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Do you love kiwi? What do you know about benefits of kiwi? Spend some minutes reviewing!

Kiwi or kiwifruit is considered one of the top 26 nutrient-rich fruits in the world. This fruit is among the top 3 high-potassium fruits and low-sodium than banana and citrus fruits. Hence, kiwi can benefit you to fight off more diseases and help protect your health better than other fruits.

This article will help you have a full picture about wonderful benefits of kiwi as follow:

Read To Know Great Benefit Of Kiwi To Enjoy Your Increased Health

I. Nutritional Values Of Kiwi

benefits of kiwi review

A study from Rutgers University has shown that kiwi is the most nutrient dense fruit. The following is a list of nutritional facts of kiwi:

Fiber: Kiwi has 16% fiber and it has an important role in the prevention of some cancers and constipation.

Phyto-nutrients: Kiwi contains phyto-nutrients that act like antioxidants to repair DNA, protect the body against cancers.

Vitamin C: A serving of 170 grams of kiwi provides the body 230% of the RDA for Vitamin C that helps increase iron absorption, boost immune system and heal wounds.

Folic Acid: Kiwi has 10% of the RDA for iron that works to produce more red blood cells.

Vitamin E: Kiwi has 10% RDA for Vitamin E, which helps lower the risk of heart disease.

Calcium: Kiwi has 5.5% of the RDA for calcium that helps improve bone health.
benefits of kiwi fruit for babiesChromium: Kiwi helps regulate heartbeats.

Copper: Kiwi has 8% of the RDA for copper that aids in improving heart health.

Magnesium: Kiwi has 6% of the RDA for magnesium that enhances energy level.

Zinc: Kiwi aids in keep skin, hair, nails and teeth healthy.

Potassium: Kiwi helps in fluid maintenance.

Below is the table of nutritional facts of kiwi:

II. Benefits Of Kiwi

1. Kiwi Helps Prevent Cancers

Kiwi provides a variety of carotenoids and flavonoids that have demonstrated antioxidant activities. These phyto-nutrients are responsible for protecting the DNA from oxygen damage. By preventing the DNA from being damaged, kiwi helps reduce inhabit cancer growth.

In addition, the scientists also found that Kiwi contains an anti-mutagenic component, which helps to prevent mutations of genes and initiate cancer process. Glutathione in kiwi may account for the reduction.

Kiwi also aid in preventing nitrosation. In fact, carcinogenic nitrates can be formed during the barbecuing of foods and the smoking. When these nitrates are ingested, nitrosation occurs and lead to the development of gastric and some cancers.

Another study has proven that kiwi can help inhibit skin cancer or melanoma.

benefits of kiwi fruitBesides, the presence of amino acid arginine in kiwifruit can help improve post-angioplasty blood flow and prevent the reformation of plaque in arteries.

As a fruit with the fourth highest natural antioxidant, kiwi is also helpful in preventing lung cancer and prostate cancer. Plus, lutein, a type of phyto-chemical in kiwi is also linked to the cancer prevention.

FDA lists kiwi as an excellent fruit of dietary fiber. Many studies have indicated that kiwi contains compounds that can accelerate digestion faster than aloneóimportant. Therefore, it helps to prevent colorectal cancer. The benefits of laxative action are to reduce the development of cancer-promoting metabolites.

 2. Eating Kiwi To Conquer Depression

Kiwifruit is high in inositol whose function is considered a precursor of an intra-cellular 2nd messenger system and it is beneficial in treatments for stress reduction as well as depression.

3. Benefits Of Kiwi On Treating Diabetes

Kiwi is a safe food for diabetics. Kiwi can regulate diabetes

because inositol supplements in kiwifruit can improve nerve conduction velocity in the diabetic neuropathy.

Moreover, this fruit have low glycemic index, thus it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels quickly.

4. Kiwi For Eye Health

benefits of kiwi juiceIt is proven that zeaxanthin and lutein are high in kiwifruit and they are also natural chemical found in human eyes. Therefore, consuming kiwi is really good for vision, in general.

In addition, kiwi can help to improve eye health and reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

There is a large amount of phytochemicalsóxanthophylls and the subcomponent lutein in kiwifruit. These agents work to accumulate in retina of eyes and acts to prevent irreversible blindness.

The data reported in a study released by the Archives of Opthamology has shown that consuming 3 servings of fruit like kiwifruit a day can lower the risk of macular degeneration, the primary cause of eyesight loss in the elder by 36%, in comparison with those who consumed less than 1.5 daily servings of fruit.

5. Kiwi Helps Boost Immunity

Kiwi is rich in vitamin C content and antioxidant compounds so that this fruit works as an immune booster.

If kiwifruit is available in your living place, add this fruit to your diet to enjoy a healthy immune system!

