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Benefits of mango – would you like to understand more about this king of fruits?

Mango is a member of the family Anacardiaceae. There are more than 1,000 varieties of mangoes. This is a tree growing in tropical countries like Malaysia, India, Vietnam or Java. Mango is well known as the king of fruits due to its super nutritional values, its delicious flavor and its yellow skin. With high amounts of essential nutrients, this fruit brings human many benefits. In this article, I would like to show you a full picture of benefits of mango, especially its health benefits.

Benefits Of Mango And How To Consume This King Of Fruits For Good 

I. Nutritional Facts Of Mango

benefits of mango systemA cup of 225 grams of mangoes provide you with the following percentages of daily nutritional values:

Calories   105

Vitamin C – immune booster, antioxidant   76%

Vitamin A – vision booster, antioxidant     25 %

Vitamin B complex – brain and heart boosters    11%

Fiber – digestion booster   9%

Copper – red cell booster    9%

Potassium – boosting high sodium    7%

Magnesium – bone and heart booster   4%

Vitamin E – boosting sex driver    6%

II. Benefits Of Mango

Benefits of mango come from its nutritional content, fiber and bioactive compounds. Eating mango can help fight off many health problems and diseases like bacterial infections, constipation, eye disorder, asthma symptoms, clogged pores, dysentery, diarrhea, fever, liver disorder, leucorrhea, heart stroke, hair loss, menstrual disorder, piles, morning sickness, prickly heat, kidney problems, respiratory problems, sinusitis, spleen enlargement, scurvy and more.

The following are remarkable benefits of mango for you to check out: 

1. Mango Helps Reduce Body Weight And Fat

benefits of mango juiceAs you can see, mango is a deliciously sweet fruit. You should add mango to your daily diets to stay healthy and get your health go on track.

In addition, mango contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that help you feel fuller. This fibrous fruit also boosts your digestive function by burning excess calories and helping in fat loss.

According to a recent study from the Oklahoma State University, incorporating this fruit in diets aided in losing weight gain and controlling blood sugar.

The findings have shown that mango affects some factors related to fat metabolism because it helped reduce the circulating levels of leptin. This hormone is made by fat cells and the concentration of these fat cells in the blood. When body fat stores rise, the leptin levels also increase. This hormone plays an important role in the regulation of human appetite. According to the scientists in the research, mice receiving fat diets containing mangoes had lower levels of the hormone leptin than mice eating the other diets. In addition to the benefit of mango on losing fat, mango also exhibits properties of glucose lowering.

2. Relaxing Effects Of Mango

Mango is a great source of Vitamin B6 that is essential for GABA hormone production. This is an important amino acid, acting to inhibit nerve transmission in your brain. Therefore, you will get calming effects and feel relaxed.

3. Mango Helps Boost Metabolism

Mangoes are high in manganese, zinc and copper, manganese and zinc. They are vital enzynes to produce red blood cells. Copper in mango also works with superocide dismutase and cytochrome c-oxidase to improve metabolic system.

4. Benefits Of Mango In Cancer Prevention

Many studies have proven that mango is a powerful course to prevent cancer free radicals, the key factors causing different cancers, especially breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and leukemia cancer.

The studies have shown that polyphenols in mangoes limited inflammatory response in cancerous breast cells. The antioxidants, methyl gallate, gallic acid, astragalin, isoquercitrin, quercetin and other enzymes in this fruit protected cancer patients against chest, colon, prostate and leukemia cancers.

5. Mango Helps Control Cholesterol Levels

Mango is high in vitamin C, fiber and pectin, which help to reduce serum cholesterol. Especially, fresh mangos are rich in potassium, a key component of body fluids and cells. This mineral helps control heart strokes and high blood pressure.

6. Benefits Of Mango For Skin

benefits of mango fruitBesides good effects of mango for disease prevention, mango is also good for skin improvement.

Mango can externally and internally affect your skins and help you achieve healthy skin.

Mango contains antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C so that this fruit can aid in unclogging pores and add more freshness to your face.

Internally, you can eat green mangoes or ripe mangoes as a raw food to supply your skin with additional the antioxidants, and vitamins as I mentioned above.

Externally, you can slice mangoes into thin pieces and apply them on the face for about 15 minutes. Then wash off the face, and see results.

7. Mango Helps Alkalize The Body

According to many studies on mango, this fruit is a rich source of malic acid, tartaric acid, and citric acid so that these nutrients help maintain the alkalinity of your body. In addition, enzymes and fiber in raw mangoes also help improve digestive system and elimination. Fresh mangoes therefore are considered a coolant in summer. Besides, mango juice can help cool down your body and prevent you from sunstroke.

