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Raise your glass for health benefits of red wine and discover reason to love red wine

Cheers To Your Health With The Benefits Of Red Wine

benefits of red wine vinegar1. Lower Cholesterol Levels

According to a study in Spain, high-fiber red grapes are used to make red wine and this drink has a great effect on normalizing cholesterol levels. Red wine is high in resveratrol, an antioxidant compound. Resveratrol protects arteries and heart against effects of saturated fat in food. Therefore, drinking 1 glass of red wine per day can protect your from heart problems and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, sapponins and flavonoids in red wine also protect heart from cardiovascular disease. The level of alcohol in red wine can raise the level of good HDL cholesterol to stop the formation of blood clots and protect arteries from bad LDL cholesterol.

Red wine is nearly a type of asporin. So be careful to use it with a moderate dose of wine. 

2. Control Your Blood Sugar

The natural compound resveratrol in the skin of grapes is good to stimulate insulin secretion, activate a type of protein to regulate insulin sensitivity, glucose and blood sugar levels, according to a recent research in Journal Nutrition. You just need to use 250 mg of resveratrol once a day during 3 month to lower blood pressure. This cure is more effective than any pill for high blood sugar on the current market.

3. Boost Brain, Prevent Dementia And Stroke Damage

benefits of red wine during pregnancyResveratrol is also the key to a sharp memory, by drinking red wine; you can lower memory disorder and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

In a report published by Medical Center at Loyola University, the researcher found out that resveratrol in red wine can keep your blood vessels flexible and maintain a regular blood supply to your brain.

Both red wines and white wines contain resveratrol, but resveratrol has more in the skin of red grapes, the materials to make red wine. Resveratrol helps to lower 23% of dementia, in comparison with those who never use alcoholic beverage, according to a study in Beuropsychiatric Disease Journal. 

Besides, red wine can protect your brain from strokes. Resveratrol works to raise the level of an enxyme, called heme oxygenase to protect your nerve cells from stroke damage.

4. Prevent Blinding Diseases

Don’t you know that using red wine is a powerful way to keep eye blood vessel growth in control? As a result, you will prevent the risk of blindness.

The study at St. Louis explained that red wine, peanuts, blueberries, grape and other plants are also high in resveratrol and good to prevent blinding diseases.

5. Cure Cold Fast And Prevent Illnesses

benefits of red wine at nightRed wine is rich in antioxidants. This component can protect your body cells from factors of free radicals, which play an important role in many health problems and diseases. Therefore, you should keep a healthy red wine habit to get rid of different illnesses, including colds.

According to a study at Journey of Epidemiology in 2010, people who drink over 14 weekly glasses of red wine per year can lower 40% of common cold. 

6. Prevent Cancer

I bet that you will love red wine more when discovering the benefits of red wine in cancer preventability and cancer treatments.

According to an investigation at Virginia University, a moderate intake of red wine in daily meals can starve cancel cells. In other words, it is resveratrol in red wine that is the key to beat cancerous cell.

a. Prevent Prostate Cancer

benefits of red wine on skin

A study at Harvard Men’s Health in 2007 reported that men drink an average of 4 to 7 weekly glass of red wine can lower 52% of prostate cancer, in comparison with those who rarely drink red wine. The researchers also informed that men drinking one glass of red wine per week can reduce up to 6% of prostate cancer.

b. Prevent Breast Cancer

Beside the benefits of red wine to men, red wine also helps women beat breast cancer. Scientifically, a moderate intake of red wine can help women lower estrogen levels while boosting testosterone. 

7. Get Slim

Beside a variety of benefits of red wine in treating disease and prevent some cancers, red wine is used for fitness goals.

The research in Biological Chemistry Journal had shown that piceatannol actually prevent the body fat cells. But how? According to the researchers, piceatannol can bind to insulin receptors in fat cells, block the pathways for fat cells to grow. So, if you have good red wine habit, you will get many health benefits of red wine, including your body transformation.

benefits of red wine program

8. Protect The Body From Severe Sunburn

To protect your skin from sunburn, you can sunburn creams, but this method just works on the skin surface. So, if you need a better solution for your severe sunburn, try red wine.

