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Benefits of eating eggs: how to eat eggs for good to control health and prevent diseases

Egg is known as a high carb food with beneficial vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is also said that consuming many eggs is not good for blood pressure. Is this right? Do you want to discover the truth of this high nutrition food and get more reliable information about proven benefits of eating eggs? Let’s read this blog slowly and carefully!

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Eggs? Take 5 Minutes To Check Out!

benefits of eating eggs everydayI. The Nutrition Fact Of Egg

Egg is considered a health booster because it provides you with a range of various vitamins, minerals and proteins. According to nutritionists, doctors and scientists, egg is an essential food to consume. The white of eggs contains a half of protein/egg and the yolk of eggs contains over 90% of iron and calcium/egg. The following are detailed nutrition fact of egg that you should know and balance your meal plan with eggs for good:

1. Vitamins

Egg contains many essential vitamins for your body.

Vitamin B1 (or Thiamine) helps release your energy from carbohydrates.

Vitamin B2 (or Riboflavin) helps convert foods into energy from fat and proteins

Vitamin B6 (or Pyridoxine) helps to boost metabolism of different proteins.

Vitamin B12 (or Cobalamin) helps produce red blood cells and nerve fibers.

Vitamin E (or Tocopherol), helps protect your cells from oxidation and beat free radicals, which cause cellular damage, tissue problems – factors of many cancers

Vitamin A (or Retinol) is vital for growth, skin health and helps strengthen your eyesight

benefits of eating eggs treatment

2. Minerals

Here is the complete list of minerals, included in eggs:

Zinc: This mineral is sexual maturation and enzyme stability. It also keeps your immunity working well.

Iron (or Folate): This component is vital for the production of red blood cells, especially for women who need supply their bodies with more iron because of menstruation.

Iodine: This mineral helps control thyroid hormones.

Calcium and Phosphorus: This is an important mineral, which acts to improve bone strength and tooth health.

Selenium: This mineral is an antioxidant, which helps protect your body’s cells from oxidation and reduce the risk of many cancers.

Phosphorus: This is one of essential minerals, required by every cell in human’s body parts for their normal functions.

3. Proteins

benefits of eating eggs for skin

The egg white contains whole-food proteins. The nutritionists use this type of protein as the standard to compare different whole-food proteins. Their biological values are measurements to determine the efficiencies of their protein for growth. The biological value of egg is 93.7. The biological value of fish is 76. The biological value of milk is 84.5. The biological value of beef is 74.3. The biological value of rice is 64. To compare with the biological values of these foods, egg has the highest biological value.

Scientifically, the higher the biological value is, the better that protein is absorbed. This is a reason why many professional bodybuilders consume eggs in their body transformation diet.

II. Benefits Of Eating Eggs

1. Egg Helps Boost Weight Loss

Do you think eating egg can help you lose weight with ease? In fact, egg is known as a high carb nutrition so that it seems to be unreasonable when using egg to shed pounds and sculpt the body. Nevertheless, scientists from Rochester Center have shown that eating egg in the breakfast can make you full and limit calorie intake through a long day. You will eat less food in the lunch and the diner; and this method can help you lose up to 3 pounds and more each month.

benefits of eating eggs for skin programAccording to another research from University of Louisiana, eating each omelet per day can help you sculpt your waist. The researchers divided obese people in the investigation into 2 groups. The first group ate 2 eggs for their breakfasts, 5 times a week. The second group had breakfast on bagels. As a result, the first group lost 65% of much more weight and maintained more energy than that of people in the second one. How do you think about this research on the benefits of eating eggs for obese people?

Sounds good, right? Remember that is a simple and natural way to lose weight. Therefore, if you are fat and you are planning to regain your perfect shape, try this way immediately! 

2. Egg Helps Fight Off Breast Cancer

According to a studied conducted by Harbard University, in 2003, eating eggs can prevent women from breast cancer. Another study in 2005 has also shown that women who eat at least 6 eggs/ week can reduce 44% of the development of breast cancer than those who just ate 3 or fewer eggs/week.

A research from North Caroline University, in 2009 has found that the component Choline in yolks of eggs helps lower the risk of this disease in women by 24%.

