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Amazing benefits of honey that you should know to use this mother natural’s gift for better health

Honey is an ancient remedy that has been using for centuries. The scientists have shown that honey contains anti-bacterial and non-toxic properties to beat many types of bacteria and strengthen human’s immunity. Honey can be used for other common purposes like beauty, nutrition, wound care, religion and more! This writing will help you have an overview of honey, including the facts of honey, the benefits of honey and the honey recipes.

Benefits Of Honey: How To Use This Ancient Remedy For Improving Health

I. The Facts

benefits of honey on skinHoney is made by bees as a source of food. To produce honey, foraging honey bees travel a long journey that is equivalent with 3 times around the earth. Honey production has a varied and long history. In various cultures, honey is used as a food and a symbol of the sweetness.

Honey seeker was depicted on cave painting in 8000 years old ago in Spain.

Hunting for honey is also an ancient activity. As an evidence, there is rock painting that shows 2 honey hunters. They are collecting honey from a bee nest.

The oldest ones been discovered in ancient Georgia. According to the studies, honey was found in ancient tombs in the period of 5,000 years ago. Honey was used as a spiritual belief and use for the afterlife.

Ancient Egyptian people used honey to sweeten their cakes and use it as an ingredient in other dishes.

There are 3 types of bee: female queen bees, male drone bees and female worker bees. There are many types of honey and the most popular ones are Blueberry, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Manuka, Clover, Wildflower, Orange Blossom and there are over 540 types of distinctive taste as well as unique properties.

The high quality honey must be raw and pure with minerals, enzymes and vitamins that does not have in refined honey.

All people can use honey if they love the task of honey, but do not add honey to infant’s food because infants may have reaction of illness.

Honey is different form of sugar. So, pay attention to its high calories for controlling your weight.

II. Benefits Of Honey

1. Lose Weight

benefits of honey and cinnamonActually, honey contains a large amount of sugar. So, is it true that honey can help you lose weight? According to nutritionists, you can drink a warm cup of honey and fresh lemon juice when you have an empty stomach in the morning. Remember that the recipe you use honey and the time you use honey, the other ingredients mixed with honey will affect your weight loss results. Make sure that you follow the right recipes, use honey at the right time and combine right ingredients to achieve the best body transformation.

Why don’t you test this weight loss method once?

2. Improve Energy Levels

You can eat cakes, coffee and chocolate to supply more energy through your active day. However, have you ever used honey as another choice?

In fact, the sugar in honey contains a big source of energy and calories for your body. Moreover, honey is also used as an energy boost. This is the reason why people have to face cravings for sugar and something sweet.

3. Clear Up Skin

benefits of honey and lemonBeside the anti-septic properties of honey, this wonderful remedy also includes anti-fungal properties and anti-microbial properties. These two components work to let your skin to absorb skin care nutrients to wake up your clear and healthy skin. Honey also supports other skin treatments to relieve skin dryness, sooth skin inflammation and indirectly cure psoriasi, ringworm and eczema.

4. Reduce Ulcers And Treat Gastrointestinal Disorders

Recent studies show that honey can solve gastrointestinal disorders like bacterial gastroenteritis and ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis. Buy raw honey, make some delicious honey recipes and eliminate these disorders naturally and easily!

5. Enhance Athletic Performance

Don’t you know that Ancient athletes ate dried figs and honey to enhance their athletic performance? There is no verifying about this fact in modern studies. Nevertheless, honey can help to improve recovery time and maintain glycogen levels better than other sweeteners like cookie, coffee or chocolate.

benefits of honey review

6. Reduce Cough And Ease Throat Irritation

Buckwheat honey is one of great types of honey that can help you solve cough effectively, especially in children. Honey works as a dose of dextromethorphan to relieve nocturnal cough, reduce throat irritation and help you have proper sleep.

7. Balance The Body

Honey is considered wonderful remedy in India and this remedy has been listed in the ayurvedic medicine for over 4000 years. Honey affects various imbalances in the human body like weight loss, eyesight, premature ejaculation, bronchial asthma, urinary tract disorders, nausea and diarrhea.

8. Regularize Blood Sugar

Though honey is high in sugars, these sugars have different features to artificial sweeteners and white sugar. Sugars in honey contain glucose and fructose, which help human body normalize blood sugar.