According to a report from Barcelona University in Spain, red wine can help you reduce the effects of UV light. The scientists explained that flavonoids, a component is found in red wine can inhibit the growth of reactive oxygen species in human skin cells when you are overexposed to sun.

9. Anti-Aging

A research from Harvard Medical Center revealed that red wine includes anti-aging properties like reveratrol and procyanidins to inhabit aging.

Resveratrol contains in the skin of red grapes that can help human increase life span. The finding shows the link between SIRT1 gene in human body and resveratrol properties in lower the aging

benefits of red wine treatment

In fact, the benefits of red wine for anti-aging have been found for over thousand years ago. Monks through Europe used red wine. They believed that red wine can help them improve health and is a remedy to contribute their life span.                      

Moreover, an investigation from London University shown that a large amount of procyanidins is included in red wine that can keep blood vessels being healthier. Especially, in France and Sardinia, red wine is made in the traditional way, so it has higher level of procyanidins. 

10. Jazz Up Your Dinner

Red wine is a tasty drink and why don’t you use it for jazzing up your dinner?

For those who love red wine, this drink is a part in their daily meals. If you have never had this habit, you should consider it because red wine will help “jazz up” your dinner and give you more happy time.

benefits of red wine pdfInvite your beloved a dinner with a bottle of red wine, some candles, some yummy dishes and you will have a romantic night.

In addition, red wine is also used as a source to spice up some dishes and make them become mouth watering. Try learning some recipes with red wine to have happy diner with all members in your family.

11. Prevent And Cure Type II Diabetes

Red wine not only contains resveratrol but also includes antioxidants, which prevent degenerative illnesses such as type II diabetes. You just need drinking one glass of red wine a day to help improve sensitivity to insulin in human and protect yourself from diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes in the elders, according to scientists from Chinese Sciences Academy.

If you suffer from type II diabetes, use red wine as a natural remedy and alternative treatment for this disease. Why not? To compare with other treatments like using pills and diets, this method is simpler and not expensive!

12. Prevent Liver Diseases

In addition to the proven advantages of red wine to diabetes, red wine is also used to reduce the growth of liver disease. A moderate wine consumption each day can be safe for those who suffer from live diseases and in the high risk of liver problems.

benefits of red wine guide13. Raise The Levels Of Omega 3

Red wine is the levels of Omega 3 in red blood cells and plasma, according to European scientists. According to the researchers, they discovered that regular wind drinkers have high blood levels of Omega 3 and this acid helps to protect people from heart disease.

14. Improve Lung Function And Prevent Lung Cancer

Red wine has positive effects to lung function. Concretely, Dutch researchers have shown that resveratrol in red wine is good for lung. The participants in their research, red wine drinkers have better lung function than those who never drink red wine. In another research published in Cancer Epidemiology, the authors wrote that antioxidants in red wine can be protective for smokers and people who are in the high risk of lung cancer.

15. Prevent Tooth Decay And Gum Disease

There are different of red wines, which are made of different materials and made in different ways. Though they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic red wines, they can harden your enamel and beat Streptococcus mutans – they are a kind of bacterium, living on human teeth and contribute your tooth decay. Moreover, polyphenols, properties found in red wine are also used to prevent you against gum disease and reduce inflammation in gums.

15. Reduce Stress And The Risk Of Depression

benefits of red wine downloadUsing red wine is absolutely an easy way to de-stress. According to a report published in BMC Medicine Journal, drinking some healthy wine and forming a healthy wine using habit can help people reduce depression effectively.

Would you like to start your daily wine intake and utilize these wonderful benefits of red wine immediately?

I have introduced the newest and the most wonderful benefits of red wine. Do you love red wine more and want to use it for good? 

To present your ideas and comments about this article, show some here, at the end of this post! I also welcome you to share the writing with other people who love red wine!

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