3. Egg Helps Keep You Full Longer Than Cereals And Other Foods

There is 125.5 milligrams of the Choline in a yolk. This amount of Choline accounts for ¼ of the recommended egg intake a day. According to this study, just 2 eggs in the breakfast can provides a half of Choline to sustain energy levels for your full day, especially, eggs help you reduce the need of morning snack.

4. Eggs Won’t Make Cholesterol Worse

benefits of eating eggs for skin review

It is necessary to discuss about the effects of eggs to cholesterol levels in your body and it is important to show you new and scientifically proven studies on how eggs affect your cholesterol.

In a recent research released by Harvard School, egg contains cholesterol, but a moderate consumption of 2 eggs a day is safe enough. The old study on the negative effects of eggs to cholesterol levels has been not exact. Moreover, according to the researchers, there is no link between heart disease and egg consumption. Regularly, you can eat an egg per day to prevent you from the risks of heart strokes and blood clots.

5. Egg Helps Boost Brain And Improve Memory

As I mentioned above, egg is rich in Choline. This nutrient works to stimulate brain function, regulate cardiovascular and nervous system. Choline is also an important component that enhances memory and alertness improvement. 

6. Egg Helps Protect Vision And Prevent Cataracts

Eggs contain leutin, zeaxnthin and antioxidants. These ingredients in eggs are associated with cataract improvement in the elder. Therefore, it is good to add eggs in diet plans for old people for reduce the effects of UV damage to eyes.

benefits of eating eggs for skin guide

Recent studies have uncovered benefits of eating eggs to improve eyesight and reduce the risk of macular degeneration, which are caused by carotenoid content.

7. Egg Aids Thyroid Function

Don’t you know that with a high amount of selenium in eggs (an egg can provide 28% of selenium requirements/day), this mineral can help you improve thyroid function effectively? In addition to selenium, eggs also boost the intake of vitamin B complex like vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin B12 and the intake of iodine.

8. Egg Helps Promote Healthy Nails And Hair

benefits of eating eggs for skin download

Don’t you know that with a high supplement of minerals and vitamins, eggs is the powerful source to improve hair health and nail health naturally and effectively.

Consuming egg regularly and experience improved nail and hair! 

The nutritionists and doctors advice you not to eat raw eggs because you can be infected harmful viruses and bacteria from the skin of eggs. However, you can use raw eggs as DIY facial masks. Both the egg white and yolk are good for your skin. The white helps achieve younger skin while the yolk helps gain healthier skin. For more details, eggs can help tone your skin, firm your skin pores, treat acnes, reduce puffiness under your eyes.

Eggs are also combined with other ingredients to cure different skin problems. For example, the egg white and oatmeal can be used to make facial masks for oily skin, the egg yolk and olive oil can be consumed to make ideal facial masks for dry skin. Honey or yoghurt can be mixed with raw eggs to achieve smooth complexion.

III. Healthy Egg Cooking

With those benefits of eating eggs, you should add this food to your daily meals. There are various egg recipes for you to cook and enjoy different eggs (chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, etc…) such as boiled eggs in different types of salads, fried eggs, Eggs Benedict, Frittata Florentine, Eggs Florentine, Frittata Sandwich, Ham Sandwich & Green Eggs, Eggs – Guacamole & Arugula on Crackers and so on.

benefits of eating eggs bookIn this part, I will show you a clear guide on how to consume eggs safely. It is shown that the way to cook eggs and combine eggs with other ingredients can react your health. Eggs can be cook with red pepper, veggies and mushroom to raise more attractive look and taste.

To limit high amounts of cholesterol in the yolk of eggs, you can use the egg whites in your daily meals.

The Egg Board, USA advices that you should not cook grills with eggs at the temperatures of over 250F. The high cooking temperatures can burn the egg white and if you eat the over burned eggs, you may be in the high risk of some cancers.

Plus, ensure that you should make the whole egg is cooked completely because raw eggs or undercooked eggs may include harmful bacteria and viruses – serious factors cause your illnesses, infections, diseases and many other health problems. So, take attention to the way you cook eggs.

In addition, according to nutritionists, you should not combine garlic and eggs to cook because an exceed intake of garlic and eggs at the same time can cause food poison, diarrhea, vomiting and dizziness.

I think you now get clear about all the benefits of eating eggs and some other tips to use raw eggs for beauty enhancement.

If you have any comment about my writing, show your feedbacks at the end of this post! I also welcome all your shares and likes. 

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