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Benefits of oatmeal: What do you know about oatmeal? Let’s discover awesome benefits of this grain!

Oatmeal is known as a way to prevent heart disease. But what other benefits of oatmeal do you know? Read this article to discover all benefits of this wonderful grain! 

Top Reasons To Love Oatmeal And Make Instant Oatmeal

I. Health Benefits Of Oatmeal

Don’t you know that whole grains are a good source to improve daily health and reduce the risk of many diseases? Oatmeal is one of whole grains with many benefits. This blog will show you remarkable benefits of oatmeal, including its health benefits, beauty benefits and instant oatmeal recipes.

1. Lower Cholesterol

benefits of oatmeal bathOatmeal is rich in soluble fiber, which can inhibit human body’s absorption of LDL and reduce cholesterol. If you are diagnosed with unsafe and high cholesterol, it is time for you to apply a diet, including oatmeal in your daily meals. According to nutritionists, oatmeal is one of top foods for improving high cholesterol levels. Exactly, you just need to use a cup of oatmeal containing 5g of fiber for getting beautiful cholesterol improvements by 8% to 20%.

2. Control Weight

Oatmeal contains fiber and it can be combined with other ingredients to make low-carb diets for losing weight. You can combine nuts, ice cream, fruits, cake with oatmeal to add more nutrients to your meals.

benefits of oatmeal on skinBesides, oatmeal does not contain bad fat so it is safe and friendly for all people to use in daily meals.

If you are tired of your weight, feel free to eat oatmeal. Even, oatmeal can reduce the risk of obesity to those who follow meal plan including oatmeal. 

4. Prevent Colorectal Cancer

According to studies in Netherlands and Britain over 2 million people used high fiber diets, including oatmeal and whole grains to successfully reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. As the investigation, the participants just added 10 grams of fiber in their diets and they reduced 10% of colorectal cancer.

5. Prevent Breast Cancer

benefits of oatmeal soapA study from UK has shown that women, especially pre-menopausal women can lower by 41% of breast cancer by eating whole grains like oatmeal. Scientifically, insoluble fiber in oats can attack carcinogens to reduce levels of estrogen in women’s bodies and reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. 

6. Prevent Arteries From Hardening

Avenanthramides are antioxidants found in oatmeal. They not only protect you from heart disease, but also prevent your arteries from hardening. The components suppress the development of molecules for adhering to your arteries.

The researchers and nutritionists found that post-menopausal women can eat 6 servings of oatmeal a week in order to lower the risk of atherosclerosis. Remember that you can combine oatmeal with vitamin C to enhance great benefits of oatmeal. 

7. Prevent Diabetes

Beside a great source of fiber, oatmeal contains a large amount of magnesium for regulating human body’s glucose and insulin levels. The scientists reveal that by using oatmeal in the course of 8 years, people can reduce the risk of diabetes by 31%. Of course, you can combine oatmeal with other ingredients like sweetened milk, fruits, nuts and other spices. 

8. Boost Immune System

benefits of oatmeal face maskAs you know, Oatmeal is high in fiber, including beta-gluten fiber. This fiber works to reduce the risk of heart disease, boot your immune system and fight off bacterial infection.

According to research from Italy, oatmeal can reduce insulin response, blunting glycemic and enhance your immunity against fungi, parasites, bacteria and viruses.

9. Reduce Asthma In Children

According to a study from Finland, the scientists investigated 1293 children and found that children can get later health problems when they eat solid foods too early. The result had shown that children ate oats early; they reduced persistent asthma.

10. Enhance Nutritional Gluten-Free Diets

In recent researches on oatmeal, it is shown that when adding oatmeal to gluten-free diets, this grain can enhance nutritional values of these diets, especially for minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

11. Boot Digestive System

Australian scientists investigated a group of people. Those participants of the study ate a certain diet with different amount of oatmeal. Then, the researchers collected the participants’ blood samples 4 hours after each meal. The results uncovered that there is a significant respond between peptide Y-Y, a hormone related to appetite and oatmeal.

benefits of oatmeal system

People who ate much oatmeal will have better appetite than those who use less oatmeal in their meals.

Moreover, insoluble fiber including in oatmeal also helps you prevent constipation, stop gastroesophageal, GERD. 

12. Boost Insulin Sensitivity

In Clinical Nutrition Journal in 2007, Researchers from Chicago conducted a study on benefits of oatmeal to improvement of insulin sensitivity. The authors carried out a controlled clinical trail of over 90 people, including both men and women. A half of this group used foods; containing oatmeal and another half used optional foods. The results had shown that the oatmeal group improved their insulin sensitivity and the second group had no changes in their insulin sensitivity.  

13. Control Your Appetite And Keep You Feel Full

benefits of oatmeal guideIf you want to enjoy the feeling of getting full, eat oatmeal because this grain can fill you up. In fact, a cup of whole grain oatmeal can cost you just under 150 calories, but it is fiber that make you feel full. In addition to fiber, you also should know that this grain is on the lowest glycemic index. This index allows us know the ranking of carbohydrates, which affect blood sugar in your body. When eating oatmeal, human body digests this grain slowly, delays your hunger pangs and helps you control appetite for good. 