6. Kiwi Helps Cure Impotence

Due to kiwi is a high source of anino acid arginine, a well known vasodilator so that it is a natural remedy to cure impotence in men.

7. Kiwi For Physical Fitness

Kiwi has a wide range of essential minerals for replenishing physical lost especially in hot environments. This fruit is also a natural source of electrolytes for the pre-workout regimen.

benefits of kiwi skinIn China, kiwi is made to become rehydration drinks to supply athletes with more minerals that are lost in their sweat.

According to scientists, an additional 5% of carbohydrates from kiwifruit juice can help maintain normal glucose levels during the exhaustive training.

8. Eating Kiwi To Control Weight

Kiwi is a nutrient-rich fruit, but does not contain many calories. Calories in kiwi are less than that in lemons, papaya and cantoloupe. It helps you get balanced nutrition, thus this is an ideal fruit you should consume to control your weight 

and keep fit forever.

9. Kiwi Helps Prevent Asthma

According to many recent researches and studies, consuming kiwifruit can prevent asthma and respiratory diseases.

In a study from Italy, 18,000 children in the age of 6 to 7 years old have achieved better health to respiratory tract when they ate 5 servings of kiwifruit and citrus a week. Exactly, they reduced 44% of less incidence in wheezing, in comparison with other children who did not consume kiwi or consumed less kiwi than one per week. The results also shown that these children reduced nigh cough by 27%, improved their breath shortness by 32%, reduced their runny nose by 28%, lowered their severe wheeze by 41% and improved their chronic cough by 25%. Scientifically, kiwi can help control asthma and respiratory diseases because the help of high amounts of vitamin C content in this fruit.

10. Benefits Of Kiwi On Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases

It is said that consuming kiwi every morning is beneficial as taking aspirin. It helps reduced blood clotting and improve heart health, but without getting the side effects like bleeding and inflammation in the intestinal tract. According to a study at University of Oslo, people who ate 2 kiwis per day for a full 28 days lowered the platelet aggregation by 18 % and reduced the blood triglycerides by 15%. This fruit also helps prevent the build up of plaques and deposits in the arterial walls and protect us against cardiovascular diseases.

benefits of kiwi guideIn addition, kiwifruit is a good source of electrolyte potassium. This potassium plays an important role in producing body cells and keeping the body electrolyte and fluids in balance. Hence, your blood pressure and heart rate is in control.

11. Kiwi Is Good For Digestive System

Kiwifruit is high in dietary fiber that helps you improve digestive health and remove toxins from your colon, prevent constipation, cure gastro-intestinal issues and even prevent colon cancer

Besides, raw kiwis also contain high actinidain. This is a protein-dissolving enzyme, which can aid in digesting foods like bromelain in pineapple and papain in papaya.

12. Kiwi Is Good For Your Skin

With a great source of antioxidants and vitamin E, kiwifruit is helpful in preventing you from potential skin degeneration and helps you have healthy skin.

13. Kiwi Helps Protect DNA

benefits of kiwi downloadAccording to studies on phytonutrient, kiwifruit has ability to protect DNA in human cells from the oxygen-related damage process. Researchers are sure that the healing properties in kiwi are not limited to nutrients associated with kiwifruit like vitamin C (or beta-carotene content). As kiwifruit contains a wide variety of carotenoids and flavonoids, which can be responsible for the DNA protection.

14. Kiwifruits Support Healthy Birth

Kiwi is high in folate. This mineral is essential for pregnant women and the development of blood cells in their babies in the womb.

15. Kiwi Helps Create Alkaline Balance

benefits of kiwi programKiwi is in the top alkaline category of fruits as it is a great supply of essential minerals. These minerals work to replace acidic foods people consume, give the body balances on skin, sleep, physical energy and help human prevent colds, reduce arthritis, pain and reduce osteoporosis.

III. How To Select & Store Kiwi

Beside health benefits of kiwifruit, you also know how to select and store this fruit when consuming it.

When you select kiwi, hold one between your forefinger and thumb. Apply pressure gently. Then, smell this kiwi. If it has sweet taste, it is a good one to buy. Remember do not select kiwis that are shriveled, soft, or have bruised and damp spots.

benefits of kiwi systemRipe kiwis are good to consume a week at cool places, away from heat or exposure to the sunlight. To keep kiwis being fresh longer, storing them in refrigerator is the best solution!

Kiwifruit can be made to become various delicious dishes like kiwi cream, kiwi smooth, kiwi yoghurt. Learn to make kiwi recipes to enjoy this super fruit everyday!

I’ve shown you an overview of awesome benefits of kiwi for health. If this fruit is available in your place, don’t forget to taste it and enjoy your increased health!

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