9. Heal Wounds

The benefits of honey in healing wounds are as good as the conventional treatment. Instead of taking oral anti-biotics to cure staph infections, you can apply honey to cure burns with no side effects. Moreover, honey is a natural and inexpensive cure, so you should use honey to solve your health problems before using other treating methods.

benefits of honey download10. Relieve Allergies

Honey contains healthy sugars, different vitamins and minerals that provide instant energy as a food supplement, food beverage and heart stimulant. Besides, the benefits of honey also include useful potentials for curing a variety of seasonal allergies, especially reduce cough naturally. The sweet taste of honey can help you feel stress-free to start healing allergies. Antioxidants are high in honey and this component work to reduce colon damage and support to eliminate chronic rhino sinusitis.

11. Treat Acid Reflux

According to a research in the British Medical Journal in India, honey is more viscous than water at 37 degree Celsius, so it is helpful in treating acid reflux.

12. Fight Infections

In another study in 2010, scientists in Amsterdam, UK revealed that honey can kill bacteria to treat chronic infections and prevent the wounds from developing to the next worse stage with a kind of protein, called Defensin – 1.5.

In other studies, the scientists in the Wales Institute uncovered that a type of honey Manuka even helpful to treat MRSA infection. This honey kills bacterial by beating bacterial proteins.

benefits of honey pdf13. Wash Face

Honey is also used to wash face as a gentle cleanser without damage your skin. Honey help regularize sebum production and reduce acne effectively. Raw honey contains healing and anti-bacterial properties so that it helps clarify and soothe skin.

14. Wash Hair

Raw honey with balanced pH is perfect to moisturize hair and cleanse scalp, remove hair oils and protect head skin from harsh cleaning. Have you heard about this method yet? Of course, you can try it immediately, washing hair with raw honey to get rid of side effects of chemicals in commercial products.

15. Prevent Cancer

Honey has flavonoids and antioxidants. These components work to lower the risk of heart disease, and some cancers related to skin. Simply, you can add honey to your daily meal plan. Raw honey is better than other types of honey. However, you should pay attention to amount of honey and the combination between honey and other ingredients when using it.

III. Honey Recipes

1. Boost Immune System

Honey contains minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which protect your body from infections, bacteria and boost your immune system. Flu and cold symptoms like sore throats, coughs and congestion will stop fast when you use honey as a natural treatment. Simply, you just need to use 1 or 2 little spoons of honey to improve the immunity. You can add lemon or dashes of cinnamon to spice up your appetite.

benefits of honey program2. Reduce Cholesterol

According to proven researches and studies, when honey is combined with cinnamon, they work to reduce your cholesterol levels and the risk of heart strokes up to 10%. Mix 2 little spoons of honey with a little spoon of cinnamon, add warm water and enjoy this drink daily!

3. Improve Indigestion

Beside the common benefits of honey for boosting immunity, losing weigh, lower the risk of heart attacks, honey can help improve your indigestion effectively.

If you suffer from digestive problems, honey with anti-septic properties as a stomach soother will the most effective solution for your indigestion because honey help neutralize gas in your stomach. You just need to drink 2 tablespoon of honey before your heavy meals. Besides, you can add lemon and honey to warm water for moving food on the right digestive track.

4. Protect Your Skin From UV Rays

benefits of honey treatmentThe following are some recipes to make your own facial masks at home:

  • Facial Mask Recipe 1: Prepare 1 teaspoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of raw honey, egg yolk. Mix all these ingredients together and apply this paste to your face. Leave the mask for 15 minutes, next wash the mask off with water. This recipe help you have a glowing skin
  • Facial mask Recipes 2: Prepare a teaspoon of multanititti, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients well to have a thick paste. Next, apply this paste to your skin, live the paste around 15 minutes, then wash your face with water. This recipe helps you have a younger skin.
  • Hair Mask: Prepare the following ingredients: raw honey, olive oil and lemon. Heat 3 tablespoons olive oil together with 2 tablespoons honey. Next, add a tablespoon lemon juice. Mix these ingredients well and apply this mixture to hair and scalp. Leave it in 20 to 30 minutes. Next, wash your hair with water. This recipe gives you a healthy and shining hair.

They are typical benefits of honey that I would love to share some with you. There are many other wonderful benefits of honey I will introduce them more in the next updates.

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