II. Beauty Benefits Of Oatmeal

Beside the wonderful health benefits of oatmeal, oatmeal also benefits you to achieve a natural beauty. The following are great tips to reap benefits of oatmeal to have a more attractive beauty:

1. Shield Your Skin

Hundreds years ago, people discovered the nice effects of oatmeal to dry and irritated skin. Nowadays, modern people mix oatmeal and other ingredients like yogurt or honey to make their DIY facial masks. This kind of mask helps the skin keep its moisture.

2. Bath Soak

In the part, people used oat to cure diseases. They stored raw oatmeal and put the grain into hot baths. This liquid used to sooth chickenpox in children.

benefits of oatmeal book

Today, as you can see oatmeal is common is spas. This grain is used have relaxing baths. The steps to make a relaxing bath are simple. You just need pour some plain oatmeal into a tub with warm water. Next, you can add dried lavender or dome drops of that oil. Soak in an aromatherapy solution for 20 minutes. The oatmeal can cleanse the skin and provide you with more moisture. Lavender will bring you with soothing and calming scent. 

3. Relieve Itchy Skin

In a research released by the Academy Of Dermatology, USA, pH levels in itchy skin are higher than normal skin and oatmeal is very helpful to normalize skin’s pH in dry itchy skin, relieve uncomfortable skin and protect your skin against exterior irritants. 

4. Face Wash

benefits of oatmeal downloadOatmeal is ideal for all types of skin, especially for sensitive skin. Washing your face with oatmeal is the simplest recipe to achieve beautiful skin. The steps are easy to do. Mix oatmeal with one or two teaspoon of honey, then pour a little of warm water into this mixture to have a paste. Rub this paste on your face. Wait for 15 minutes to relieve alleviate dryness and inflamed skin everyday.

5. Exfoliator Treatment

Don’t you know that over-the-counter scrubs can leave skin red and raw? Exfoliating is considered DIY treatment with the application of coconut oil, oatmeal, lukewarm water and this remedy is friendly for your skin. This exfoliator treatment helps you achieve a good-looking glow you always desire.

6. Dry Shampoo With Oatmeal

Beside the benefits of oatmeal for skin, oatmeal is also a source of hair care.

Oatmeal contains saponins, a chemical is found on shampoos and this ingredient is featured by its cleansing properties.

Oatmeal works to remove excess debris and dirt from your head skin. Moreover, oatmeal can be made to become a DIY dry shampoo that helps to eliminate appearance of your dirty hair. 

III. Make Instant Oatmeal Recipes

Do you want to learn oatmeal recipes? This part will introduce some simple yet delicious instant oatmeal recipes to you as follows: 

benefits of oatmeal pdfAdd fresh or frozen fruit. Sliced bananas are particularly good. A little fistful of frozen blueberries not only add flavor to instant oatmeal, but your mouth will marvel over the inviting temperature / texture differential when you bite into each little berry.

Oatmeal recipe 1: Add dried fruits like dried cranberries, dates, raisins, dried cherries and shredded coconut together with oatmeal to have a delicious snack.

Oatmeal recipe 2: Add oatmeal with chopped nuts like almonds and walnuts. Of course, chopped nuts are great ingredients that create a yummy crumbled topping. 

Oatmeal recipe 3: Add 2 tablespoons of granola to oatmeal and you will have a mouthwatering bowl of oatmeal, instead of looking in boring oatmeal and stop your meal fast. 

Oatmeal recipe 4: Make delicious recipe with oatmeal and maple syrup. Why don’t you try making this dish once? It is so easy to carry out!

benefits of oatmeal programOatmeal recipe 5: Add sugar and cinnamon to your oatmeal. Besides, you can add any fruit you like to spice up your taste. No more flavor included! 

Oatmeal recipe 6: If you love yogurt, make this wonderful recipe, mix your favorite yogurts and oatmeal together to have a delicious creamy texture.

Oatmeal recipe 7: Crush your favorite cereal onto oatmeal, mix them well with warm water and you will have a fast and tasty breakfast.

Oatmeal recipe 8: Stir some teaspoons of fruit preserves or jam and put oatmeal into a bowl with this jam. Then, you will have a yummy snack.

Oatmeal recipe 9: Mix oatmeal and ice cream. Next, pour warm water and blend them well to have cool cram mingles.

Oatmeal recipe 10: This recipe is ideal for skinny people. You just need to mix oatmeal with chocolate chips, butter, brown sugar, candy bars, eggnog or whipped cream.

I have shown you two main benefits of oatmeal for health and beauty; and some simple oatmeal recipes. It is it hoped that you find this writing helpful.

If you have any feedback about this article, let me know by posting your comment below!

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