8. Mango Helps Regulate Diabetes

Mango is low in glycemic index (41-60), thus eating mango won’t increase sugar levels and this fruit is safe for diabetics. It helps normalize insulin in your blood.
In addition, mango leaves are also helpful for diabetics. People who suffer from diabetes can boil mango leaves, soak it at night or drink that water in the morning. Similar to mango fruits, mango leaves also help to regulate insulin levels in diabetics.

9. Benefits Of Mango For Eyes

Mango is high in vitamin A. just a cup of sliced mangoes, you will get 25% daily intake of vitamin A. This super vitamin helps promote good vision, fight off dry eyes and also prevent night blindness.

10. Mango Is Good For Heat Stroke

benefits of mango butterMango is high in fiber, vitamin C, pectin, so these nutrients help regulate cholesterol levels and ease your heat stroke.
Mango juice helps cool down your body, prevent you from heat harm and heat stroke. In addition, mango also helps relieve toxin toxins from your kidneys. Both green and ripe mangos work for you.

11. Mango Helps Aid Concentration & Memory

Mango is a rich source of glutamine acid – a protein for memory and concentration. Especially, mango is very good for children and the elder. This fruit helps children concentrate on their studies and helps the elder maintain good memory, plus reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

12. Mango Helps Fight Off Anemia

Mango is high in iron, thus it is a great source for those who suffer from anemia. Especially, pregnant and menopausal women should indulge in this fruit to boost calcium and iron levels at the same time.

13. Mango Helps Reduce Kidney Stones

benefits of mango leavesMango is popular in tropical countries. Chinese people considered mango sour and sweet fruit with the cooling energy. In China, mango is used as a natural remedy to treat kidney diseases, including kidney stone.

14. Mango Is A Stomach Tonic

To strengthen your stomach health and prevent health problems related to your stomach as well as your digestive system, you can drink flitted mango leaf water every morning. Put 10 to 15 mango leaves in a pot, heat it in hot water with a lid. Filter it to drink the liquid and do it regularly.

15. Mango Helps Improve Sex Drive 

Mango is also considered love fruit because it contains aphrodisiac qualities. Mangoes can help increase virility in men and regulate hormones to boost sex drive.

Mango is abundant in vitamin E and this vitamin has close connection to sex driving improvement. Instead of using medicines for fertilities in both men and women, they can eat mango as a natural substitute.

16. Benefits Of Mango On Treating Acidity

benefits of mango reviewMangoes contain various enzymes that can break down protein to boost your digestive system and soothe your stomach. Therefore, you will improve your stomach function and aid in treating acidity effectively.

17. Mango Helps Boost Immune System 

With the combination of 25 different types of carotenoids and vitamin A, vitamin C found in mango, this is a super fruit; you can consume all day to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

18. Mangoes For Pregnant Women’s Health

Mango is good for everybody, especially for pregnant women.

Doctors and nutritionists usually recommend that expectant mothers should eat foods containing high nutrition, including mangoes.

According to nutritional experts, mango helps pregnant women strengthen their immune system. Consuming mangoes help prevent diseases and illnesses during pregnancy.

A great source of vitamin C also helps pregnant women eliminate inflammation; facilitate Calcium absorption for the development of teeth and bones in babies.

benefits of mango pdfMorning sickness is a common illness in pregnant women. To prevent this illness, pregnant women should eat ripe mangoes or drink mango smoothies for fighting off morning sickness, nausea in the first trimester.

In addition, mango is also helpful to cure constipation in pregnant women as this fruit is rich in fiber. This component helps them digest foods properly so that the mother will have good digestion and the babies will absorb many nutrients from their mothers.


Though there are many benefits of mango are found in different varieties of mangoes and mango leaves, some people get side effects on eating mango. The following are some cautions that you should read and take care of mango consumption.

Make sure that you will not suffer from a latex allergy, a reaction caused by mangoes, especially green mangos. This reaction is cause because anacardic acid works.

benefits of mango treatmentBe careful with mango sap and peel because these components in mangoes contain urushiol and they might cause your allergic reactions.

Consuming organic mangoes is better than mangoes, which are grown with chemicals or which are ripened by calcium carbide, an unsafe chemical for human health.

Soak mangoes into water to eliminate toxics and other harmful chemicals from the mango skin before eating.

Be aware of mango sap and avoid it because this sap can make you get allergic.

I’ve introduce a complete writing about benefits of mango for health and some cautions in consuming this king of fruit.

If you are happy when reading this article, share it with your family and friends. For any feedback about the writing, I welcome you to drop it here, at the end of the post!

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