.

9. Seaweed Helps Protect Your Bones From Fractures

With a high amount of vitamin K, seaweed also helps prevent bone loss. A study on this field has proven that women who experienced bone loss and their bone health was significantly improved after using seaweed diet, with good sources of vitamin K.

10. Benefits Of Seaweed On Relaxing Your Muscles And Nerves

benefits of seaweed guideMagnesium is rich in seaweed and this macro-mineral helps relax muscles and nerves of your body very effectively. Therefore, add seaweed products to your diet if you have muscle and nervous pain.

11. Seaweed Helps You Have Better Sleeps

With the help of tryptophan in sea plants, they help you have better sleeps.  Tryptophan is an amino acid, which plays an important role in restfulness, sleep and relaxation.

12. Seaweed Helps Prevent Inflammation

Fucoidan or fucans is a polysaccharide in most sea vegetables. They are also considered an agent with anti-viral, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant properties. Therefore, they help eliminate inflammation in your body quickly and naturally.

13. Seaweed Helps Lower Ageing And Regulate Sex Glands

According to NaturalNews, Seaweed is used to boost overall health, including the positive effects of seaweed in regulating sex glands.

People who have daily consumption of seaweed often have wonderful sexual health.

According to many studies on sea plants, they are also linked to energy improvement and libido increase. Many kind of sea vegetables, including red seaweed, blue green seaweed, brown seaweed and green seaweed have aphrodisiac properties. These minerals help produce hormones to lengthen menstrual cycle and pull of menopause in women.

In addition, seaweed, with an excellent source of vitamin E also benefits men to produce more healthy sperm. This vitamin also beats free radicals, which are found in sperm membrane and it helps regulate sex glands.

14. Seaweed Helps Lose Excess Weight
Seaweed is high in nutrients and low in and calories. Thus, this is a wonderful food for people, who want to reduce excess weight. There are different kinds of sea vegetables and seaweed wakame is remarkable seaweed to lose weight. It contains pigmentation, called fucoxanthin and this component assist in insuline resistance and aid in fat burning.

15. Seaweed Helps Reduce Bloating

Sea plants flush excess fluid. This is a natural diuretic to ease bloating pain. In addition, magnesium in sea vegetables also benefits to cure bloating.

16. Benefits Of Seaweed On Hair And Skin Health

Beside benefits of seaweed on treating and preventing diseases, seaweed is also beneficial to enhance skin and hair health.

With many essential nutrients included in seaweed like protein, vitamins and minerals, seaweed is used in daily meals and cosmetic industry to improve skin and hair health.

In Japanese, local women add sea vegetables to their macrobiotic diets and that is the reason why they often appear with glowing complexions and lustrous hair.

There are different seaweed skincare and hair care products in the market and they are friendly source to consume such as seaweed facial masks, seaweed lotions, seaweed creams, seaweed hair conditioners, seaweed hair shampoos, bath creams and so on.

For more details, seaweed contained concentrated antioxidants so that it can be used to moisturize skin, tone skin, and whiten skin. Especially, caroline is found in seaweed dramatically prevent you from skin ageing and reinforce cell membranes against free radicals.  The seaweed extracts can re-organize the structures of your skin cell membranes, reverse skin damage and restore skin cells to their healthier state.

In addition, seaweed extracts are also powerful weapons to fight off pigmentation. The micro seaweed extracts can address changes of vascular combat redness to give you clearer skin. Besides, seaweed is also helpful for pregnant women to prevent their dermal discoloration during their pregnancy.

If you suffer from skin sensitivity or spots, seaweed can help you to eliminate these skin problems effectively and naturally. You can try using some seaweed skincare products to experience their results for your skin!

17. Benefits Of Seaweed In Lengthen Longevity

benefits of seaweed downloadWith healthy nutrients in sea plants, they are considered as a magical method to lengthen longevity. The facts have shown that Japanese people have the highest lifespan in the world due to their eating cuisine, food ingredients in which there is the contribution of seaweed.

III. How To Cook & Eat Sea Plants

Seaweed can be consumed in different forms like a raw food (not different to other vegetables) while dried seaweed and seaweed powder can be used as a condiment to cook different recipes. There are various recipes made of seaweed, especially Japanese cuisine like sushi, seaweed chips, seaweed rice cakes, seaweed soups, seaweed salads and more!

The first thing to do is go shopping. Select fresh sea vegetables. They can appear in different texture (papery texture or chewy texture). However, the high quality sea plants must have fishy and briny taste. Next, bring them home. Make it as salads or raw foods, making soups or dry these seaweeds and use them later.

The article just has introduced you a full picture of benefits of seaweed for health. It’s hoped that you will love and use this marine food more often to make your health different.

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